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  1. CollegeGirl

    Only know one Australian citizen who can fill out form 888!

    You HAVE to have two Aussie PRs/Citizens fill out 888s if you're onshore. It's only optional when applying offshore. How is it you both live in Australia, are a couple, and only know one person who is aware of your relationship? That seems VERY unusual and unlikely. You don't have any other mutual friends who are Australian? You haven't had your partner visit you at your work and have a coworker who could attest to that? Nothing? Surely there has to be someone else. Tehy don't have to know everything about you - just be able to testify that you're a couple.
  2. CollegeGirl

    Medical Results

    No. Your results are electronically submitted from your panel doctor to DIBP. If it says "health has been finalised" that verifies for you that they've got everything they need in regards to that.
  3. I never understand why people worry about this enough to post asking about it. If you're a real couple, why WOULD you be worried about it? Immi isn't there to inspect the cleanliness of your house or how healthy the food in your fridge is - they're there to see if you're really living together as a couple, and if you're legit, you'd have nothing to worry about if they dropped by. My husband and I would welcome the chance to show them around, show them where we sleep, etc. as it would just be more great evidence to show them we're a real, married, very-much-in-love married couple. I always wonder (perhaps unfairly!) if people who post this question are worried because they're hiding something.
  4. CollegeGirl

    Current spouse visa processing times

    12-15 months is what they're currently quoting onshore. In case you're interested, offshore processing times through London have gone up since this thread was originally posted, though (you bumped up an old one). London is quoting 10-14 months processing, currently.
  5. CollegeGirl

    Help! Australian partner's passport has expired!

    Yes, Nemesis is correct - your visa is not at all tethered to your partner's passport, so no need to worry on that front.
  6. CollegeGirl

    Online Visa Application Form Submitted - 309/100 Partner

    Sounds likely to be just a failure to update the auto-generated email.
  7. CollegeGirl

    Visa 300 - Online application - Here or There?

    I disagree with Quinkla just a little here. As you're applying through the Vietnam embassy, you need to contact them and ask them who is able to certify in Vietnam, and what sort of "no impediment to marriage" certificate you need. Each embassy has its own requirements. Most of the people here are going to be familiar with the London embassy's requirements as this is PomsInOz. But different embassies have different takes on things. I know in the US we could not just use any of the occupations Australia allows for certification - it had to be a notary public.
  8. CollegeGirl


    No, kids still need a medical, they just don't get the whole shebang - can't remember if it's the blood test they skip or the xray or what. But they still need a medical.
  9. CollegeGirl

    405 Retirement Visa & BOF test when moving off of visa

    She's in a very precarious position. I would talk to a good registered migration agent. There's a lot on the line here. Best of luck to your mother - I hope you can find a way for her to stay.
  10. CollegeGirl

    Family ties (or other) residency possibilities?

    With a 76-year-old mother, it's highly unlike the OP is under 26 years old, I'd think...
  11. I can't imagine why FB messages would be seen as evidence of NOT being de facto, as a few people have commented - hubby and I use both iMessage/SMS and FB chat to talk to each other while he's at work depending on what's going on.
  12. CollegeGirl

    Can my parents follow on my Visa?

    Haha, sorry! That's a turn of phrase I hadn't heard yet!
  13. CollegeGirl

    No Live Trace on UK PCC

    They're primarily concerned about sentences of 12 months or more. I wouldn't think 6 weeks would be an issue at all. Always best to check with a MARA agent just to be sure, though.
  14. CollegeGirl

    Can my parents follow on my Visa?

    Your mom is a "nursey nurse?" Is that something different to a nurse? Nursing is definitely a skilled occupation that would entitle her to her own visa, perhaps, though at over 50 it may be impossible to get all the points they need.
  15. CollegeGirl

    HELP!! Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143)

    Yep, that's correct. It's about $50k AUD per person. It's common for parents to sell their family home to be able to afford to move over under the 143. There's no way my parents would ever be able to afford it, either - they still have a mortgage and it'll be another 20 years before they own their house! (They're 70 already).