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  1. mikef

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    PeGibson TRA and Vetasses are two different assessment bodies but with the same outcome. Trades Recognition Australia(TRA) Is part of the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Operates nationally, with its central office in Canberra and offices in Melbourne. Provides for skills assessment services for people with trade skills who are Australian citizens, residents (both temporary and permanent) and potential migrants to Australia. TRA may appear at Australian migration expo. VETASSESS: Assess several trades: bricklayer, electrician, carpenter, cable jointer, plasterer, and metal machinist, as well as others If the applicant who wants to migrate to Australia lives in the UK, South Africa, or a few other countries, they need to do a 1 day practical test. For information on whether your trades needs a practical test, simply register at the top-right, and your own assigned consultant will go through the options with you We do not give computer, automated assessments, and will talk with you about your situation I choose to do a Vetasses Assessment which meant I did a technical interview submitted in writing and then went onto a practical. This was due to dates not being around the time i needed them. Also i felt i wanted to do a practical to show them what i could do. ( Picture paints a thousand words etc ). When do you go to Oz and where you off? Mike
  2. mikef

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Paul I would not worry. On the day there was including myself 3 people on the course. One of those was a welder. He completed the fabricator course, it is not complex at all. To be honest I thought it was a total waste of money. But I needed the Certification to get into Australia. Regarding the dust pan it may of changed to something else, as previously to my assessment in 2012 it was a simple paper tray. They are not there to trick you, they are quite helpful. I had not really done any TIG before assessment, but completed it. Afterwards the assessor sits down with you, and fills in a checklist of things you can do. If you feel you cant do TIG weld don't tick the box. When is your assessment? Mike
  3. mikef

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Hi Paul Yes there was a little TIG welding involved in the dust pan, due to the thickness. I was the one who posted the breakdown regarding the assessment. If you need any more info just ask. Good luck. Mike
  4. mikef

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Hi Gary Thanks for your reply. Yes mate we are delighted it has finally come though. It has been a long 12 months planning. Our visa process took around 8 weeks from "Invitation to apply". Had my skills assessment back in December, and it has gone so fast since then. I like your self have around 17yrs in the trade. And am also married with 2 children aged 5 and 3. We also are moving to Perth. When you say u r hope to be there by the end of year. Is that moving out there? We have decided to have 1 last Christmas here in the UK. And plan to go out, at the end of Feb, begin of March 2014. Gary if you need any more info regarding anything just ask, and hopefully I might be able to help. Good luck, speak soon. Mike
  5. mikef

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Hi Gary Thank for your question. You will probably have to do the practical. This is better as this will show off your skills, more than a technical interview. The college of northwest london is where you will probably be going , Get there early and there is plenty of parking , The only gear i took was my welding helmet , saftey specs and some gloves , they should provide you with the rest, square, scribe, rule etc.. I was assessed as a metal worker/fabricator Its realy nothing to worry about . I was assessed on the following: * Cut, marked out and drill a series of holes from a working drawing ( Sooooo very simple) * Cut, marked and folded and welded a small dust pan made from some 1.2 mm sheet. The working drawing we had was wrong. So we all made as much as we could that was correct, then left the rest. The drawing maybe resolved by time you come to do it. * Complete a small amount of theory ie a small written test at the end. Covering topics from health and saftey , to measuring and drawing and also a small pattern developement. * Also i fabricated a small earth type clamp out of mild steel. Again very simple. The actual welding I did was. * MIG, 8mm T fillet, vertical position 2no passes. * MMA, 8mm T fillet, vertical position 2no passes. * Plasma cut a 100 x 100 Sq from a 3mm plate. Again very simple. The thicknesses of plate and positions of welding may vary depending on what plates they have cut up , and if your doing an actual " welder " test then they may get you to do a few other positions . All in all, its really nothing to worry about, it is a very relaxed. They are not trying to catch u out or make it difficult , they just want to see that your not a Tyre fitter who once used a mates shitty Gasless mig at home and your trying to blag a visa as a fabricator .. If you are a Fabricator, and work in the trade than it will be a breeze for you . If you did a apprenticship or went to Tech then it will all be very familiar. Stay cool , enjoy the day and youll be one step closer to sun and sand . I have just received our visa approval through on Tuesday. So made up all our hard work has paid off. R u living in Liverpool? Where in Oz are you off to? Good luck. Please let me know how you get on. Mike
  6. Hi Maryrose Thank you so much for your reply. And all the effet you have gone through for the reply. Since I posted this back in Jan. We have submitted our SS and also had it approved. And now have just submitted our visa app. So thank you again for your help. There are is some useful information there. Kind Regards Mike
  7. Hi All I am just about to fill in a section on living costs on our WA SS form. Could anyone please assist me on up to date living cost or a rough guide on costs. E.g. utilities, rent, food, drink, insurance, schooling, misc costs. Any information would be grateful. Thank you in advance. Mike
  8. mikef

