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  1. Mushahid

    Got my WA Driving License- Transfer from UK DL

    Hi Yeah...It is the grant letter they ask if Visa is not evidenced in the passports... Yes, I used the short term address , the short term address works as well..as long as you have had mail sent to that address and also bank statements are showing the same address...They wont ask or enquire about renting/leasing/owned properties....etc...As far as I know..they would want the address to post the Driving License card to you .... Cheers
  2. Thanks.. Like you very frank way of putting things as they r.....I might go to US for a couple of years and come back to Perth.......Lets see how things finalise. ​Cheers
  3. Thanks.... My Australia Visa is PR ....so I could go to US for couple of years and come back and complete my PhD...Keeping aside salary as Salary is v low...But yeah you r ryt......I could give NY a try for experience... Cheers
  4. Mushahid

    Nasty Boss - PART 2

    I am so sorry for your experience . I have had similar experience with Horrible bosses...Swore never to work with stupid people again ...Unless the pay package was in Millions !! I have flown Jet Airways.They are a pretty decent Airlines and are like a luxury Indian Airliner . Good service...overall. Decent Staff... Jet Airways has very good safety record.
  5. Well..Perth PhD is free...No Fees and there is an option of Funding and teaching... New York PhD will maybe cost me if I dont find Scholarship or funding... Wife will probably not work..so its just me...working in NY.. Lets see.
  6. Mushahid

    Perth Updates- Day 6

    Hi All Day 6 in Perth Still relaxing at this resort in Swan Valley with lovely golf courses all around . Lots of vineyards as this is the wine tasting capital . Been to the central business district and other places around Perth . Took my wife to Midlands Cinemas and watched movie -THE HOST . Nice to be inside and in the cool AC , as weather was Very warm and around 35 Deg C with Sun beating down mercilessly. After movie ate Pizza at Dominos = $ 11 . All eateries close at 9:30 pm. Still driving around in my Elantra from BUDGET Rent a Car . Tomorrow I return the car and start to try out the Public Transport . Unleaded Petrol is $ 1.47 . Found this to be expensive , friends in NZ say , Petrol costs $ 2.15 in Auckland. Found a New house near Curtin University , Belmont ( Karawara) . Lovely area and nice malls nearby . UPDATES: Got my Bank Card and Account Opened at ANB - 239 Murray Street, Perth CBD . Medicare and TFN Accounts to be opened soon . Australian Driving License - Require 5 ID Proofs. a. Passport , b. Credit Card/ ATM Card , c. Utility Bills , d. House Agreement , e. UK DL Currently I can drive for about 3 months on my UK Driving License . Total Costs Incurred ( Budget Mode - Economy ) 1. Rent for a Month : $ 750 / - 2. Rent A Car: $ 500 /- 3. Food: $ 200 + increasing ( Doner Kebab is $ 10!!-UK Costs about 5 Pounds Max in Paddington)( Indian Restaurants - meals start from $ 20) 4. Petrol costs so far : $ 100 ( We have to return the Rent a Car with Petrol Tank Full ) 5. Medicines : $ 40 ( Hayfever ,Itch and Rash Creams , Panadols Etc ) - Weather , Insects and Pollen create problems for sensitive skin TOTAL : $ 1590/- in 6 Days Addresses I Needed for Navigation: 1. DIAC : 386 Wellington Street, West Perth 2. ANB Bank: 239 Murray Street, Perth CBD Cheers MS
  7. Hi All Shifted to the new place near Karawara , Curtin University . Lovely place . Got Medicare enrolled and registered , a slip with Medicare Number was given . Medicare Cards will be posted in 3 weeks . Found out that Medicare covers partial payments of Doctors bill . Doesn't cover Ambulance costs which could be over 800 dollars . Specialist costs will be covered partially . Not very good this Medicare . Went to BUPA Australia and will be taking full cover Health Insurance from them , which I know will be Useful in Perth and Western Australia, considering the high rates for everything in WA. Received Debit Card - chip and pin from NAB . Weather : Temperature today was ok at 34 deg C compared to 40 deg C Yesterday. Address: MEDICARE HEAD OFFICE- PERTH CBD ( BUPA office is just 2 doors away) 81 St Georges Terrace Perth WA
  8. Mushahid

    Perth Updates- Day 6

    I found a good deal , originally it was 600 per week , I got it discounted ...Lucky me!!! I found gumtree and stayz.com helpful. Cheers
  9. Mushahid

