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  1. mtomov

    Brisbane Secondary Schools for Dyslexic 12 year old

    If you are interested in private schools, St James in the Valley would cater well for your son. They offer a range of courses including vocational training and really tailor courses to suit your child's needs. Our Lady Help of Christians at Hendra should be able to take your daughter. http://Www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au
  2. mtomov

    Help with Brisbane suburbs

    Dear Emma, If you are looking around the inner northside, look at Nundah and Hendra, over towards the airport, and come see me at Our Lady Help of Christians if you want a great school for your kids. http://www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au Margaret
  3. mtomov

    Which Brisbane Schools are best?

    Wavell State High has a very good reputation, as has Kedron. Both offer different courses. Both are very close to Chermside for Daniel. Were you only thinking public schools? There are some very good Catholic schools in the area too if you could get in. Fees about $2500 per year for one, but reduced significantly for the other one.
  4. mtomov

    Brisbane schooling help for an 11year old

    Dear Mike, You are right. I just checked the birthdates of students who will be in Yr 6 this year. They were all born in 2002, when calendar years applied here. They will all turn 11 during 2013. So your daughter is a year ahead I think. If there is any doubt, sometimes you can find a 6/7 class where a teacher would soon find where she is at with Maths and English, the most important subjects. I have a 5/6/7 this year at mine and there will be quite a lot of fluidity so that the children work at the level they are ready for. There are only 16 in the class, so they get good attention. Margaret Tomov
  5. mtomov

    When does the school year start in Qld?

    Dear asimons00, I have just enrolled a class of children in Prep for 2013, who turn 5 by June 30, so I was looking at children born in the year July 2007-end June 2008. Does your little one fit in that bracket? if a year older, then he/she would start in year 1. School depends on where you will be living. State schools will take your child once you arrive in whatever area you find a place. If you want a private or Catholic school, then commence negotiations again with the one in the area where you want to live. I have vacancies at Our Lady Help of Christians at Hendra, and plenty of poms here too. Check the school website http://www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au Margaret Tomov, Principal
  6. mtomov

    Brisbane schooling help for an 11year old

    Dear Macduff Mike, The info is correct. Yr 6 for this year, and then Yr 7 next. Queensland students are in primary until 2015, when we have two year levels jump across. Suburbs you mention are good. Stay close for your work access. Will you be driving in? If you are there's a great new tunnel from Kedron or from Toombul with very fast access to City, Valley and across to near Southside. If you are open to considering another close to city area - Clayfield/Nundah/Toombul/Hendra, then I can offer your daughter a place for these 2 years at Our Lady Help of Christians Hendra. http://www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx Lots of poms here Margaret Tomov, Principal
  7. mtomov

    Recommendation for High school - North Brisbane

    Looking for a State School Kelly? I hear Wavell State High School has lots of opportunities. If you want some special care, then in the Catholic system there is St James in Fortitude Valley which really caters for kids who need to move towards a trade. So does Mt Maria at Petrie. They have excellent outcomes for their students and are not costly like our more exclusive schools are. Kind regards, Margaret Tomov
  8. mtomov

    primary schools in brisbane

    Hi Jodi, Can I suggest you look at my school at Hendra? We are a lovely community, wonderful children and families, close to the city in a very nice area. Our students did very well on national testing last year, in fact better than most of the other more 'exclusive' schools around it. I have vacancies in most classes as I am trying to grow the school. http://www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au I can also advise you about other schools in the area. Kind regards, Margaret Tomov, Principal, Our Lady Help of Christians School, Hendra. phendra@bne.catholic.edu.au
  9. mtomov

    which Brisbane suburb is best?

    It really depends on your price bracket. Hendra, Ascot, Clayfield, Wooloowin are all close to the city and quite exclusive. If you go slightly west, you hit Chapel Hill and Indooroopilly, even Kenmore, again the pick of those suburbs. If you wanted to get further out and be near water, I would suggest Sandgate or Shorncliffe. Can I invite you to look at my school at Hendra http://www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au? We are a small Catholic primary school looking to build up numbers. Margaret Tomov (Prinicpal)
  10. mtomov

    How to enroll our son into school from the uk?

    In my school you would complete the enrolment forms from our website http://www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au and we could have a conversation by email. Once you arrive we could meet and finalise the enrolment. It all depends on where you plan to live and work. We are at Hendra, which is inner north east Brisbane. We have places at present. Keep in mind though that summer holidays are starting soon and school resumes 30 January. Have a good holiday first. If you need vacation care I can help you with advice.
  11. mtomov

    Prep Admission for 2014

    You can get enrolment forms on our website. http://www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au
  12. mtomov

    Prep Admission for 2014

    In my school we interview our prep families about May. This means we have been collecting them since the start of the year or even earlier. We are a Catholic primary school with vacancies in Hendra in Brisbane. It is much more difficult to get into many of our schools. State schools do take all who live in their catchment.
  13. mtomov

    Teaching in Oz

    Make enquiries with Queensland College of Teachers about registration and requirements...http://www.qct.edu.au/ if you want to teach in Queensland.
  14. mtomov

    Advice re schools

    I am Principal of a Catholic Primary School at Hendra. Our Lady Help of Christians in Bowman St. I have vacancies in most classes as our school is growing. This year we did better on national testing than all the other schools in the area, even the ones with the best reputations. We have room to move, great playgrounds, caring and experienced teachers and great families and children. Hendra is really close to the airport, there is a train station, and we do have families attending from all those neighbouring suburbs you mention. Enrolment is not restricted to Catholics, but you must be prepared to support our ethos. Call me on +61732683070 or visit our website http://www.olhchendra.qld.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx Margaret Tomov
  15. mtomov

    Which Suburb

    Try Hendra. 6 km from the city. Very close to airport and to the motorway to the North and south coasts. Good schools too. Try the little local Catholic school at Hendra.