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Hi Jonny I have sent you a PM have you received it ok? Mike
  9. mikef

    My Score is 55 or 65 ?

    Hi Jyoti Yes I regret to inform you that you require at least a 7 in each section, A overall band score of 7 is not acceptable in the eyes of the DIAC. Mike
  10. mikef

    Move down under.

    Hi all we are planning to make the move down under, I have been to Oz back in 2001, went to Sydney. I first thought that is where we would be heading, but I require a state sponsorship for the visa we are apply for, and NSW did not seem to sponsor my Trade. We then turned or attention to WA where they did sponsor my trade, but since then after researching I have found that NSW has now started doing State sponsorship, as do most of Oz now. I was just wondering if anyone has been to other states or even living there, could give me a insight and information of what is different about them? E.g. Living, Schools, Jobs, Weather etc. I am a Steel Fabricator and my wife is a Florist and we have 2 daughters aged 3 & 5. Thanks for comments in advance. Mike
  11. Hi all I also have applied for a visa, as a metal fabricator (322311). I have had my Training and Employment check come back as a successful. Level 1. I have been booked on to do my Practical Assessment in December. Can you please give any information regarding Assessment? Is the assessment done as a points scoring assessment? If so what kind of number of points do you require for a successful result? I belive that there some theory involved? What is this ? Is it like test papers? or just questions regarding your job? i.e. how to develop drawings, how you would go about doing certain jobs etc. I thank you in advance for answering my questions. Look forward to hearing from you. Mike
  12. mikef

    Small Doubts

    Hi all Thank you for your time and your comments. I agree with some of the stuff stated and disagree with stuff also. Our main aim is that we have been handed this opportunity in life, and we are going to grab it. But we are really relishing the thought of a move down under. We are both still young, and young enough to come back if it does not work out. I am hopefully going to try and rent our family home, out whilst over there, so that we do not cut all ties back home, if ever we decide to come back to the UK. I spoke to my wife last night regarding your comments, and we sat and discussed it, and we are both agreed that this is what we both want. Thanks again for all your thoughts and wish you all the best of luck in the future. Mike
  13. mikef

    Small Doubts

    Hi Whichway1 Thanks for reply. We r thinking Perth at the moment, as WA offered a state sponsorship for my trade. But now I have found out that most of states in Oz support the sponsorship. So we are back to researching. House prices, Jobs Etc. In regards to your question about why i feel it will be a better for my girls. Like I said the girls are very outgoing when it comes playing, I work all week and come the week end we are limited to what we can do due to the weather. Oz offers so much more for less in regards to family life and family time with the like of better parks and lots of family activities which most of them are free. Also the main reason for most is the weather. Look I not saying that the UK is a bad place to live, as I have lived here all my life, and it has not done me any harm. But as a parent you feel you want the best for your family and I feel deep down that this is the right move.
  14. mikef

    Small Doubts

    Hi All I am 32 years old with a wife, and 2 little girls. My wife has never travelled to Oz, where I have back in 2001 and loved it. I really wanted to move of shortly after I came back but wife, girlfriend at time did not want to. Since then I got married and had 2 little girls aged 5 & 3. They really enjoy playing outside come rain or shine they want to go out and play. So now we have a family my wife has warmed to the idea of making the move over to Oz and trusting me when I say she will love it. But there is just something in the back of my mind say don’t do it. As my life is good at the moment, with a good job, good friends and family support, I just doubt if this is the right move for my family. I feel it is. And that the girls will get so much more out of life living down under. Is there anyone else who is sharing my small doubts regarding the move? Mike:biggrin:
  15. Hi All I have booked myself onto a Vetassess practical for my trade Metal fabricator (322311) on the 8th December 2012. I just thought I would share this little bit of information, if there is any other metal fabricator awaiting a practical date. Good Luck Mike