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  1. Hi everyone, i have completed my vetassess and passed (electrician) and I meet the amount of points needed. i contacted immigration with regards to working and living in different regional areas which are still eligible under the RALPGM areas. so I would be working in the mining areas but my registered address will be in another regional area. They advised to write a letter to see if this is possible to do, I am just wondering whether anyone else has had to do this before they submitted their E.O.I? Thanks
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    vetassess electrician practical ...a run down of the day

    could i also have a copy of the DOL diagram got this test in febuary.
  3. Hi Everyone, im an electrician waiting to do my practical vetassess exam in February, I was wondering if anyone could let me know what to expect and what to revise? especially for the theory part?. ive worked in perth for 2 years on a holiday visa on 2 mine sites, also i have a WA and a SA electrical licence, so if i can help anyone with information i will....