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  1. My partner helps out when he can. I live here rent free as it is and i couldn't ask for more. My partner has dual citizenship for the UK a his Mum is British. He works in the UK July - September (for the season) and then returns to Australia. However, this has not been every year.
  2. Hi there Met my partner in March 2012, in Sydney. Went back to the UK, re-visited for 3 months, back to the UK, now back in NSW and on 12 month tourist visa (Expires July). As of 2 weeks ago, i am officially broke. I cannot work as i am 33, do not have a skilled profession and have no money to re-train for anything. Getting married is not an option and i cannot afford the cost of applying for a de-facto visa, that would grant me the right to work, even temporarily. Has anyone been in this position? Do you have any suggestions? I miss working (for my own sanity and a healthy social life outside of my partner) and would relish the opportunity to earn some money. Going home seems the only alternative and this, of course, is heartbreaking. Can anyone help???? :ssign16: