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  1. Hi guys . Seems we are definitely the visa that is quick at the moment! Submitted - 20th May 2013 - Everything but Federal Police Checks.. stupidly only gave W.A Police Check!! Request for Federal Police Clearance - 7th June 2013 Submitted Federal Police Clearance - 12th June 2013 Visa Granted!!! - 10th July 2013
  2. So As I remember another poster saying.. I am long term 'reader'... new time poster.. and this website has been wonderful to me in terms of giving me advise on migration and equally on some job issues as well! I would just like to say that my previous post I did.. which was Immigration Asking me for a Police Check a few days after I handed in the application was right in my mind - it was a good sign.. because I got my visa granted! With people on the forum, immigration officials, people i know who have applied, and all and such a like.. have told me it takes apparently 12-18 months to get an answer.. I got mine in 6 weeks!! It's truely shocking.. but I can't complain.... I am very thrilled and I am very happy that DIAC have been so quick with my application . I hope everyone's partner visa applications are going faster or as fast as mine did Cheers
  3. Hi guys, Just a strange question to ask you all! I was originally on a working holiday visa, still currently until the 22nd of this month. We submitted in person at the Canberra Immigration Office for our 820 Partner Visa on the 20th of May, 2013. Today is the 7th of June, 2013 - and they have requested my federal police clearance... because I stupidly gave them the W.A police clearance I had when I lived there. Silly me... I know.. ha. However, is that a good sign that they have got back to me this quickly? Or is this normal and once I submit it I will probably get a very very long wait again? Additionally, they gave me a long letter saying i have 28 days to respond to this.. however AFP Federal Police Checks take 15 working days.. which is cutting it very close!! Can anyone give me an idea of how long the police check's take - any sooner? If they are processed in Canberra, and I live in Canberra, I am sure that is a good sign! Kind Regards, Cory.
  4. coryfrazer

    Working visa after WHV?

    If you have a girlfriend of 6 years; then yes - providing you show immigration evidence that you have been together for this amount of time (6 years is more than enough) then that will be fine. However, as stated clearly by nicolac; she must be sponsored by a prospective employer. Now I can't say this as a promise that she will get employment; but there is a large amount of need for nurses in Australia.. just take a look at Seek - and a lot of them offer 457 visas and some offer further than this. However; she needs to be a qualified nurse WITH experience - can she provide that? Say at least 2-3 years? Not to say that being a qualified nurse that is new won't get her sponsored. I've seen it happen! So yes, ideally, if you play your cards right - this is all possible. Just keep your thinking cap on and get ready for a lot of paperwork / hassle ahead. What's your skill set in? What are you experienced in, employment wise? Heres an example of a seek advertisement for a Nurse with 457 visa sponsorship. http://www.seek.com.au/Job/critical-care-nurses-2013-new-year-new-job-australia/in/perth-cbd-inner-western-suburbs/23748538
  5. coryfrazer

    Now in Canberra... problems problems problems...

    Well everyone! I thankyou so much for all the assistance you have given me. Yes, it is extremely difficult given my situation in this territory. However - thanks to all your help, i have secured possible 3 extra interviews in this respect. Let's hope.. let's hope.. one of them at least turns out lucky. I have realised that my situation is difficult.. it worse comes to worse we would have to do the more difficult option / more expensive option and go for the partner / spousal visa route. However, this does not secure employment prospects not that much higher (well it would in a sense, I would be at least allowed to work for an employer for 2 years pending the permanent route). However, I do not know enough about ACT law in regards to same-sex couples. I know you can register a relationship as a de facto, but ultimately, since looking at google - I cannot find the links for it anymore - it seems its redirecting me to 'Civil Partnerships' - has their been a change in the law? Additionally, employment wise - my alternative option is Sydney - where I have indeed got some interest for. However despite Sydney and Canberra being relatively close (in Australia terms) of only 3 hours apart - it means leaving the partner for Sydney and seeing him in weekends. Which is quite upsetting. However I am keeping my hopes up, and once again everyone - if you have any advise, please please assist. 'Tis a lovely forum, I have to admit. Feel very welcome .
  6. coryfrazer

    Last day using Transperth

    I would have to agree - that the public transport in Perth when I lived there (live in Canberra now) was good in terms of train times; they always keep on time. However the infrastructure itself needs to improve; simple things - but some rather complicated! For a simple example - direct buses to the city. A good example would be from Noranda to the City; not that far away - yet you had to change in Morley (an awful bus port if I do say so myself). The surrounding northern suburbs of Noranda - had this particular problem as well. Complicated problems - The Infrastructure itself - the Road Works (which granted; we can do nothing about) have caused hassle for public transport - a good example would be the Great Eastern Highway, which has caused such buses heading to places like Ascot, Perth Airport, Belmont, etc - to become a huge hassle when heading their from the city). A lack of train lines i would have to say as well, a costly expense obviously at that. Now.. granted, I used to live in London where the public transport - I had no complaints with, and I was at the pleasure of 24/7 buses going everywhere and anywhere! Perth does the best it's can, I do admit that however!
  7. coryfrazer

    Now in Canberra... problems problems problems...

    Perfect Skani, that's wonderful. I've left her a PM and will hopefully see her pop into the thread soon. .
  8. coryfrazer

    Now in Canberra... problems problems problems...

    Perfect, what is her background? Is she in recruitment as well? Thanks Skani for the response.
  9. Very nice talking to her - I would recommend everyone to pursue dealing with this recruitment agency. Hopefully it shall open up some avenues in Sydney for myself and any others who are seeking this option. Best of Luck to all!
  10. coryfrazer

    Now in Canberra... problems problems problems...

    Hello Rob, Thankyou for the response - I have contacted the gentleman in question and we have arranged a meeting next Thursday. He is not particularly looking for spaces within his business; however he does know some links / avenues of where to recommend me to. Appreciate it!
  11. Hello everyone! Please refer to this old thread in relation to what I am talking about.. -- http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/jobs-careers/170232-417-visa-canberra-what-do.html Well i have relocated to Canberra, and it seems that all my suspicions where correct about the economics here.. (Vastly Public Sector, State or Federal) and the private sector is extremely limited in employment opportunities given the fact that I have a 417 visa. So what has happened now? Like i said in my previous thread, my background passion and experience is definitely H.R and Recruitment. I have gone to a few interviews that were open to the idea of 457 sponsorship. I am awaiting to hear back from 1 company for an answer (did interview on Tuesday.. today is friday, find out today, monday or tuesday according to them). However I do not have any backup options.. why? The temporary job market only exists realistically in the Public Sector - which I am not eligible to apply for The private sector does not have any temporary jobs that are willing to take on a 457 as it's temp to perm The private sector does not have any temporary jobs that are sponsorial regardless I do NOT want to go into the temp side of things - I am thinking long term in Australia, and i would like to get sponsored in the H.R and Recruitment side of things (obviously they are 2 very different things, but I have experienced in both). There is options are out there for SOME what of employment.. like temporary work as kitchen hand.. or doing things in hospitality.. do I want to do that? No. Will I eventually become desperate and do this.. well i have to. In Perth I was doing recruitment / H.R, and earning good money - however the economic / job market climate here is completely different. What i'm i looking for? Advise! I have a degree that specialises in H.R and Recruitment, as well as Business and Human Geography (Distinction with Honours), as well as 4 years experience in H.R, Recruitment, as well as work in Marketing, Sales, and Administration work. If anybody knows any routes I could take - people to talk to - or any opportunities you know out there in my situation - it would be wholly appreciated. My frustration is in regards that I'm ending up unfortunately quite clueless on what steps to take, and ending up a bit desperate. Hopefully some locals from Canberra can help me in this respect, and / or any east coast people in general. I appreciate everyone reading this and I hope I receive some replies on what to do. Cheers, Cory.
  12. Hello everyone! Desperately need some advise - especially from anyone who has experience in the job market looking in Canberra. I'm presently living in Perth, WA; under a 417 (Working Holiday) Visa. Ultimately, I have found myself a partner - an Australian - born and bred, and he has gotten a position with the federal government in Canberra. This starts in January. I am going with him come Mid-January (2 weeks after he does). Now, the problem is - I have been ringing around employment agencies and doing internet research and it seems the whole city is essentially based around the public sector.. either state but mostly federal government (obviously).. and even the private sector has some sort of link to some-what federal government contracts.. therefore it means my employment opportunities are severely limited. As obviously this requires employees to be Australian citizens and / or P.R. Additionally, due to the size of the city and the obvious unpopularity with backpackers (the stereotype my visa is with).. it doesn't bring much of a 'backpacker' aka temporary job positions within the city, nor a support base or any sort of help for people in my position. On top of this, i would like to get sponsored somewhat.. or get a job that is willing to hire a person in my visa position. Does anyone have any idea what avenues I could take with this? It's a little bit frustrating to say the least! I'm 22, hold a degree in Business with Human Geography and have 4-5 years of combined marketing, sales and H.R experience; however any admin position I am happy to do in general. Please guys, would love some advise you can give . Cheers!