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  1. Thanks for all your advice, I received a reply yesterday and was granted my visa! Will be out in september for a year!
  2. I have now received an email from immigration requesting more information as you said. Have drafted up an email in reply to answer their questions. Only thing i was expecting them to request my police report but they have not, only my account of events and relevant bans,fines ect. Still i am hopeful of the outcome and appreciate your comments. Could I ask a little more detail on what your friend put in his explanation if you know loubear72? Thanks again
  3. I did declare it but only stated 'drink driving conviction date..' and nothing more, but to late to amed now. Guess emailing them now to give them more information slice is also a bad idea as well! Still he got his visa so I'm hopeful I will as well as your friend did. Thanks for posting
  4. Idont mind waiting abit longer as not going to September or presenting it, so it should all go well? Thanks lebourvellec
  5. Hi, I applied for my subclass 417 visa online yesterday. I have a drink driving conviction from 2010, I did declare this but reading in some forums it seems there is another visa you can apply for if you have convictions. I don't mind getting my police record with just this on and presenting in if required in my application as I have never been involved with drugs/weapons or in jail. The friend I applied with was accepted in half hour, I was expecting a delay with mine but now worried and may have wasted 365AUD! Just wondering if anyone has applied this way with like convictions or has any advice? Many thanks