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  1. Nope...we had planned and arranged to go to Perth and out of nowhere her parents asked her to come to Canada with them and she obliged...Not caring to ask or discuss with me..!!
  2. She is going on a holiday with her parents.... .not visiting them..... I love my wife...thats why I am thinking why would she go on a holiday with her parents and not with me......
  3. You understand my dilemma perfectly..Blossom 79 ...I am thinking the same thing...Why would she want to go on a holiday without me ...! She has shown very less respect and consideration...to be honest..
  4. Nope ..No cultural thing ...she does what she wishes to do...We dated for years before we got married...We understand each other perfectly..I love her very much and she does too...But.....Sometimes...I get confused...about the way she does certain things and takes decisions like these...
  5. I hope she is happy and satisfied after this trip with her family...And it will make my life more easier ..without her complaining that I didn't let her enjoy enough time with her family.....So..I guess I will let her have her family time ....even though it is bothering me..slightly....
  6. She would probably agree to me joining her on this trip ... I really want her to have a good time with her family and maybe she does want some time alone with her family.... The only thing which I want is her to have a good time....
  7. We do communicate well and discuss things quite openly..and I am happy that she having a good time with her family.. ....just that sometimes I feel..she should just listen to me......
  8. ...I hope she loves and respects me as her husband ....as I love and respect her as my wife....
  9. Its not upsetting me.....Its kind of...an uneasy (Between Upsetting and Sad) feeling...I mean..I spoke to her about this..And she asked me..Can't she travel alone without me..... I said..Of course she could travel ....It's her wish.... How can I explain to her that it would be better if she went together with me...rather than with her parents....Then it would upset her...And I know my wife...she would cry ...Which I dont want her doing...Because I absolutely hate to see anyone cry....
  10. Yeah...I guess she has a 50-50 % split plan to be loyal to both me and her parents...!!! Does this mean..I love her more than she loves me??? Concerns me...! Coz I would definitely cancel my Canada trip and plan it later ...to visit with her..together...just to make her happy and see her happy!!! Now she not doing that means... she does not love me more or...does she love her parents more than me!!... Is there anything to worry about if ..someone loves their parents more than their spouses..!!???
  11. Mushahid

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    CONGRATS.... But I have to say it took rather long for your PR to be granted... Nevertheless...Cheers... When u planning to move..
  12. <p><p>Wishing you the best of this new year too..Tink...<img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Njoy life and I enjoy reading your posts and your comments ...Cheersss:)</p></p>

  13. Men and Women : Equal and more Men have been given more physical Strength and , Women more Mental strength Women have strength to conquer desire , Men have strength to desire to conquer I know men and women are not equal but ,depends on what base "Equality" is measured...
  14. Mushahid

    In my position what would you do?

    Study in Australia . Get the right visa after finishing studies - Work Visa and stay in Oz.
  15. Mushahid

    Sheer Terror!

    And to add...I believe that whenever my time has come...I cannot avoid it....So be it in a plane, or walking down the road......If I have to go...Then so be it.. Not Yet...Not Just yet....( Gladiator last dialogue by Djimon Hounsou) Cheers... To all the Flying phobia people....
  16. Mushahid

    Sheer Terror!

    Terrifying ordeal you had to go through . I am absolutely terrified of flying....And Bad pilots and weather ......Believe me I have clocked more than a million miles ....and never have i felt relaxed through out my flight time...all my life....Still I constantly Imagine better ways to travel than flying...I use Road transport where ever I can find road access...... No one can beat me in the "fear of flying "contest...lol:)... I will be flying to Perth in two weeks time and hope for ZERO Turbulence...I am Flying Emirates or Singapore Airlines...Not because of expert pilots or less turbulence...But I have always used Emirates, Etihad and Singapore Airlines to Fly to UK and other Mid East work destinations...I liked these airlines...
  17. Mushahid

    Perth 10 weeks in- 30s couple with dog

    Very Informative. Could you please provide contact number of the short term rental . I will be flying in next 2 weeks and need to arrange accomodation. Thanks
  18. Mushahid

    state sponsorship

    Congrats on your ss. I also have WA ss. Will move to Perth next month...
  19. Mushahid

    Life is so short......

    Heartfelt Condolences
  20. I am interested to know if anyone wants to start or buildup on Building Engineering Services company in Perth or Western Australia . I have experience on Honeywell- Trend and Alerton systems and Johnson Controls Systems . I have contacts with BMS companies : TREND, Alerton , Johnson Controls , Siemens and Schenider .
  21. Yes, I have a Permanent Residency Visa Are you interested in BMS or do you know anyone who is interested
  22. Mushahid

    Just starting out and looking for advice

    I am also looking for PhD opportunities to complete my Education Ladder , so I hope to offer you some suggestions : Some of the top rated universities are Uni of Sydney , Monash , Uni of Western Australia . NOTE: PhD in New Zealand is Local domestic fee rate , ie NZD 5600/-to 7000/- only . ( AMAZING FEE STRUCTURE OFFERED BY NZ ONLY FOR ALL PhD STUDENTS- DOMESTIC OR INTL) But the main factors to consider before starting any study course are: 1. Field of study( Engineering , Science , Arts , Medicine etc)- Bachelors, Post Grad, Doctorate , Post Grad Diploma , Trade certificate etc 2. Fees and Scholarships or grants 3. Location and region 4. University Ranking and Rating ( If you really care) 5. Campus Recruitment and local job market 6. Career oriented courses at particular universities Hope this helps Cheers Mushahid M
  23. Consult an Agent who specializes in Australian Visas and Immigration. There must surely be a Visa suitable for you . Be Positive.... Best of luck....
  24. Dubai Intl Airport is really big and it takes time sometimes to get to the correct Boarding gate terminal , as there are hundreds of Boarding gates...I suggest you get your Boarding pass and then do your shopping in the Duty Free zone and njoy ..... Cheers
  25. Having visited some of the poorest and the most ignorant places on earth.....like India and Middle East.... and also some of the most lavish and posh places , (Dubai, UK) , I have realised that every individual is nice inside, circumstances change peoples nature and behaviour . Few of the Real people I found were the ones who did not change their true identity in the face of crises or joy...