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  1. Angela2012

    Dec 2012 189 visa lodged

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone, who has lodged a 189 visa application in December 2012 has actually been allocated a CO or have had any updates since ? Thanks.
  2. Angela2012

    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    I received my PR!!! WOOHOO!
  3. Just thought I'll have a quick snoop around..... I've sent the CO the requested supplementary documents to demonstrate relevance.... Very quickly losing hope on the situation since its been 2 weeks since the CO confirmed they have received it, but there is absolutely no news....
  4. Not sure if it's bad or good news though, she s asking for an additional statement describing my job/ work experience. She says as it is, it doesn't match the skill I have applied under..... This is despite what engineers Australia has said. Who is the expert here?
  5. Angela2012

    The waiting for case officer nerves: how do you cope?

    If only they published some sort of report detailing who is being assigned this week.... theres not even a contact no we (offshore applicants) can use....
  6. Angela2012

    The waiting for case officer nerves: how do you cope?

    Hopefully the new skillselect system will make things less painful.... but I have been waiting for 9 weeks now... starting to wonderif the website I applied and paid on, is a hoax..... It is a significant sum....
  7. Angela2012

    December 190 lodged gang

    Nope still no news.... but thanks for the kind words..... Fingers crossed.
  8. Angela2012

    December 190 lodged gang

    It's been 8 weeks and I still don't have a co. Despair?...
  9. Yup have uploaded my pcc and completed my medicals. The doctor claims that he has electronically processed it on his end but the co still needs to assess it............ :confused: Hopefully, we all get some good news soon.... understand we are not owed a visa by diac, it's just that waiting is hard and we really want to be in oz.....
  10. I lodged my visa on the 12 dec and just disappointed that despite the 5 weeks co allocation promise, this has definitely not been the case. Hopefully, this process will not drag on any longer.......
  11. Angela2012

    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    Waiting is always the hardest part of the game..... eoi invite lodged 12 dec 2012. All documents and medical checks completed or uploaded on site. No news from CO...... :err: Five week deadline will arrive on the 16 jan. seeing your threads about a potential 7 - 8 week allocation time, I am losing my marbles..........
  12. Angela2012

    Confused about filling in 189 form--- please help!!!!!!

    Thanks Rosie. I have submitted the form and payment (quite a significant amount, considering its Christmas season). Hopefully, I will be in Melbourne with my mates very very soon. When did you submit your application? Does it really take a year, as indicated on their website? How long did it take before you were assigned a case officer? not five weeks, I hope. Good luck with your application. I am sure it will be great. If you don't mind, it will be great to hear from you (via this thread) when you hear back from your case officer. Thanks again.
  13. Hi all, Finally received the eoi invite and i am trying to fill in the form online, but I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with:- a) previous addresses: I lived in the uk for eight years before returning to Malaysia. Should I fill in all my addresses in Uk or just the last known address? its just that if I only fill in the last known address, what duration should be specified? duration of time I have lived in the uk (across multiple addresses) or just the time I have rented this property? b) ielts: while I was still waiting for an invite, I retook my ielts in the hopes of getting an eight in the writing component. The second take was done on the 26 oct and the first test was done on the 22 sept. both results were the same. Do I have to specify the ielts test one the 26 since the results are the same? On my eoi, I listed the 22 sept results as I did not have an opportunity to update it in between taking the test and receiving an invite. c) police report uk: while I was living in the uk, I had a few run ins with the ciy council.this was due to late payments of council taxes. I settled all of them before I left the uk. I am just wondering if this will have a negative impact on the police report(if requested). I really do appreciate any help or guidance anyone can provide as I don't want to be told I have lied on my form and hence, kicked out of the visa process. Thanks.