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  1. My mum is coming over to Australia on a contributory Parent Visa, I thought the airline gave extra baggage allowance, Emirates is saying no she has to pay for extra baggage! Does anyone know? :chatterbox:
  2. Can anyone on here give me some info on the best and cheapest way to transfer money from the UK for my 76 year old mum who has just received her contributory parent visa. I have spoke to the commonwealth bank in London who will transfer to the commonwealth bank in Australia for free if its over £10,000 Anyone had any experience in this?
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    Processing time for last remaining relative 115

    I was told from7 to 14 years offshore!
  4. ozziepom1963

    Contributory parent visa 143

    Just want to share my happy story:) My mum has just been granted her CPV today YAY! she is 76 we've waited for this for 3 years, at long last it here we have been on a roller coaster in the 3 years my dad passed (who was originally coming with mum)and my daughter has had a baby!:biggrin::sad::jiggy: Just wanted to ask if anyone knows mums entitlement for her prescriptions will she get them for the cost that all Auzzie pensioners get it for even though she only gets uk pension? will she be entitled to commonwealth or senior. thought they would of given us more info about this stuff! :biggrin::yes: Thanks in advance peeps
  5. ozziepom1963

    Contributory parent visa

    My Mum got hers today Yay! She has to be here by April 2014.Hope this helps:biggrin:
  6. ozziepom1963

    Commonwealth seniors card

    Thanks for info everyone
  7. ozziepom1963

    Pension Advice

    Hi Andy, I'm needing a bit of advice my mum has got to the final stages of her contributory parent visa at the age of 75, my father was due to come with her but he passed away in August last year:( Mum will have her state pension and a small pension dad set up for her which she gets 2 small payments a year. She will have a small amount of savings too. She will live with us. She has a house in the uk but my sister will live in it till her LRR or a work sponsor visa is approved. Will mum have to pay any taxes? Will she be able to qualify for anything here other than the senior card when she makes her final entry? Thanks in advance
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    Feeling fed up. 8 months in..

    If it was snowing you would have no work no money and no sunshine for months on end very depressing I've been a auzzie citizen for 20 years and I know where I would rather be everything is in moderation. Wages are lower in uk but living may be lower cost i some things but here wages are higher but living maybe slightly higher. Fuel is way cheaper here but
  9. ozziepom1963

    Commonwealth seniors card

    We own our own home where she will be living, she doesn't drive, so I will be driving her around. I was just wondering if she would get the supplement for power etc and the fuel voucher yearly?
  10. ozziepom1963

    Commonwealth seniors card

    Thank you Can she get her prescriptions free if she has paid the contributory parent payment? She won't be working and she will be living with me so I can take care of her in years to follow
  11. ozziepom1963

    Commonwealth seniors card

    Hi everyone on this bright hot sunny day in Western Australia :jiggy: My mum at the age of 75 has been approved for the contributory parent visa yay! She is going to be living with my husband and I.Can anyone tell me that if she qualifies for the commonwealth senior card will she still be able to get the senior supplements if she is living with us? Or do they only give to them if they live in there own dwelling? thanks in advance :laugh:
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    Parents Visa or Aged Parent Visa

    My mum has just been accepted for the contributory parent visa at the age of 75 it costs $38500 for the contributory payment plus I pay the $10000 assurance money hope this helps
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    Hairdressing thread

    Hi my name is Cheryl I came to oz 20 yrs ago was hard to get a job as i had no clientele and they wouldn't look at my work. Then we had the hairdressers federation but that has now collapsed. I did a basic theory any practical exam and got interviewed by the board. I then went on to do mobile hairdressing as it was hard then as W A was not as forward as it is now. We live in Bubury I had my own salon for 8 years sold that now I have a huge room set up in our home as a salon and its brilliant thd best if you look on wage line Australian website you can check out wages. Food here seems to have got more expensive but the quality knocks dead the uk vegis. In Bunbury your pro ably looking at $400 week rent for 4 bed 2 bathroom prob more on Perth. Hope this helps good luck have a happy life x
  15. ozziepom1963

    Proof of hardship

    How did you go with this I know it's a long time ago but my sister is wanting to come over on tourist apply forLRR Visa and in the mean time get a bridging visa but want to work whilst on the bridging visa I'm sponsoring her and keeping a roof over her head