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    Opened a New Nab Account

    I transferres £100 from my hsbc the other day cost me £9 to do it though, just registered with moneycorp and its free the send money. With nab when you get your id code, you can view your statement as read only online, so you could print one off. Most people say they didnt have to prove their funds
  2. annabel


    Hi wanting to transfer money from my uk bank acct to my Nab acct, I've heard if your part of this forum you can transfer money for free. When it asks 'where did you hear about us' do you just put the website in there or is there a code you need to put in?
  3. Hi just wondering if any one else has had this problem, I opened a new Nab Account the other day and have been sent all my details, so I sent a international transfer of £100 just to make sure it gets there before i transfer more over. Went to register on the Nab website, but its saying I need the card to register. Is there any other way to find out rather then phoning as them. Thanks Annabel :smile:
  4. annabel

    NAB bank - help

    I applied with Nab and it took about 4 days until i got my confirmation email to say it had gone through, they'll send you your account number and the iban to transfer the money over
  5. annabel


    So you can apply for a hsbc acc with your travelling, have a hsbc account already, so that might be helpful
  6. annabel

    Short term rental

    Hey Just wondering if any one knows much about short term rentals in Sydney. We've booked 3 weeks in a hostel in nov 13 and want to then move into a short term rental. We've been looking now but dont know if it will be better to wait until we are there, any suggestions what other people have done in the past would be great. We do want to stay in sydney for a while and then travel around abit more. Thanks
  7. annabel

    best times of the year to do things???

    just wanted to leave a note on here, as i arrive in sydney on the 9th nov, so it'll be good to hear what people say
  8. annabel


    how about transferring money over from a UK account? Im sure i found one whilst looking a few months ago that allowed a traveler to open an account before entering the country and transferring money in... would this be a good idea? or should we wait until we can walk into a branch? im just thinking if we're stopped at border control and asked to show finances etc..?
  9. annabel


    Hey, Me and my boyfriend are coming over in november'13 for a year or two, just wondering what bank is the best one to go with? If any one could leave any comments it would be great, just need to sort the little things out now. Also if any one knows about any good insurance companies, thats not to expensive? Thanks :smile:
  10. annabel

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    Me and my boyfriend arrive in Sydney on the 9th November, planning on staying there for 6 months try and get work quite quickly then try and move on, travel and still do a bit of work. Any one got any good tips for sydney?
  11. Hey My fiancé and I are doing a WHV from Nov'13, just trying to find out who is the best for Travel Insurance? Can any let us know who they went with, that not too expensive? Thanks Annabel