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  1. eljay

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Thanks for that Bobj, we'll definately look for those spots and report back!
  2. eljay

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Too many places to see and the distances are vast, but hope you get there one day MR. :smile:
  3. eljay

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    I don't post much on here but with our citizenship test coming up next week I thought I'd post on this lovely positive thread. We started our journey in Darwin, I was sponsored with my job and hubby got a job when we arrived. Had an absolute blast in Darwin, such a lovely little city. My job involved flying in a small plane out to Kakadu which was unreal. A promotion came up in Alice Springs just under a year later and we went for it. Hubby again got a job straight away. Alice was beyond amazing and we definitely hope to go back. So many road trips out in the bush, wild camels and unforgettable days. The job conditions weren't great though which prompted a move a year later to Carnarvon in WA where I had another job lined up. This time hubby didn't get work, but he had the opportunity for an extended trip home to visit family whilst I worked. All up we had a nice 3 months exploring the gorgeous coast around Carnarvon. I applied for a job in Broome with the same firm in the hope of hubby finding a job and thankfully he landed a great job here. We ended up spending the last 3 years in Broome (and believe me we would never have predicted that :twitcy:). Heading for a transfer to Kununurra after Christmas which will also be an amazing adventure. Just in time for monsoon season and the waterfalls pumping. We've been incredibly fortunate and had the most magical experiences here. We absolutely love Australia and are very grateful for the opportunities that we would never have found elsewhere. Not to mention the colours that are so bright and vibrant, and make me feel happy every day. Good luck to everyone else, you only live once! x
  4. eljay

    HR (as in Human Resources)?

    Hey, sounds like an exciting time to say the least! Hopefully you already know but Aussie companies are not all like UK ones for responding, especially to people overseas so hopefully she already knows that and won't be put off by no responses. Things can be a lot more relaxed here, not generalising but just saying you may find that's the case. Also of course, from an employer's point of view how do they know an applicant overseas will genuinely make the move? Hopefully she'll be lucky and have companies who are more responsive to enquiries. Following up with phone calls and then coming over shows commitment if she does struggle to get responses. Again, depends on how close you need to be to each other but some states/locations struggle to recruit more than others and she may need to consider flexibility of location.
  5. eljay

    BROOME Overrated ?

    Hey Pete We've been in Broome for just under three years. With your wife's speciality you're headed for lots of amazing remote experiences! I agree with many of the comments here but it shouldn't stop you moving here with the right frame of mind. There are incredible experiences waiting as well as much boredom!! You sound like you're open to adventure and the road less travelled perhaps. I haven't looked at furniture here but would guess it is expensive. It may well be worth shipping, although shipping to Broome I'm guessing wouldn't be cheap either. Is your wife's employer helping with relocation costs? If so I'd definitely take advantage of that. We moved from UK to Darwin initially but ended up staying in furnished accommodation the whole time and leaving our stuff in storage elsewhere, long story for another day. It may be cheap if you're seeing it as an adventure to get a rented place and move your stuff if and when you have somewhere less remote in mind in the near future . Send me a message if you want to. Happy to try to help Lynne
  6. eljay

    HR (as in Human Resources)?

    Hi I'm not in HR but my husband was when we first arrived. I'm not sure if my comments will be of any help at all, but just filling in until a HR person arrives . I live in Broome and have no idea about the east coast but am aware of lots of cuts in Queensland govt in the not so distant past. WA govt. are also experiencing job freezes. I guess from your location that you're looking at Townsville/Brisbane and assume that your daughter has found lists of companies and contacted them with resume, follow up phone calls etc? I could be very wrong but I don't think it's a great time to be looking for hr sponsorship. There have been government cut backs in a few states which would move hr people into private industry and reduce vacancies. My advice would be to come on holiday and unofficially to meet some employers or look at rural and remote locations that often struggle to recruit. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but there are amazing opportunities to be found. Hope that helps. Best of luck.
  7. There is no point in asking a stranger on the internet if you will get a job or not, in any area. How do you think that anyone can predict the future for you? The jobs market is not great in general at the moment as you have been advised, if you read local news online you will be aware. Some migrants find a job quickly, some wait several months, many return home having been unable to find work. There are many individual factors to take into account. In any case November is obviously a bad time to look for any job, as is December.
  8. eljay

    100k per annum enough?

    Hi I think you'd be very comfortable on that salary. I'm assuming from your comment that you don't feel the need to live close to the cbd in a major city (which would indeed swallow all of your income). There are many biggish country towns that would give you a very good lifestyle for your money and arguably much nicer than living in an outer city suburb. Depends what you're looking for but yes, you'll be absolutely fine. I didnt look at all your figures fully but your rent looks huge so should cover you for most places, its double what we've ever paid but again, never lived near a cbd. We just bought mobiles and use pay as you go wireless dongle for internet, costs a bit less than you estimate but depends on useage and if you need to pay monthly for the pleasure of the latest phone. Gas, not sure if you'll find a place with gas, depends again on location. Queensland coast is lovely but my advice is to be open minded. Amazing how many people feel unstimulated by endless beaches and sunshine, despite their expectations. Just saying there are many lovely options. Best of luck with your adventure!