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  1. My husband was a radio announcer for years (including work as a promotions manager and as a copywriter), he has since spent the last couple of years selling advertising / marketing (but always with a sales focus). He hates this - he doesn't have the cut-throat attitude needed and would rather have the client only buy what they actually need for their business, which isn't always the best for targets! He is wanting to get back into a more client-centered job once we arrive in Melbourne next month, we are thinking copywriting, marketing ideas, charity work or corporate communications (internal). With the job market being tight and me having already secured work, is it worth him finding a company he would actually want to work for and doing some work experience/offering his services as a consultant? Does anyone have any ideas of how to go about this? Thanks for your time,
  2. NZtoMelbourne

    HR Advisors in Australia

    Hello We are moving to Melbourne next month and I have a job (fingers crossed) lined up as an HR Advisor. Those who are working in this field: - What are the things you have found interesting/difficult about the Aussie was of doing things? - Is it true that once you get your first Aussie HR job the next ones are easier (i.e. getting a foot in the door is all that counts?) - I've seen a lot of talk on forums indicating this is the case. Thanks for your time,
  3. NZtoMelbourne

    Suburb advice in Melbouurne (to commute to Camberwell)

    Hi again, We've been doing some major research and have narrowed it down a little further - any feedback would be appreciated. We will be looking for a house or a townhouse. The suburbs we are looking at are: - Brunswick (both East and West) - North Melbourne - Richmond - Kew/Kew East - Caulfield North - Camberwell - Prahran (how do you say that????)
  4. Hi all - We have already set up a NAB account (thanks POMSINOZ) - our bank in NZ charges through the nose to transfer funds to an overseas account - through some internet searching and finding many favorable reviews I came across OrbitRemit - our first transfer they didn't charge anything, and after that it works out as $5 NZD (about $4 AU). Hope it helps
  5. NZtoMelbourne

    Pre-pay mobile sim card - which provider?

    Just wanting a quick bit of advice. I have a cellphone and will probably end up replacing it with an on-plan phone (either myself or through work), but on arrival in Melbourne I want to get a sim card to put in my existing phone so I have an immediate Aussie number. I did a bit of reading and see no matter which provider I go with I can take my new number with me (so changing providers when I go on plan won't be an issue) but does anyone have a recommendation of who to buy the initial sim card/which company to do a pre-pay deal with to begin? Thanks so much,
  6. NZtoMelbourne

    Suburb advice in Melbouurne (to commute to Camberwell)

    Thanks so much for that Petals
  7. Hello all, Well we are booked in for the big move, I'm moving in May (and will be working in Camberwell) and my husband is coming over soon after. We are lucky in that we have family to stay with for the first couple of months while we get ourselves sorted and the other half finds work. I want to pick your brains about where to live (and if it is doable in our budget): Option 1 Ideally we would like to live around Carlton area - central but not right in the CBD, with me traveling east (and we may be getting a housemate that works in the west) we would be looking for a townhouse or something similar for 3 adults. We have a dog (cocker spaniel) in NZ who will be staying with family until we can find a house - how hard is it to rent with pets? We would be looking at around $400-450. He doesn't need a lot of room (we have a small townhouse in NZ and he is fine) - but I'm more concerned with how hard it might be to secure a rental with a dog? Option 2 If we can't arrange this my husband and are are thinking we go north east/east/south east so we could find somewhere under $400 where we could definitely have the dog. This would just be my husband and I and he will most likely be commuting into the CBD on public transport so limiting the commute to under an hour each way is important. Thanks in advance
  8. NZtoMelbourne

    Comparing private health insurance options

    I've seen a few threads here lately asking about what's included in various private health cover and offering comparisons - we've found this website really helpful. You enter general information (ie single/couple, health issues, what you want covered) and it compares different companies' health plans for you (including cost). http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/dynamic/compare.aspx
  9. Hi, While my husband is a Pom we are already living in NZ where we are planning to move from to Melbourne mid 2013. He has been in media here for many years, and the last 2.5 he has spent working in marketing/sales (due to the small city we're living in). As sales isn't his passion he is thinking about retraining, possibly to work in IT (he used to be a buyer many years ago) or telecommunications. I guess I'm just feeling it out - does anyone know of any reputable training establishments? Or companies that will invest time/effort into someone that has the skills but not necessarily the qualifications? His other option is to do more marketing/media work, I think he may not be as keen on this as he doesn't want to be 'stuck' in a sales role where he would much rather be doing something creative. Your advice will be gladly received!