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  1. PaulRaynor

    Who to tell when we move back??

    Regarding emergency tax I was told by HMRC that my new employers should send in a Stat Dec form 1060L and tick tax code box A when I start work next month. This apparently avoids emergency tax
  2. PaulRaynor

    Time to Go

    After 16 years in Australia the time has come for me to go home and I leave for London in 48 hours. I read this forum every day and although I don't contribute much I wanted to say how much comfort it has brought me reading messages from names I have come to know so well particularly in this part of the forum. I'll look in from time to time but for now its farewell and God Bless. Paul x
  3. I know the British National Anthem and as a teacher in Australia (the Aussie one backwards!) no choice, every Friday morning in assembly! As one of only a few male teachers I sounded like a basso profundo so everyone else could hear me singing it as well!! I used to think I knew the Welsh one too, trouble is 50,000 people in Cardiff think they know it at a rugby match. As we are all too drunk we don't know the difference! So none of us will ever probably learn it!
  4. PaulRaynor

    Six months here and this is my thoughts!

    Thing is though Parley, Very Stormy is right Brisbane does have those things. 2011 springs to mind to add QLD has had snow this winter. Those things are facts, not opinions.
  5. PaulRaynor

    Three and a half months back in the UK

    Shame on you Caroline!! :twitcy:
  6. PaulRaynor

    Uk v Australian degree....easier to achieve ?

    After getting my Graduate Diploma and then Post Graduate Diploma in the UK many years ago I thought I might consider doing an MA in Applied Theatre Studies at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW. I just made a tentative enquiry in the first instance and they wrote back informing me that I had been accepted on to the course, congratulations! So now as its all distance learning I have accepted a job back in London that will help me complete my research for it. I have never experienced the delights of Armidale or the campus (although I'm told its delightful in Spring) and don't suppose I ever will ! Funny old world.
  7. PaulRaynor

    Time for an update!t

    You sound like you had a really good time at home Shelly, thanks for all your posts and your photos, they made me smile!
  8. PaulRaynor

    moving to brisbane- advice please!

    Perhaps not so much the Pig n Whistle meet ups as they tend to be on Friday nights. Its a crowded pub and can be loud. If you look for other types the BBC organise, lunches etc these are more child friendly.
  9. PaulRaynor

    moving to brisbane- advice please!

    Come to our wonderful BBC ! Brisbane British Club. We meet up every month at the Pig as well as other places. Lot's of great ex pats! Our next one is 26 July. Look it up on meet ups. Sounds like we could form a Brisbane Welsh Club. I would be interested but I'm going back to the UK in September for a few months.
  10. PaulRaynor

    moving to brisbane- advice please!

    On the southside Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda and Oxley are all nice. Also all on a train line line straight into the city, 20 mins from Oxley where rentals are cheaper. Forget the car. hey you can take that from me even though I'm a Swansea Jack, I would never lead a Cardiff person astray! Ha ha!
  11. PaulRaynor

    Chances of finding a job in UK whilst still Australia??

    Hi everyone! Good news for me too! Just landed a teaching job in London for September, I really quite like this Skype lark. You can surreptitiously refer to notes and stick post its everywhere to refer to in response to questions.
  12. PaulRaynor

    Never been so glad we MBTTUK

    I remember having to rush there both times when my parents past. Good that you were there. My condolences lady R.
  13. PaulRaynor

    Help! Centrelink website...confused!

    I recently opened a mygov account and linked my centrelink account to it. As mentioned you have to already have a CAN number to claim but once you have entered your my gov password you are not asked for your CAN number to access centrelink. Confused? why not? it is a government site after all ! :laugh:
  14. PaulRaynor

    Just say no!!

    Nooooo ! Lady R no! Tropical climate? Please allow me to name drop. Marcia, Lam,Yazi, Tracy. I believe the next one is going to be Lincoln!
  15. PaulRaynor


    Everyone is a visitor to your life, except your children who are part of you. Look forward now, do not give a backward glance.