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  1. Hello there!! Yes i do indeed have the skills to work in a respiratory ward, the post i have just left was caring for children with exceptional health needs, chronic, complex and life limiting conditions (or so it says in my job description), all of the children i looked after had considerable respiratory problems. Also when i applied for the post i hadn't received my AHPRA rego through, so i only had the RNLD qualification to give them. I've spoken to a few people, most seem to think it is the same as the NMC, as long as you have the relevant skills you can work there, and it seems to be at the employers discretion. I'm just waiting to hear back from AHPRA to see what the official line is. Thanks for your help.
  2. Nobody???? Awh nuts!! Doesn't seem like a good sign! :unsure:
  3. Hi Everybody I hope this is not a spectacularly stupid question, but here goes anyway. I am a registered Learning Disability Nurse in the UK and I have just received my AHPRA eligibility letter through, with the notation of "solely qualified in the area of disability nursing" which is grand! But here comes the stupid question, is this in reference to my qualification or is it a complete restriction of where i can practice. The reason i ask is that i have been working for the last year under a children's hospital caring for children with exceptional health needs, and i had been offered an interview for a children's respiratory ward in Oz, but now i am worried because of the notation i wont be able to work there!! Any help anybody can offer would be mightily appreciated! Or if you know where a "disability nurse" can find work in Sydney, even better!!! Thank you!!!! Paula
  4. Hi I sent mine in May and i just got my eligibility through yesterday ... so about 12 weeks, although I did phone weekly and was required to send extra stuff! I sent mine to Sydney! I was also told the thing about "no time scale due to high volumes of applications" but i'm guessing that's just a standard response!! Good luck!
  5. Hello everybody! I am yet another nurse dealing with the horrors of AHPRA. Pretty sure the whole process is going to drive me entirely crazy! After they received my application and took full payment i still hadn't heard a thing from them ....(i'm sure this story sounds remarkably familiar) so after some emails sent they have now acknowledged that yes indeed they have received my application .... buuuuuuuuut "due the high volume of overseas applications, there is currently no time frame available for assessment of internationally qualified Nursing and Midwifery applications." :arghh: So given this is the statement they are handing out any views on how often it is reasonable to now be bothering them about the progress of the application??? Thanks guys!!!