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  1. Hi , Its been sometime since I have written here...I arrived in Perth this April ...and got onto the PhD program at Curtin...but however...I also got my US H1B visa and an opportunity to work in Manhattan , NYC ...so gave it a go and now am in New York ...Njoying the work in the heart of Manhattan...been working near Donald Trumps landmark buildings ...quite an experience ... Have a few projects to get done and hopefully back to Perth... nice place...busy life and same as when I was in London...This city never sleeps..New York.. Been to Atlantic city so far... Still miss Perth...Love Perth and the weather... Its getting chilly and cold here...and will get worse in months to come.... Will write again once back in Lovely warm and sunny Perth... Cheers MS
  2. Hi All , Its been some time since I have posted here on PIO. I got admission for PhD at Curtin University in Civil Engineering , but the funding was delayed and now am moving to US for work . I have my H1B Approved and will be flying to New York JFK , as my contract starts October 1 st . It has been lovely in Australia and amazing time spent in Perth . Loved the weather, people , the beaches and everything here. Australia is Beautiful ... Meantime , I Will try to save some USD $$$ to continue my research work at Curtin . Cheers MS
  3. Mushahid


    thanks... Sorry bout the wrong direction...I will straighten the pics...Rotate and post some more..:)
  4. Mushahid

    Perth to New York.....For work :)

    yeah...i will...infact i will post some nice pics here soon//.. cheers
  5. Hi I have just booked 2 weeks at the Vines Avenue Guesthouse . Anyone been here. Any reviews on how it is and whether it has any amenities nearby. Plan to take Rent a car and drive to this resort type of guest house. Perth people...please advice... on place and location Vines Avenue Guest House - 128 Vines Avenue, The Vines WA 6069 Cheers
  6. Mushahid

    Renewal of Passport

    Hi, Same case here, My VISA 176 - WA SS , was issued on old passport number , got it changed to new passport number easily . Nothing to worry about , I had my new passport issued , and just filled in form 929 ,along with old and new passport copies , sent to DIAC and got it changed in around 10 days. August 11, 2013 sent to DIAC August 19 , 2013 - New passport number available in VEVO Nothing to worry about Plus, also got confirmation from Australian High Commission that , we can travel on both passports , and just to carry confirmation receipt of Form 929 - Change of details submission. Cheers MS
  7. I agree with Rupert, having Masters qualifications and going for WHV is a bit odd TBH...You could easily get through the skilled migration process.... All the best for your job hunt process and I am sure you can easily find good jobs in Australia...with a little bit of research Cheers
  8. Mushahid

    Resume for WA

    It is good to include the status of Visa , as it helps recruiters to know about your Work Status in Australia .
  9. Mushahid

    Moving to Australia - What would you do?

    Hi Meca ;I have a different view of how I see things as I have traveled the world over, left UK to be with my girl...Moved to Australia ..Now working in US...Do you see where I am going with this....THE WORLD IS A SMALL PLACE TO LIVE IN....You can fly any time anywhere....Australia to Sweden...Maybe 14 hours....:)To be honest , Love is of utmost importance, It is hard to find true love...So give it a try....maybe your love will make her change her mind..!!!:)All the best....
  10. Mushahid

    Renewal of Passport..........

    My passport with PR label ,evidenced in Perth DIAC , was exhausted with visas and stamps, So I got a new passport and filled in Form 929 which is just 2 pages to fill in and attached with old and new passport copies . Just send to Aussie immigration for updating of details...It is recommended to update details with DIAC ..The receipt that you have submitted the new details should suffice...that you have done the needful...Travelling should and will not be affected at any point ...if you are carrying both old and new passports with you along with the Visa Grant Notice ...CheersMS
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    Hi Are you a student there, or need assistance. let me know
  12. Mushahid

    Racism in Australia

    Iron Man 2 - WTH type of name is that...A white name..for a superior Indian like you.....I am just being sarcastic... I have a few points or questions : 1. Why did you leave US in the first place...Didnt you like what you had...or did you want to experience something. 2. The Australian government has done you a favour by giving you a PR. Do you have US citizenship or Green card..I guess you do...the ranting explains your ego. 3. I guess you haven't had the experience of finding a job in tough markets or in recession. 4. Being a software engineer or scientist doesnt make you likeable , its your attitude and how you take things in positiveness which counts. 5. You have to clearly understand what racism/being racist is, as you are yourself showing signs of one, differentiating between whites and asians or whatever. 6. There is something called Google - where you could have found out about software engineering jobs in Australia. You could have done some research/due diligence and job hunt while you were back wherever you came from . 7. And you are leaving Australia because you cant find jobs . Well, choices people make , and I am sure many have made choices based on their own comfort levels, but few have done so with such anger and resentment and ranting. About brains developing and etc etc, do yo u think Indians are not racist in their own countries. ...too many thoughts to think about , but its the individual and the positiveness and general outlook of people in a Positive way , which helps the world . Regarding me , I am not white , but the best people I met are white , my best mates are white , definitely well mannered than Indians , are straight forward , unlike the cunningness I have seen in a few Indians..Dont get me wrong , Indians are good natured and well behaved, law abiding people, but sad story in India..it is a shame ... No offence to anyone reading this . All Humankind is generally good, few elements like bad apples can give a bad name to society . Cheers
  13. Mushahid

    I'm trying not be really p***** off atm!

