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  1. Bugbrock

    Resident Return Visa help

    Hi possibly your in the same position I was in my visa had expired by 2 years. I had no strong ties to Australia. All the migration agents I spoke to told me my chances were slim. So I applied wrote a detailed statement explaining my circumstances why I hadn’t be able to come when I had my visa and how I would still be a benefit to Australia.after 2 months I got the 12 month RRV. So it is possible!!!!
  2. Bugbrock

    Resident Return Visa help

    Update If anyone is still following this old thread I did get a RRV for 12 months. wrote a long statement explaining my circumstances. regards
  3. Bugbrock

    Resident Return Visa help

    Thank you all for your replying not sounding to promising will speak to a agent regards
  4. Bugbrock

    Resident Return Visa help

    Hi guys need some advice I have a 190 visa which runs out in June I am in the uk & have not got the 2 years stay in Australia for the 5 years RRV visa. I've read you can get a 12 month RRV Can I still apply for for this if so how ? Also my son who was granted a visa on my original 190 visa he has turned 18 can he get a RRV as well? much appreciate any help Thank you
  5. Bugbrock

    RRV- wife

    Ok thanks vs & malteser39 for your advice much appreciated
  6. Bugbrock

    RRV- wife

    Hi feda16 after some advice I have pr visa which expires next June cannot move as son still has a year at college so will need a RRV sounds like it was pretty straight forward for your partner to gain what exactly did you have to do ? Much appreciate any help thanks
  7. Bugbrock

    "Self-Employed" for TRA

    Yes got visa
  8. Bugbrock

    "Self-Employed" for TRA

    Hi i was in the same position as you as a self-employed roof tiler working for firms. what I did for the TRA was to send 5 years of books & tax receipt from the tax office if you contact them they will send statement to show how much tax you have paid to prove you were working these went back 5 yrs plus reference from who I was working for. hope this helps
  9. Bugbrock

    Seeking perarment residency (roof tiler by trade)

    Hi joshtiss i got a 190 visa for roof tiling I got my state sponsorship with South Australia the most difficult part is getting your skills assessed by the TRA what level qualification have you got? I had to get a Australian certificate 111 I'm off to work now but any questions just ask regards
  10. Bugbrock

    aqf level iii roofing help!!!!!!!!

    As Stevie says SilverTrowl I got my aqf111 in roof tiling with them I did it 2 years ago and had to go to Perth to do it they don't come to the uk no more to assess people email them they are very good regards
  11. Bugbrock

    Bricklayer Skills assessment

    Nic i struggled with the IELTS as well but I read on here to change venues for the test as this might help so I did & got all 8s Might be worth your husband trying ,
  12. Bugbrock

    Bricklayer Skills assessment

    Nic forgot to say from getting invite to apply for visa and getting it granted took 2 months so moves along fast when your at that stage hope this helps
  13. Bugbrock

    Bricklayer Skills assessment

    Hi Nic yes I was assessed by the TRA not sure how VETASSES works but should be ok as your husband was at college. took me 2 yrs to get my visa majority of the time was getting AQF III qualification & 3 attempts at IELTS to get the extra 20 points and getting my son a visa as he is lives with my ex just some legal stuff but was ok my visa is 190 Permanent Resident
  14. Bugbrock

    Bricklayer Skills assessment

    Hi Nik i was in the same situation as your husband but as a self-employed roof tiler-slater i learnt my trade onsite and was given a NVQ while sub-contracting. i used a agent to get my visa and they advised me to get a australian qualification as the TRA don't like it if you have not been trained at college so i got the australian RPL 3 and got through the TRA and was granted my visa I would ask your agent how confident they are with getting you through the TRA with no college work good luck
  15. Bugbrock

    tra proof of earnings

    Yes send bank statements I did I went to my bank & got statements going back 5 yrs & sent 4 from each year.