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  1. Just a quick update... after going through the website unblockus and using there free trial i have achieved what i set out to. What a fantastic suggestion. I have logged onto my parents sky go at home and thus i can watch all the channels that they have on their package. Not only live tv but tv on demand aswel. This also means i can watch bbc iplayer , 4od etc etc which in turn means i can also watch match of the day!!! thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for your input so far. I have austel and compared to sky's coverage of sports I don't particularly like it so although the cost doesn't bother me, I'd much prefer to turn my computer on and watch sky sports news or sky sports 1 etc...plus the amount of commercial breaks that is on Australia's coverage of the f1 is truly shocking! Ozdreamseekers....have you tried either one of your suggestions?
  3. Hi With the start of the new football (refusing to call it soccer) season about to start, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with the following... I can theoretically log onto my parents sky go in the UK, to which they have the full sky sports package and therefore I would be able to watch it on my computer. The only snag is as im sure people have read before is that my computer knows where i am in the world and therefore refuses to let me do this. Ive tried using the free section on hidemyass to see if it will work and it just wont load. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue. Any suggestions greatly recieved. many thanks in advance :huh:
  4. Ramsay

    Think i owe PIO a little update!

    Thank you all for your replies, I use the word food lightly as we also buy nappies, alcohol and household things like soaps, loo roll (pretty much anything we use weekly within the house). we would send her anywhere that has a more than 5 or so kids just so she can interact. I will look up the places suggested. :biggrin:
  5. Hi everyone. I used this site so much before making the move and so i only think its fair I give a little update for anyone thinking of moving to Mackay Queensland. Mackay is alot better than we thought it would be. There is not a deal of information on this site about Mackay, but we are really pleased with it so far. We live in the "northern beaches" region and its lovely. Based in Blacks Beach Cove we are a couple of mins from the beach. The housing estate is nice and most of the houses are brand new. its about a 20 min drive into town but only 10 mins to a shopping centre called Mount Pleasant, which is like a mini town lol. It has everything we need. We have a 2 year old girl and are stuggling to find her a nursery. We can get her into a "long stay" nursery which runs from 6am to 6pm at a flat rate of $70 approx. its the same price even if she attends from 9am to 1pm. were not depending on childcare for work but are wanting her to go so she can interact with other children, there just seems to be no nurserys that do it on a hourly basis. We are spending on average $400 a week on food for a family of 3. Things are more expensive if your here on holiday but it im earning a good wage so its all relative. Im working in the mining sector (just like most people here) and there has been a slow down recently. If people have heard this and are worried here is my personal opinion simplified..the current labour goverement has impleneted a mining tax to the mine owners that basically means there paying **** loads per ton they get out the ground. I think that the mining companies have slowed production to give the labour party a message of who is actually running the country here in australia and in turn people have lost there jobs. Making people angry and upset. SO, along comes the oppostion to labour and promises that if it gets in power this september, they will abolish the mining tax that applies to the mine owners. Its predicted that the opposition party will take over in spetember, production will increases again, and in my opinion Mackay will explode over the next 5-10 years. Why else are they currently building the biggest coal terminal in the world right here in Mackay... all in my opinion ofcourse. We are loving life so far. Everything is so relaxed, theres no rushing round with people climbing over one and other to get to where they need to be. Its not all over the news how much the country is in the **** like back in the uk. If anyone has any specific questions, just reply and i will answer thanks everyone Ramsay
  6. Ramsay

    How can i watch top gear in oz?

    I don't think I have 9 network
  7. Ramsay

    How can i watch top gear in oz?

    Thanks...what channel is the 9 network? Not being thick but I got my first tv yesterday and there seems a lot of news channels..
  8. Hey everyone finally got to mackay and im missing top gear the most. does anyone no a simple way i can get it? even if it means paying for a service on the ipad/pc? many thanks
  9. Ramsay

    Electrical exams for perminant residency 189/190

    hi, im going to be in the same position as you this time next year and im already worrying what the process is....have you done your capstone yet??
  10. If you google overseas expo and look at the locations for this year (defo London and Manchester) slightly north of the Gold Coast. Due to the sponsorship the whole process has cost me less than £300 for me and my family
  11. Yes on a 457 sponsorship. I went to the overseas expo armed with cv's and my certs, had an interview and now waiting to fly. I would recommend any spark to pay the £17 for a ticket and go
  12. I've just finished all this and fly out in 2 weeks, your invoices must match funds going into your account so that you can send a bank statement and its linked to that particular invoice if that make sense. Please see my posts on Vetassess practical assessment for help regarding the next stage
  13. Ramsay

    Immigration expo...

    I went to the expo, had an interview and now moving to oz on a 457 sponsorship in 2 weeks. Defo worth it for me!
  14. Ramsay

    gaining PR from a 457 visa

    Ok, so once I arrive in 2 weeks I will be attending tafe working towards my as3000 qualification, your saying I may need to wait until this is achieved before applying for anything?
  15. Ramsay

    gaining PR from a 457 visa

    I'm also in the same boat...coming on a 457 as an electrician, done the Vetassess exam to get my skills recognised in oz, as I have already done this will it mean I won't have to do it again when I apply for a pr visa??