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  1. sam11480

    No idea where to start- Vic to Gold Coast

    Thank you everyone for your advice.
  2. sam11480

    Medicare Enrolment

    That's great Ali thank you. Is it like the NHS in that all GP visits, hospital stays are covered by Medicare? Or are there any exclusions to this do you know? Many thanks, Sam
  3. sam11480

    Medicare Enrolment

    Hi All A pretty basic question about medicare which I am sure has been answered on here before but I cannot seem to find any feeds. When enrolling for Medicare as a permanent resident, do I just fill in the Medicare enrolment form and take it with a passport and proof of residency to a service centre? Is there anything else I need to do? How long will it take before I can start using services such as doctors? I have two small children and so am a bit worried about accessing healthcare if we need it when we first arrive. Please help many thanks, Sam
  4. Thanks for your response. This further puts my mind at rest about not renting before getting there.
  5. sam11480

    What age School starts?

    Hello there My daughter is five in May 2020. Does this mean that she will start school in a Victoria School in January 2021? We are moving to Victoria in January 2020 and I'm not sure if I should be enrolling her into a school straight away. Many thanks for your help. Sam
  6. Hi Guys I will be moving to Victoria in January 2020 and am looking for a house to rent. I am finding when searching online that understandably there are current properties and ones coming up in the next month, but nothing that far ahead. It would be great to hear from others how they managed to sort accommodation when they first arrived. I have heard about short term rentals-are there any reliable websites for these kind of properties. How would I sort out a rental from here in the UK? Many thanks, Sam
  7. sam11480

    Narre Warren South

    Hi all I have got a job in Narre Warren South and will be relocating with my two little daughters aged 2 and 4. Any recommendations for nice suburbs for our young children, nearby or up to a half an hour car commute? Many thanks, Sam
  8. sam11480

    Curriculum Differences?

    Hi guys Moving to Victoria and just trying to get my head around the education system as I have a five year old daughter who has started school in UK. What is the curriculum like in Victoria compared to UK. Do they have an equivalent to the National curriculum? Many thanks, Sam
  9. sam11480

    Bills Bills Bills

    Hi Jetblast That's great to know. Thanks!
  10. sam11480

    Bills Bills Bills

    Hi Parley Thanks for your reply! We are a family of 4. We will be renting approximately $400 per week-3 bed house. Looking for a Mornington Suburb such as Rosebud. It seems that council tax is included in rent and so aside from gas/elec/groceries/phone/ internet/insurance I wonder if there is anything else I'm not factoring in? Kindest regards, Sam
  11. sam11480

    Bills Bills Bills

    Hi there Hope you can help. I am looking for a run down of monthly living costs in Victoria. I.e Elec, Gas, rent/mortgage-is there an equivalent to council tax that we have in the UK? Anything else I need to budget in? Does Medicare come out of salary or do you pay it separately? I am moving to Victoria in next few months and trying to get my head around the monthly outgoings. Many thanks for any advice! Sam
  12. Hi guys Sorry if this has already come up...I’ve had a look and can’t see it on any feeds on first glance. Does anyone have any ideas when the Victoria nomination application page will be back. I know it is temporarily suspended to deal with backlog. Frustrating as I have all my documents ready to go. How long do these suspensions normally last? They can’t give any indication in the website just say to keep checking. Many Thanks Sam
  13. sam11480

    Primary School Teacher Jobs

    Hi Rupert You weren't actually in the 'unhelpful bucket!' It was more some of the other replies. I do appreciate the difference between realism and negativity and some responses definately were more the latter. My philosophy is if you're going to give a problem at least also offer a possible solution as well. Thanks to all for taking the time to reply and hope everyone is staying safe in the bush fires. Sam
  14. sam11480

    Primary School Teacher Jobs

    Hi Sam Great. I will keep researching and look into the advice you have given. All the best
  15. sam11480

    Primary School Teacher Jobs

    Hi Sammy1 Thanks for the informative reply and for taking the time to advise. I appreciate it. I have to say I am slightly taken aback by the negativity of some of the responses on here. (Not yours which is very productive and informative). Basically people are saying that in the whole of Australia, there are no teaching jobs and if there are they won't be in good schools?! I think just to say 'don't bother' as some have on this post is very unhelpful. The job market in the UK is also very difficult and competitive and times are tough. However, I would never be so negative as to try and dissuade someone from abroad from trying to get a teaching job here. It wouldn't be easy but certainly not impossible and yes there are lots of UK teachers also struggling for permanant positions. However where there is a will there is a way. I know of fellow teachers from UK who have secured teaching jobs and moved to Sydney. Yes Sydney! As a skilled and professional person from a different country, I feel I am very employable and have a lot to offer. I haven't applied for a visa yet but have taken the initial tests and am confident this will not be a problem. When you say: 'It is a requirement to have four years of university study to be able to teach in in Australia. Three years study and the GTP route is not accepted over here' I have taken a 1 year PGCE after my degree. Are you saying that Australian Schools do not accept the PGCE as a teacher training qualification? I understand that the requirements vary as you have advised but generally what is the perception of having a PGCE? Also, someone mentions having three years experience. So if you have two, no school will consider you. Is that right? Many thanks again.