    Perth Updates- Day 6

    All the best for your move . Regarding the questions , I am still finding out, but as best as I can Answer , here goes : 1) In which area of Perth most Asians (indians or pakistanis) live? Bentley , Karawara, Northbridge ,and areas near the Universities, you will be able to find students from Asia and all over . Bustling and safe areas are the ones near Universities. 2) Will I be able to secure a home for my family within a month time of arrival (on rent for one year)? Housing Real Estate is by Viewing and appointments . Lots of people come to view and you have to be lucky to get a house . Some times references and contacts help. 3) Initially I will be traveling alone and planning to bring my family after one month and during that time I have to secure the home, manage the bank account, Phone etc etc. one month is enough for that?? Yes. I guess 1 month should be enough to get all basic things done . Housing - Cannot be sure. Could be less than a week or more than a month , depends on where you look . 4) When i am alone will I be able to get some budget accomodation for around one month and where? recommend any place Book before you land in Perth . Search Gumtree or Stayz.com. Maybe you will find good deals for a week or two weeks - short term . 5) Which areas are more safe to rasie a family with 2 kids? How is kewdale area? Bentley ,kararwara , Bayswater , Joondalup, Fremantle , Subiaco - Areas near Universities are safe and have lot of students wandering all the time . Prettty active places. Just anwer what ever you know as it will help Anybody who is already in Perth now can help and I will appreciate that... Regards Fari
  10. Mushahid

    Landed at Perth and Visa activated : April 2

    Thanks ...Cheers Congrats on your Visa Approval .... Njoy:)
  11. Mushahid

    Landed at Perth and Visa activated : April 2

    Yeah , I will continue to update my status...and every thing I think is worth information sharing.....
  12. Noble profession ...Nurses are respected around the world ...They help people survive ....nurture for them , take care of them , when the visiting hours are over...they are the ones who monitor and devote time and patience.... I admire this profession... The true quality of a good nurse is patience to the patients
  13. Mushahid

    Residency through student visa!

    To be honest , Rules change suddenly and so does the policy on Immigration. So, the study option is a bit risky. Get an Agent and since you have a bachelors..I Presume......get some other option sorted out which will make your pathway easier and economical . Trust me with a good agent, your life will be made easier...processing, documentation , updating on changing rules and requirements of state governments ,sols etc etc etc Cheers MS
  14. I will be flying to Perth , April 2...with my wife..to activate our Visas... last minute checklists,,,, Any suggestions ...on things to do first on landing...
  15. Mushahid

    What's the minimum $$$ ?

    Approx. 12000 AUD...
  16. Mushahid

    driver's licence please help

    Hi What kind of work are you looking for..If I may Ask...I am about to land in Perth ,this april 2, and I am also activating my 176 visa... Is there any accomodation available..in areas within budget...Kindly lemme know.. Cheers...
  17. Mushahid

    anyone moving in april 13?

    Hi I am a Controls BMS Engineer ( Electro Mechanical -HAVC) , I will be flying to Perth April 2 with my wife ..Emirates..From Dubai.. Looking for accomodation and have found a few good places on airbnb.com Just need to finalise in these couple of weeks ... If anyone has some info on accomodation and short term rent.....plz share.....Much Appreciated.. Cheers MS
  18. It is truly sad and I feel sorry for you ...Stay Strong....and be positive.... Issues of the heart.....are to be solved using the brain.....Do the right thing..
  19. Hey..Thanks...I hope many will heed...many will seek....many will experience........I m flyin to Perth in about 4 weeks..... I m a Projects Manager worked for many BMS projects....London , MEast - Dubai...If I don't find a good job.....I will try and complete my PhD....at UWA.... Better Doctor than an Engineer....
  20. Mushahid

    a blast from the past - a thread about my inlaws

    You sound just like my wife...
  21. Marriage is just a label tag....Sounds good ...Saying you are married......Check it out..."I am married"...Vs.."I am Dating".....lol Husband ,Wife...Fancy names...,,, Nm has happened...Just a bad day.....lol Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day...
  22. Hi Got my MSc Cybernetics from Uni of Reading , and Management degree from London . However during my Engineers Australia assessment , they just accepted my Masters degree as an equivalent of an Australian Masters. Got my education points on the basis of Bachelors and Masters . PhD is more points, I guess. I sure hope Masters will be considered enough as long as it satisfies the basic criteria of occupations list....etc Always best to seek Mig Agents or Registered Agents Advice... All the best
  23. No point in talking to my wife......She never understands... As for me .......I am happy in a way that I was correct Infact never believed in marriages...Never will ever... Marriages are a headache and ...we all learn from our mistakes.... is my conclusion Love is pure in its original form ...Marriage makes it impure.... So people...please don't tie the knot....let your life be a simple flowing ribbon of love and peace....Tie the knot...and that's the end of it...