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  1. T22row

    Early childcare agencies

    Hi all, i was just wondering whether there are agencies in early childhood education who specialize in recruiting people from uk etc. I have found a mechanics one for my husband but ideally looking to go on my credentials. Any help and advice more than welcome. I am a early childhood educator and currently studying for a degree in primary teaching.
  2. T22row

    Should the UK cut ties with the EU?

    Don't need to speak English to to farming flower picking etc and they're earning a pittance so claim benefits why pay an Englishman min wage when you can get a foreigner doing cash on hand for half the price
  3. T22row

    Should the UK cut ties with the EU?

    Way too late the uk is full of refugees, immigrants who can't speak English and don't have skills taking all our jobs houses claiming our benefits. Might as well have a sign on entry welcome all
  4. T22row

    I think WDU is getting more and more silly

    Just qualified but she stated she was still relying on benefits
  5. T22row

    I think WDU is getting more and more silly

    I used to enjoy watching it but yes you're right. I couldn't get over the single mother who was on the show last week who was surviving on benefits but could save enough for a deposit on a house! Why is she getting benefits if she has savings? Also there are clearly people who just want a trip to oz. Anyone can put pen to paper and say I really want to go but my partner us unsure. I have applied the last 5 years as I genuinely want to make the move I am so sure it would be a better life for us as a family but my husband doesn't want to as he can earn roughly the same here in uk as in oz. It's not the money I want to go for. I wanted the show to help me make him realise that it is right for us. Also so many shows have families from poorer parts of the U.K Ie Wales. The bbc need to get more savvy and focus on the reality and accept people who would obtain a visa who's jobs are on the list.
  6. T22row


    Hi all I've completed my level2 with AAT and starting level 3. Is AAT recognised in Australia? I have 4 years experience in bookkeeping. Will I need to retrain? What can I do to help my case in getting a job over there? Any help would be appreciated ?
  7. T22row

    Fees for primary schools for new migrants

    Thank you so much guys that's set my mind at ease a little I thought I'd have to pay approx 10k a year until we get permanent residency phew
  8. Hi all hope you can help me. We are looking to move to Gold Coast next year. I have been told that you have to pay per year per child for school as we wouldn't be permanent residents. Can anyone fill me on this. Any info would be great thank you
  9. T22row

    Primary Schools on the Gold Coast

    Hi we're looking to move to Gold Coast next year. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about policies and procedures regarding enrolment to primary schools. I've heard that you have to pay for schooling until you become a resident is this true? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you for all the info I'll get my husband to contact Gavin hope all goes well with the move and congrats on the new job
  11. One last silly question my husband has got it into his head issues with the venomous friends. Putting your hand into an engine over here what's the worst that can happen a common house snake a rat? He's panicking about the things that bite and kill after much research I can honestly say I can't find something that says a mechanic has been killed due to this what's your thoughts? Also when you had your chat with techs on the move what did you find the differences were with working in the uk compared to what your going to? Conditions of the garage life etc. Sorry about all the questions just trying to convince my husband that the few little niggles he has there is nothing to worry about. Thanks team ab you're being a great help with all your advice
  12. Thank you team ab your help is much appreciated hopefully won't be so daunting lol
  13. That's great. After reading processes etc it's left us a little confused. If you get a job offer from an employer do you need to have a vetasses? My husband is on the team 21 with Toyota and is a pro technician and mot tester. Do you need an itels test if your pure British? Sorry these sound like silly questions lol but with someone whose doing it I would be grateful of any info you have
  14. Thanks team ab. We have had a quick look at their site and vacancies. Did you use them? If so what do they do for you do they help you with the process from start to finish ie starting your visa application etc fab news your moving to Melbourne are you going as a mechanic?
  15. Hi my husbAnd is a pro tech for Toyota and an mot tester. He wants to know what it's like working as a mechanic in oz. Working hours, working environment, the venomous wildlife. Generally the differences between being a mechanic in oz compared to uk. I'm trying to convince my husband to make the move. ThAnks in advance ?