    FB is a B****. if I want to be entertained , i usually visit FB .......As Buttercup mentioned....people just trolling around... It is a thing of the past FB.,...Bye byee FB...Moving on to better sites like LinkedIN...more professional..
  14. It is annoying me that the Canadian Embassy , I have sent my passport for stamping the Visit Visa , is taking nearly a month to process . They are not returning the passport after many requests by email. Phone calls are redirected by computerized voice . I need my passport for travel purposes and I am waiting for my passport for nearly a month !!! This led me to thinking , for my Australian PR, the passport was never needed, processing was easier and straight forward , and visa evidencing was not required. The passport is with the individual and no hassles for submission and delivery etc is at all experienced. This has made me proud of the Australian system of processing visas and immigration . Anyone feel the same !!! Kudos to Australia . Cheers
  15. Mushahid

    Off to Oz and full of questions!

    NAB , ANZ banks have ATMs and branches all over... Vodafone , TELSTRA are the best IMO Why dont you start from the west,,,as you mentioned you dont like big cities...Start from Perth and ...you could njoy the weather now... Cheers Njoy
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    post this on Natgeo.... natural beauty snap
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    beautiful pic
  18. Mushahid

    Back almost 2 years.......Our storey

    Amazing post...You are an absolute positive and adventurous person.... I am your fan..
  19. Mushahid

    Ford Econovan For Sale

    Hi I am interested in this car..How do I get it to Perth...
  20. Mushahid

    Visa granted..................

    Congrats... I am so happy for you .... Cheers and Njoy
  21. EK 422 : Emirates - DXB-PER April 2 : After the long 11 hour flight from Dubai -Emirates, but very smooth and comfortable journey , landed at Perth International Airport with my wife around 1 30 pm. Immigration cleared in 5 minutes and Entry stamped in passports . Though a Few basic questions were asked about items we had declared and my passport was kind of slow to scan through the swipe machine due to old page. But later it scanned the data and got the Entry cleared. Filled yellow declaration cards , collected Baggage and declared a few items like medicines, got baggage checked and all cleared. Budget Rent a Car was waiting for me outside the Airport, Collected 2 Vodafone prepaid SIM cards ,and had a nice capuccino and off I drove to the Vines Guest House in the Elantra from Budget. Landing at 1 30 pm Immigration cleared 1 45 pm Baggage collected 2 pm Budget Rent a Car 2 15 pm----------- $ 500 with excess damage covered Vodafaone 2 30 pm---------------------$ 40 Pre paid with 40 credit Capuccino 2 35 pm----------------------$ 16 Water bottles included Had Mc Donalds at Ellenbrook --Dinner Now I am resting in my room . Good Night
  22. Hi , I got my WA Driving License today . Simple process ,took me 30 minutes to get it . Documents Needed: 1. UK Driving License 2. Passport ( Signature verification) 3. Visa ( VEVO printout or Visa label) 4. TFN Letter ( Proof of address) 5. BANK Card 6. Bank Statements( Proof of address) 7. Medicare Card Fees: Paid 75 Dollar for 1 year WA Driving License ( Actual fee is 37.5 Dollars for a year and $ 150 for 5 years) Location: WA Driving License Office Plaistowe Mews Troode Street West City Train Station
  23. Hi Yeah..me and my wife r here in perth from 3 weeks...We r staying near Curtin Uni...karawara ...Nice place...SupaIGA, coles and a nice mall waterford nearby.. Perth CBD is 40 minutes away.. Still exploring and hoping to find better places near cbd.. Subiaco is lively place...hoping to find place there.. ​Cheers
  24. Mushahid

    Got my WA Driving License- Transfer from UK DL

    UK Driving License is just checked and a copy is taken. They return all documents back to you after taking a copy .
  25. Mushahid

    Got my WA Driving License- Transfer from UK DL

    Actually they check the combination of required proofs ..check link: http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/20669.asp http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/LBU_FS_POIExamples.pdf I applied for my TFN online after arriving in Australia...It took 1 week before I got my TFN letter from WA government... Cheers