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    Aussie Adaptors & Plugs

    Hi, quick question - We have several powerboards/extension leads from the UK that we brought over and found Aussie plugs in Mitre10 but UK powerboards/plugs are fused to 13A whereas Aussie powerboards/plugs are generally not fused and state they are for 10A. Two questions: 1) Is it OK to use the 10A Aussie plug on a 13A UK powerboard? 2) Are we allowed to do it in Sydney from an insurance point of view? Changing a plug is easy and would say hundreds of dollars but don't want my insurance to be voided and don't want to tip off insurtance company yet Thanks
  2. paulr4189

    Emigrating.......The low down.......

    Hi, we are coming down shortly and am wondering if it's best to bring 2 LED tvs with us as they are both under 6 months (move to Sydney was very sudden opportunity) so reluctant to sell as they are perfect for our needs? can we use with adaptors or is it best to change the plugs? Thanks
  3. paulr4189

    Rentals in Sydney

    Hi, my wife and i are coming to Sydney as soon as the 457 visa is completed. Is there such a thing as you are only allowed to spend a certain percentage of your salary on rent? I ask this because in Switzerland you are limited to 5% of your salary whereas we want to live in Manly and so would be spending 30-50% of one of our salaries on rent which we are fortunate to be able to comnfortably spend. Hope this makes sense.
  4. Hi, my wife and i are coming down to Oz (Sydney) as soon as the 457 visa is completed and she wants to bring her 2010 VW Beetle cabriolet. She's owned it since new and it's top of the range with every possible option added at manufacture and is in perfect condition with less than 15,000km so seems a wise choice to bring down and maybe we'll get to go topless. can you elaborate on the taxes payable etc. Reading page 1 of this thread it sounds like they will calculate taxes on the customs value and not the original purchase price - is this correct? and is the 22% depreciation plus 20% import reduction a good ball park to get rough costs or has it changed since you posted that? Trying to find out all info is a bloody nightmare as we have to deal with different Aussie government departments so any help/advice/likely costs so in no particular order 1) Speaking to quarentine department they say approx $300 for quarentine/biosecurity check - is this correct? 2) Regards vehicle compliance is there much to be done (it does not have air-con) as the steering wheel is on the same side and has had no modification? any idea on costs? 3) Looking at NSW registration department i see $461 for registration for it's weight - is this a one off charge or annual? and is there any other costs for registration ignoring need to change our UK licences within 3 months 4) Do we have to pay stamp duty and if so how much? Ignoring transport costs, import application costs and customs & GST am I missing anything out? Thanks for any help you can give