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  1. Richard01

    Is it all about the money dum dumeny dum???

    PM sent about this...
  2. Richard01

    Wanted down under is back on!

    As in, a PART of NZ, not the whole place!!!
  3. Richard01

    Wanted down under is back on!

    GOOD QUESTION: we say that to each other at the start of EVERY programme!!! I've always assumed its NZ, would be good to know, need to find out ASAP now...
  4. Richard01

    Wanted down under is back on!

    Yes, watched them all, but enjoyed yours particularly Mathew (big respect for the sacrifices you have made in life, I certainly wouldn't want to argue against you!)
  5. Richard01

    Wanted down under is back on!

    I've always enjoyed it, there was one particular episode a year or two back that was (from what I recall) a northern Dr, that actually traced some of his roots to a statue in Perth and went back to honour it, just made me think what a gent he clearly was not just for the work that he did but in life too, he's someone that I would enjoy meeting and it'd be a honour to buy a pint or two for people like that The reactions of families makes me smile though, I have to skip past it now because its a well-known personal sacrifice that is different for everyone and I don't really see the point of airing that part
  6. Richard01

    MD on the CSOL list?

    I note that Managing Director is on the CSOl list? How is this defined? I have been an MD for my own company since 2006, with a big turnover business in the first several years, then more lately a smaller consultancy based role for the past couple of years Could I perhaps use this entity to be able to buy a business in WA and then go and work and run it? (which would be my intention) Thank you very much for any potential advice, happy to look into proceeding with an agent if you think this idea has legs Richard
  7. Richard01

    We are moving to the UK :)

    Hi, just sent you a PM as a fellow DO, can you take a look, work for either of you won't be a problem, especially OO! Consider Cambs/Herts too, easy access to most places!
  8. Richard01

    Overseas Emigration reviews

    Without saying too much, my advice would be to look for an alternative visa company...
  9. Richard01

    Investing UK pounds

    Maybe, I've been enjoying 15% for the past 9 months, lets see how long it lasts, although 8% is guaranteed as it has contacts in place already, its now CLOSED to investors as they are over-subscribed, so I am now realising that if you sleep on legit businesses you lose out
  10. Richard01

    Investing UK pounds

    I have dealings with an Oz company that has launched in the UK and offers investors somewhere between 8 and 12%, I can pass their details on to you if you are interested, simply PM me
  11. Richard01

    Freedom of movement between Oz and UK?

    I guess its why I ask the questions, read this: [h=1]Australia & NZ Want New Immigration Deal Following Brexit[/h] Following the Brexit vote in the UK the potential for freedom of movement between Australia, NZ, Canada and the UK has become, at last, a possibility. This has been widely discussed in the past and for many years these countries have held bi-annual discussions on Immigration to share ideas on their criteria and policies. By leaving the European Union the United Kingdom will soon be exempt from unlimited free movement with other EU member states, and therefore able to negotiate its own immigration protocols, including free movement agreements within the Commonwealth. Mr Turnbull told reporters in Adelaide on Monday that he'd been in contact with his New Zealand counterpart, John Key, and said the opportunities are "considerable". The old Commonwealth countries want to see a closer union of people and trade. Mr Turnbull is a proud loyalist and has always wanted closer links with the UK. "We have many, many common interests in terms of dealing with that, both from a trade point of view and from a movement of person point of view..." he said. While we believe stronger links will be developed with the UK, and the freedom of movement improved, we do not believe immigration will be uncontrolled. The UK has just voted to leave the EU on the basis of free immigration and is unlikely to jump into another agreement just yet. That said if there was a freedom of movement agreement between the UK and NZ, Australia and Canada there would be limited and more equal levels of movement than seen in recent years from the EU to the UK. It is some years away before the desired final outcome to be closer is agreed, but for now it is very good news for all concerned to be able to rebuild the connection neither party really wanted to leave behind. In previous years the UK and the Commonwealth benefited from several immigration accords which allowed people to move freely. The most famous programme was the £10 pom to Australia. Another popular scheme is the working holiday programme, which in recent years has seen a decline in numbers. Australia needs tradespeople and over 400 people a day are emigrating. As the EU becomes a less favourable destination it is only inevitable Australia and Canada will benefit from the talent the UK will export in the years to follow Brexit.
  12. Could this finally happen? This is now a possibility post brexit Thoughts?
  13. Richard01

    I have seen a business in Oz, but...

    Thank you, I did own a company until recently with a t/o north of £1M, I'll put a call in to an agent as you suggest
  14. Richard01

    I have seen a business in Oz, but...

    Hi We didnt pursue the NT application further Also, regional visa wouldnt be ideal as the business is based in Perth and the franchises are dotted around there too
  15. I have seen a business I REALLY want to purchase and run in WA Its a master franchise, existing business with a small number of franchisees under its belt Can I simply buy the master franchise and go and work in it? (I am currently in the UK) My skills aren't related to the type of business unless being an MD of my own UK current business would count for anything Any tips/advice would be much appreciated, I am VERY time restricted! Thanks in advance