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  1. Ha ha I went through the same process and all documents were in by 5th May. Fingers crossed I hear soon. I am a little behind in looking at the actual visa application and knowing what forms I need to get on to this! Sent from my SM-G950F using PomsinOz mobile app
  2. When did you send in your skills assessment. Mine was sent in May. I'm hoping to have an outcome by September and if I pass the PTE in August, I plan to complete an EOI. Sent from my SM-G950F using PomsinOz mobile app
  3. Hi Poppyblue, This is so funny as I have also sent in my skills assessment and am awaiting an outcome and have a PTE test booked for August 16! I haven't completed a test yet but have heard people say this was the better of the two. I am also doing it myself to save money. We haven't any real savings but plan on selling up to fund the move. We to are planning on applying for 189. Sent from my SM-G950F using PomsinOz mobile app
  4. Hi Poppyblue, This is my first post and I plan on doing exactly what you are. I am guessing you have moved over now and wondered how you got on? Sent from my SM-G950F using PomsinOz mobile app
  5. Hi Bonnie, just a quick question. I am a qualified social worker but have only been working in the UK for 3 months since qualifying. Its my understanding that until I have 2 years experience (for assessment of skills) I could not apply for EOI?
  6. Ha ha thanks! Im unsure how to approach a factory? As my husbands repairs blowmoulders, factory machines and process. Not even sure where to look but think im gonna start with a Google!
  7. Oh brilliant! That was quick! I might try this now, how did you write the email? As a letter? With a Cv? Sorry if I sound stupid!
  8. Iv thought about doing the same with certain company's but never tried. Youl have to let us know how you get on. I may give it a go.
  9. Hi Rebecca and Lou I am also planning on moving to Oz and am also a social worker, working in child protection in a deprived area in the UK. My husband is a mechanical engineer and we have 3 children. We have been looking in to it since last year but it would be brilliant to get some advice from someone who is working there already. Marie
  10. Hi all, I hope i am posting in the right place, this is my first post (as you can tell) and i am after any advice of information on where to start in my dream of moving myself and my family out to oz. :biggrin: I am a newly qualified social worker, my partner is a mechanical mantainence engineer, we have 3 children 4, 6 & 12. I have a few friends that live in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Vic, so would like to move around this area. I am currently due to visit them in a fact finding mission in order to gain some local info on schools, jobs..ect but would really appreciate any information anyone may have as i really do not know where to start. My plan is to get out there for the start of 2015, is this acheivable? Any info on: Visa's Schools & fees Tax's Accomodation car's work and anything that would help me start the process would be great, thankyou Nina