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  1. kagga

    Statutory declaration, sworn statement or affadavit ?

    You can try to find a Justice of the Peace, or go the the Australian embassy or a consulate, where they provide such sevices but charge a fee.
  2. Thank you, lebourvellec! Indeed, there are no conditions on our PR visas.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Indeed, I am struggling mentally with this "moral obligation". I don't mean to leave SA for good, as that will break my promise and make myself a cheater. The problem is for the moment I just can't fulfill my commitment due to various reasons. But I will take it as a debt and definitely move back to SA when things get easier for us. For the wording -- maybe I'm just trying to find an excuse to ease my guilt for being unable to fulfill my promise in a way that many people think I should have taken.
  4. Thanks, mrmoose! What you said makes me feel less anxious.
  5. Does "migrate" necessarily mean "move internationally"? If yes, what if I go to NSW and live there for some time (which is permitted by DIAC for unconditional PRs) and then go out of Australia, and then "migrate" (here definitely internationally) to SA and settle down there? Does it count in fulfilling the "migrate to" promise?
  6. Thank you for your reply. But the dilemma is that I've recently got an internal transfer offer to the Sydney office of my current company, and they just do not have much business in the Adelaide office. So going to SA means I need to give up the precious internal transfer offer and also my current seniority in the company and start from scratch in SA. But from what I know, the work opportunities for my specialty in SA are quite limited. Probably I will have to do some labour work which is totally unrelated to my qualification and skills. I do like to go to SA, and Adelaide indeed is a good city that fits well into my lifestyle. I just badly need this transfer offer to make my start in Australia a little easier. Once I've got proper local work experience, I will definitely seek to move back to SA, at least to fulfill my 2 year living commitment. I'm just wondering if SA government will understand my special situation?
  7. Can anybody provide an opinion? Any advice is appreciated.
  8. Hello everyone! I got my 176 PR on the basis of SA sponsorship. When applying for the sponsorship, I read on their official website that " Applicants must demonstrate a genuine interest in South Australia and a commitment to live and work in the state for at least two years by:". Also, in the "Sponsorship Application Cover Sheet" I have signed and posted to SA, one of the items under "Declaration" is "Sponsorship is being granted on the condition that I will migrate to and live in South Australia for at least two years." Besides, the "Visa Grant Important Information" sent to me by DIAC says: Your visa has been granted on the basis of a nomination by a State or Territory government. States and Territories providing nomination require applicants to agree to: ● remain in the State or Territory for a period of at least two (2) years; ● keep the State or Territory government informed of changes in address details before and after arrival; and ● be prepared to complete surveys and provide information as required. From the above wordings, can I take it that the 2-year commitment does not require me to stay in the sponsoring state for the very first 2 years? Or, can I go to Sydney first, and then move to South Australia after a couple of years just to fulfill the 2-year living commitment? If so, will I be taken as not performing my "moral obligation" and be sued? Thx in advance. Kagga
  9. kagga

    Changing state sponsorship

    Hello, Shauno27! My situation is silimar to yours, but a bit different. I got my PR visa based on SA sponsorship also, and indeed I have been preparing for moving there for some time. But I got an internal transfer offer within my current company to Queensland a few days ago. Still moving to SA means I will have to give up the precious offer and also my seniority in the company. That would be a huge loss to me. So I'm wondering if I should write to SA government to request their understanding/permission. So, how was their reply to your call?