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  1. Dalebuk

    Perth Fishing Spots

    Thanks for the advice Bob, I wouldn't be looking at fresh water, it would be fishing from groynes and harbour walls, so I guess I'll check out my local marinas. Whilst I have your ear, what is it that is wrong with the telescopic rods? I only bought it because it compacts down and fits in the car/apartment a lot better, I presumed it would perform similar to a normal rod, just with a slightly lesser load rating? Thanks again
  2. Dalebuk

    Perth Fishing Spots

    Yeh I just finished looking on google maps and it looks like there is a marina there, I'll go and check that out as it's the closest, I also saw one at Two Rocks which is only half an hour from here too! Thanks for the input
  3. Dalebuk

    Perth Fishing Spots

    Not sure if this in the right section of the forum, so I apologise in advance if not I have just been and got a bit of fishing gear, and I wondered where in Perth was good for fishing, I don't mind what I fish for to be honest, it's just to pass the time and help relax. I have a 10ft telescopic beach/surf rod, and assorted tackle. I'm not a pro fisherman by all means, but hoping to teach myself the basics. I live in Clarkson, Wanneroo, and don't mind driving for 30-40mins to get to a good location. Any advice from local fishing enthusiasts is welcomed Thanks Dale
  4. That's great frogian, the only complication I can foresee is that I will be following the money, and moving back to the UK permanatly, will this change things? As I cannot declare non resident then
  5. Hey Rupert, thanks for that, and if you don't mind my asking, what is your source? Is this something you have had personal experience with? I just want to get it right that's all. It would be a lot of money if I don't
  6. So, I guess this question has been asked a thousand times (sorry mods move my thread if needed ) I have a large amount of money I want to transfer to my UK savings account. For arguments sake lets call it $100,000. I have earnt this money and paid tax on it in Australia (Although I will be filing a tax return before I leave Oz) When I transfer this to my savings account in England, will HMS Customs and Excise expect me to pay additional tax on this money? Or will I just pay tax on the interest I get from the savings account? Again, I apologise if this is a repost, or in the wrong forum I'm new here Thanks in advance :confused: