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  1. Hi there, thanks for getting back to us. I think we are heading to a beach bar in Scarborough tonight as its quite close to where we are staying, not sure of the name, however there's a bar called the lucky shag and we have been told to head there on Sunday for the sunderland/newcastle match. Not sure if either of you like those teams but if so you should give it ago its bound to be a good atmosphere if it got a lot of sunderland supporters in haha
  2. Hi everyone, myself (Dionne 25) and my partner Chris (29) have arrived in Perth yesterday as chris has started a new job. We've been travelling around Thailand and oz for a few month and finally settled in Perth and are looking to stay here long term. We are currently staying at city beach but haven't a clue where to go as its only our second day. If anyone is up for meeting up or joining us for a cider or two you are more than welcome haha
  3. Helloooo there, I think I'm in the same position. I'm Dionne (25) from sunderland and my partner Chris who's 29 have just arrived in Perth yesterday. We've been travelling around for a couple of month, however Chris has found a job in Perth so we are looking to stay here full time. We are currently staying at city beach and its lovely although after it just being myself and chris for 2 month I'm ready to get out and start socialising haha
  4. Hi thanks for getting back to us. We have found short term (3month) rental in city beach. Looks really nice. Hopefully this will give us time to scope out the areas and find out where we would like to finally settle. We have used gumtree to find the short term so we'll probably use it again once we're ready to rent long term, we've also looked at real estate most of our friends have used it in Melbourne and sydney. We can't wait to get to Perth heard its well nice! thanks again
  5. Hi me and my partner are moving to Perth on 11th April. We are looking to house share as soon as possible really. We are from the uk between 25 - 30 year old. We are both easy to get along with and own property back in the uk so keeping a house clean and paying bills on time will not be a problem. i have heard that Fremantle is a lovely area so we would preferably like to be around that area however would live anywhere near Osborne park (partners work). Hope to hear soon!
  6. Hi guys, we've looked at Fremantle some decent apartments for the price etc. I'm going to be working in Osborne park 6017 (between Stirling and Cambridge). The city's an option but its quite pricey so depends what my partner can get work wise speaking of which, my partner is a qualified support worker. She looked after people with autism and learning difficulties. We are waiting to hear back from the Perth autistic society but does anyone know of any other employers? Thanks Chris
  7. Hi me and my partner are in Australia and have been visiting all of the big cities over the last few weeks whilst also applying for jobs. My partner has just been offered and accepted a job in Perth and as we haven't been there yet we have no idea where to start I.E suburbs, rentals and lively areas etc. thanks in advance!!
  8. Deeandchris

    Moving to oz in march and don't know where to settle?!!

    I'm a support worker at the moment looking after children with disabilities and autism and my partner works in telecommunication industry and has qqualifications in fibre optics (which looks to be big in Australia) I've found that I would struggle to find work in adelaide as I couldn't find alot when researching however there seemed a lot in Brisbane for what I do. I'm sure it will be a lot easier to sort once we are out there
  9. Deeandchris

    Moving to oz in march and don't know where to settle?!!

    Thank you for all of your replies. I suppose we won't know until we are there and where we settle but we will bare in mind what you have said. I can imagine wherever we end up we will soon settle and call it home ))
  10. Deeandchris

    Moving to oz in march and don't know where to settle?!!

    Thanks! We think sydney might be a little expensive. Think we are going to visit the cities we fancy then take it from there.
  11. We are a young couple from sunderland uk moving to Australia in march and we can't decide we're we would like to move. I have family in Adelaide so this is an option however we have heard that its a quiet city and very family orientated. We are looking for a lively city we're we can meet other couples. We are getting drawn towards Brisbane it looks pretty cool. hope you can help!! Thanks