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  1. Emma, Have your phone number, i am working all this week but will be in contact next week, we could meet before i start work ( 2pm) and i am sure you will be collecting your daughter from school around that time also. I have my daughter starting back at school this week, unlike you where your daughters big day is today starting her schooling years, mixed emotions im sure and i would say you cant wait to hear from her, how she got on...... Best of luck and hope to meet soon. Gx
  2. spoons

    somebody please advise me on 457 to PR??

    Thank you for taking time to reply. I am a nurse and i sm in brisbane. I am 38 years old.
  3. Can somebody tell me whether i can apply for a PR whilst on a 457 sponser. I have only been in Australia 3 months??? Very unhappy in employment. Thanking you
  4. Hi we are an irish/welsh and our daughter ( 11 years old) is part all but born n Edinburgh. Would love to meet, i am working in bulimba. We live in holland park, arrived in Brisbane mid November. Would love chat and mix with others. Hope to hear from you.....
  5. I would be grateful, if you could help me with getting another nurse employer or point me in the right direction. I am here in Brisbane since November 2012, and my new employment is a nightmare, really unhappy there. I am an aged care nurse of 7 years but 20 years in the trade, could anybody point me to where there is other sponsership nurse employers in Brisbane. Thank you for your time xx
  6. Hello All, I really am struggling to find new employment, i am not experiencing a happy employment experience whilst here and am desperate to change employer. I am on a 457 business visa and have been in Brisbane since November 2012, could anybody ppppppppppplease help. I am an aged care nurse of 7 years but 20 years in the same field. Loving Australia, but my employment is taking the joy out of it, its so hard.. Thanking you
  7. Hello, Could somebody please clarify whether i can apply for PR whilst on a 457 business class ( 4 years)?? Talking to work colleagues, they say i can, and it goes on points. I have applied for E.O.I ( expression of interest) on line, but would i be best to apply straight ( thats if i can ??). I really would be grateful of your advise/guidance!! I am a nurse, 7 years experience ( but 20 years altogether in the field), irish, my partner is 41 and has 20 years as a carpenter, is from wales. Any info welcomed, Gx