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    UK HGV LICENCE on Working Holiday Visa

    That's great to know RAS... And because we all know how well the states all run things, talking to each other so well... Would that be the same for NSW & QLD does anybody know? cheers
  2. Hi guys, Just a quick question hoping that someone can help. I have a friend planning on getting their working holiday visa and is a qualified HGV driver in the UK. We were wondering whether they would then be able to apply for their LOG book on arrival to Australia and gain employment as an HGV driver in Australia. Obviously we understand they would have to follow the confinements of the visa. Does anyone have experience with this or know any information that may help? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Si
  3. gurglebarp

    BOOKS - Fiction or Fact

    Thanks guys... I will get searching for them on iBooks
  4. gurglebarp

    BOOKS - Fiction or Fact

    Hey guys, I am looking for suggestions on books I can read re: Australia? We are moving to Brisbane this coming April and I was hoping to bide the time with a few good books. I have already read through the lonely planets east coast collection, is there any other good reads? I could even go for some fiction with an heavy Australian undertone as I enjoyed reading Alex Garners The Beach before a trip to Thailand. Happy for any recommendations, thanks for your time!!
  5. Hey guys, I have been looking into shipping bikes to Oz for our impending emigration in April... I have found other feeds complaining of damaged bikes and expensive insurances. As this will be a one off journey so I'm trying to avoid buying expensive travel cases (bike box) that are available. I have therefore contacted my local bike shop and have sourced cardboard boxes and all the necessary polystyrene and other packaging used originally to ship every new bike worldwide. The bike shop say that this is common practice and the best part is it's completely free *smug-face*! Anyways, just thought I'd share in hope this could save you guys some cash... Now, who wants to clean my bike for me?