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  1. Mushahid

    Finally, I arrive in Hobart

    I would love to visit Hobart....Heard a lot from Danny Bhoy, the scottish comedian.,.....
  2. Mushahid

    Work on a 176 visa - WA

    176 is a Permanent Resident Visa. But the visa has an obligation to work in the state which has sponsored for first 2 years.
  3. Mushahid

    Help on Deciding Where to Settle??

    Career and Job Opportunities Weather Housing and Accomodation Schools or Universities- Education (if you have kids ) Financing and cost of living Some of the factors I Could think of ...
  4. Mushahid

    My story 3 months in....

    Nice to read .. enjoy life in Oz...
  5. Mushahid

    University Fees

    Hi, I completed my Masters from University of Reading . I got admission into Queen Mary London, Strathclyde Uni , Manchester , Salford , Loughborough , and Reading . I choose Reading as it was best for studying Robotics and Cybernetics. Study Overseas Ltd located just outside Paddington , were my consultants and they help you out with all your educational choices and requirements for no charge . You can contact them and they could easily narrow down and secure the Uni admissions . Cheers
  6. Mushahid

    Which visa? ACCA/Finance & sister in WA

    I have been granted Permanent Residency under the old rules Before July 2012 . Will it affect my PR in anyway in the future when renewing for RRV or for applying for Citizenship. Cheers
  7. Mushahid

    Official nurses thread!

    EOI: Expression of Interest
  8. Mushahid

    Terrible Night - Husband in Hospital

    My wife's brother had a spontaneous Haemorrhage - Sub Arachnoid Haemorrhage ,as the doctors couldn't find out why it had happened suddenly to a 17 year old . It took him 1 month to regain consciousness and understand whats going on around him. That was the time it took for the blood to disperse or clear out from his brain region of ruptured vessel. Since, then he was on Anti Haemorrhaging medicines and a dozen other tabs to prevent clotting , pain killers etc etc. He is doing well , but is precautious about headaches and red eyes due to exhaustion or no sleep. I hope all is good and well now.... Cheers
  9. Mushahid

    Australian Mining Job Information

    Expression of Interest · HVAC Tradespeople Hi I am a Building Services Engineer working for Honeywell- TREND and Alerton systems in UK and Middle East. I have 5 years experience working on HVAC, BMS and Low Current Projects . I would like to know about Jobs in Perth as I will be moving this January 2013 , I have Permanent Residency Visa 176 in Australia . Cheers.. Mushahid M
  10. Mushahid

    Moving to Perth Jan 2013, Anyone else?????

    Me and my wife are planning to visit Perth this Jan-Feb 2013.....Havent decided where to stay till we find a good House/Apartment... Cheers...
  11. Mushahid

    Moving to Perth Jan 2013, Anyone else?????

    Fremantle was my first choice ...What about Rockingham and other areas...
  12. Mushahid

    Moving to Perth Jan 2013, Anyone else?????

    Me and my wife are planning to move to Perth : Jan - Feb 2013..this is our first visit to Perth to Validate our PR visas . .And dont know a thing about Perth .....I would really appreciate if anyone can inform about housing and other important things to be considered when coming for the first time..... Cheers
  13. Mushahid

    scottish moutnains

    My Favourite..valley with small brooks...and lovely weather...near Stirling..in Scotland
  14. Mushahid

    Edinburgh Castle

    Cheers...These are the famous cobbled roads of old picturesque edinburgh...
  15. Hi All Me and my wife are planning to move to Perth this January 2013. Need some help on locating some good temporary Rent houses or apartments/Hotels , till we find a good place to settle in . Also need some advice on good areas in and around perth...Heard about Fremantle ....is it good ..?? Cheers
  16. Mushahid

    Visa 190 November Lodged Group

    Hi Wish you the best for your WA PR visa application. Will you submit PCC and Medicals before the CO asks for it. ?? It should take about 3-4 weeks for your Visa Grant ..after the submission of documents ... Cheers... I am flying to Perth-WA , this Fenruary...IA 176 PR Visa Lodged: June 2012 CO Allocated: August 2012 Medicals, PCC Submitted: September 2012 Wifes IELTS Submitted: November 3, 2012 VISA GRANTED: November 5 , 2012
  17. Mushahid


    Inverness,Loch Ness, Edinburgh, Oban
  18. Mushahid

    Visa granted :)

    Congratulations. All the best . Visa 176 PR GRANTED: Nov 2012. Applied June 2012 CO: August 2012 Medicals and PR: Sep 2012
  19. Mushahid

    How long for PR / Passport ?

    I think you need to stay and work in Australia to be eligible to apply for PR. Or you need to get your Skills assessed and if you meet the required points , you can apply directly ( Independantly or through Sponsorship) After PR, you can stay and work permanently and later apply for Citizenship after meeting the time criteria.
  20. Mushahid

    175 visa

    Visa 175 is a Skilled Independant Migrant Permanent residency visa It allows you to :Work, Study and Live in Australia Permanently . You can Apply for Citizenship after 2 years of Residency in Australia You are entitled to certain benefits after fulfilling the time criteria Applied for 176 : June 2012 : CO allocateed: August 2012 : medicals and PCO: september 2012: PR Visa Grant: November 2012
  21. Mushahid

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    Just got my WA PR Visa granted. CO Allocation and then submission of requesteed documents. The processing is done within 2-4 weeks. Visa grant in 4 weeks from documents request date. All the best. Cheers
  22. Mushahid

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    Just got my WA PR Visa granted. All the best. Cheers