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  1. G'day!! I have just moved to Caringbah NSW this week, i have a 2 year old son and my husband works. I cant seem to find any parent and toddler groups anywhere near where i live. I am really hoping to get out and meet some people with children so my little man can meet some friends to. So far i am enjoying where i live but starting to get a little lonely without any adult company lol. If anyone is feeling similar or is up for meeting and making a new friend please get in touch as i would love to meet soon. Or if anyone knows of any groups i could pop along to that would be very helpful. Thanks in advance. Marie.
  2. Not long now RCplus3! I had similar situation this morning, got up and logged on to homefind and found a house, Hubby having a lie in, so a quick search on google earth to see surrounding areas, and to make sure in catchment area for school, 30mins sure does go quickly doesn't it? Quick message to friend to get her round to get some up to date photos and lock down house! Just hope Hubby likes it as much as I do lol!! See you on the 21st!!!! Anyone else flying 22nd August? Hiya we are flying out on the 22nd :biggrin: i am mega excited. We havent had our furniture collected yet though not until the 5th!!! We also havent found anywhere to live yet and havent even had our flight details etc. I am excited but also getting nervous as nothing seems to have been organised and i feel its all going to be a big rush at the end. I suppose it will all come together in the end. Maybe we will see you guys on the 22nd eeeek lol!!
  3. Hiya, My husband is a POMET, we could have been based either Western or Eastern and have been told Sydney. What trade is your husband? I think other than if your a Submariner then you can be based anywhere they need you. We started our application January 2012 so by the time we go it will have taken 20 Months. It would have taken longer if my husband had not have been given early release as he is not due to officially leave in October, but has been granted to leave in August. We were delayed because my husband was at sea when things needed to be done etc so it has taken us a bit longer than normal. A few people that I know who have done the move have done it between 12 to 18 months with no issues in between so I think thats the length of time to go with. It also depends on when your husband puts his notice in and how quick you send off all the forms. I was nervous at first when we put our application in but now we are only weeks away I am getting excited and really looking forward to the big move. My Husband is slightly nervous about changing Navy's lol but he is also excited. One piece of advice from me would be that you will have to pester whoever is your contact in the Aussie Navy as they tend to take their time in getting back to you with any info you waiting for. Sorry to blab on I hope I have managed to answer any questions?? Let me know if you need any more info as im more than happy to help )) Good Luck. Marie.
  4. Hi Everyone, Just a couple of questions for those that are already there or if anyone who is going will know We are due to go to Sydney on the 22nd August and I am hoping to put my son into Kindergarten (nursery) quite early on, he will be 2 in September. Any idea what the costs are and what age you can put them in?? Also we have got access to DHA but there is only one house on there and its in Caringbah! we are not keen to live so far away from the Harbor as my husband doesnt want such a long commute. We have been recommended to rent our own place as there is a shortage of houses, does anyone know if this is true? We have been told that Manly or Freshwater are good places to live any recommendations there?? Sorry to ask so many questions its just creeping up on us now and I hate not knowing what to expect. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Marie.
  5. Hi Debs, thanks very much for that its a great help. I am getting excited/nervous now as less than 12 weeks to go eeek!! Thats good that you have a friend there already. We have friends going but they wont be going until November so its us going into the unknown!!! I will check out these areas now and forward them onto my husband for him to have a look. Thanks again. Marie. ​
  6. Hi everyone we have just had our revised COS through for my husband and we are going to Sydney on the 22nd August 2013. Is anyone else going then? Also for those that have already gone to Sydney could you please tell us what the RAN quarters are like and what we are likely to get when we get there? We have a little boy of 20 months so hoping we get a house. Also any advice on where we are likely to be put as my husband has be based at HMAS KUTTABUL. ​Thanks in advance.