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  1. Hello all my lovely Australian People How u doin.... I was a member of Poms in OZ then closed account and went to USA and am back in the forum again....Thanks for having me back ... I am now travelling back and forth between New York and Perth .... Working in New York and PhD in Perth ..... Enough about me..... Whats happening in the lovely Continent of Australia....News and current events.... Please dont let my Enthusiasm bother you ...( I had ADHD and am always Hyper .... My Travel history : UK-USA-AUSTRALIA- DUBAI - INDIA- CANADA = Cocktail of world experiences ....Exciting ....and Fun to travel and live life.... Cheers Mike
  2. Hi All , About me: I am a Permanent Resident of Australia ( VE 176) , state sponsored by WA government and hence I would like to invest and start up in WA. Profession: I am a Building Automation Engineer working on some projects in USA . My work involves travelling and working around various sites and projects in the Middle East , Africa and Asia. I am also an education consultant and have advised and guided many students wrt career guidance, universities and field of study choice.I have strong links with consultancies in UK, US , Middle East and India. Please read the below points to understand what I basically want to establish : I would very much like to establish a business or businesses where I can have a constant source of income and also successful growth in the business and on the way make good name for the business and trade. 1. I have intention to do trade with the companies I have been working for in the past years as I have good relationship with these companies . They are in need of basic electrical and network items like Relays , Contactors, Switches, Cables and Patches etc among many other materials . I have interest in establishing a trade account with these companies as these companies are currently buying from Chinese market and sourced from Singapore and India . I need a sales rep who can get the same work done from Perth . I will provide all contacts needed and even introduce to the market .We just have to establish a trade contract with these companies . It involves a little knowledge of import and export regulations in Australia to start off and we are good to go. Please contact me to get detailed information and to discuss how to proceed. 2. A second branch of my business plan is to open up mobile food vendors in various parts of Western Australia where people can enjoy tasty, healthy and hygienic food without paying too much . This will focus on Students near campuses and dormitories , playgrounds , work sites and schools. I have done market research in Perth on this and have found this to be a very thriving and good growth market . With the current food prices in eateries ,where nothing good can be bought for less than $10/- , we should be able to win this market . I need students/food people to be ready to invest their time and effort in return for an opportunity to join a growing business as entrepreneurs and manage the businesses. The main goal should be focussed on: Hygiene, Health and maintaining food regulations of WA. Please contact me for discussion. 3. Real Estate: The real estate in Perth and Western Australia is out of limits as in the rentals and mortgages are bit higher than the projected rates. I intend to buy a property or lease a property to rent out to students who come from around the world to study at the premier universities in Western Australia . Currently , these students either apply and wait for approvals from campus dormitories or go on to find sharing accommodation . I have links and contacts with various consultancies in the UK, Middle East ,India and USA who are sending their successful candidates to study in Australia . I can have a successful stream of candidates to rent these rooms at affordable prices . I need someone with real estate expertise to join hands with me and get this started as soon as possible before the next admission session ends. Thanks Mushahid M http://www.geneas.co email : engineermushahid@gmail.com Entreprenuer US:+ 917 972 9219 Aus:+61 4066466422 UK: +44 7877665433
  3. Mushahid

    Activation of visa

    Me and my wife had to activate our 176 WA visas before July 2013...We flew to Perth Intl Airport...as WA was our Sponsoring Government .. It is always better to land first time and activate 176/189 visas at airports of the sponsoring states.....Just to avoid any unnecessary questions and hassles at immigration..... But I have heard that we can activate the PR visas in any city ...But I dont know current rules and regulations..Better ask MARA Agent for 100% info updates.. This is purely my opinion as I do risk assessment to the limit... Cheers Njoy Australia....
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    What accent melts your knees?

    Cheryl Cole...North..accent ... Turns me ON...
  5. Mushahid

    Freezing in the US- Australia is the best

    You have a point there. but for me to enjoy a place ,the weather should be be supporting and nice and pleasant . my criterion for judging a city is by the development index and weather
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    New York 2013

  7. Mushahid

    Freezing in the US- Australia is the best

    Yeah...my wife joined me from Toronto ...a month ago...shez alright with this weather...She is a cold person...didn't like Perth much. as it was warm and sunny.
  8. Hi Guys Its been some months since I had accepted the offer to work in New York City- Manhattan and moved from Perth. Its been good except that I miss the lovely warm weather I had enjoyed in Perth . Its been freezing in NYC as the polar vortex has moved in towards the northeast US. Right now as I write this , it is -14 deg C and it is bound to get worst later on in the week . Other places have temperatures no one wants to hear about.( -40 in North Dakota) Just wanted to write this and maybe read later on when I am back in Perth and if I miss New York...I can feel happy reading this post . Njoy Australia....The Best place on Earth.... Cheers from New York City MS
  9. I am in New York and am living in Queens ,NY . It is nice here with weather turning wild by the day.. My work mainly involves working in Lower Manhattan and Uptown ,Midtown of NYC... Cheers
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    My Girl

  11. Mushahid


    thanks... Sorry bout the wrong direction...I will straighten the pics...Rotate and post some more..:)
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    Perth to New York.....For work :)

    yeah...i will...infact i will post some nice pics here soon//.. cheers
  13. Hi , Its been sometime since I have written here...I arrived in Perth this April ...and got onto the PhD program at Curtin...but however...I also got my US H1B visa and an opportunity to work in Manhattan , NYC ...so gave it a go and now am in New York ...Njoying the work in the heart of Manhattan...been working near Donald Trumps landmark buildings ...quite an experience ... Have a few projects to get done and hopefully back to Perth... nice place...busy life and same as when I was in London...This city never sleeps..New York.. Been to Atlantic city so far... Still miss Perth...Love Perth and the weather... Its getting chilly and cold here...and will get worse in months to come.... Will write again once back in Lovely warm and sunny Perth... Cheers MS
  14. Mushahid

    Renewal of Passport

    Hi, Same case here, My VISA 176 - WA SS , was issued on old passport number , got it changed to new passport number easily . Nothing to worry about , I had my new passport issued , and just filled in form 929 ,along with old and new passport copies , sent to DIAC and got it changed in around 10 days. August 11, 2013 sent to DIAC August 19 , 2013 - New passport number available in VEVO Nothing to worry about Plus, also got confirmation from Australian High Commission that , we can travel on both passports , and just to carry confirmation receipt of Form 929 - Change of details submission. Cheers MS
  15. I agree with Rupert, having Masters qualifications and going for WHV is a bit odd TBH...You could easily get through the skilled migration process.... All the best for your job hunt process and I am sure you can easily find good jobs in Australia...with a little bit of research Cheers