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  1. Hi all, We're looking for someone to take over our lease in Graceville having had to break our lease when we bought a house on the next street. We will pay the first 2-weeks rent if someone wants to move in. It's a lovely 3-bed townhouse in Graceville Park with a pool onsite. The advert from realestate.com is below. Please either PM me or contact the agent for a viewing or more info. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-graceville-409903887
  2. Hi all, we're taking our baby daughter back home this week and are just trying to work out the travel arrangements for her. Does anyone have any tips on the do/don't take a pushchair thing? We will have a pushchair when we get to England but were thinking of leaving her pushchair here in Brisbane and using one from Qantas at Brisbane airport and then another for the five-hour stopover in Singapore (they appear to have loan pushchairs there). Has anyone got any recommendations or past experience with this or something similar? Wondering whether there will be enough pushchairs to go round at either and if people have any other tips for a journey with a baby.
  3. LonToBris

    Tax advice needed please

    I did go through the Aus tax with a tax advisor here but they didn’t seem sure about any of it. Halfway through they told me I didn’t need to do an AUS tax return if I was doing a UK one. They also said that my tax bill was the highest they had ever seen in 30 years of working as a tax advisor. I find this hard to believe as I am only a little over the UK limit. They have put my return on-hold here until I get the UK tax confirmed. If anyone can suggest a specialist that would be great as I’d like to ask a few questions before I go back to the tax advisor.
  4. LonToBris

    Tax advice needed please

    Thanks. I'm married although the investments and house are still in my name only.
  5. LonToBris

    Tax advice needed please

    I have had some conflicting info on my UK and AUS tax returns for 2013-4 and was just after some advice. I am from the UK but a permanent resident (spouse visa) in Australia for the whole tax year. I have a rental property in the UK and some investments. The profit on these came to about £12k. My understanding is that I should therefore be taxed on the amount above £10k by the UK HMRC. However, what is the situation with the Australian tax? Do they tax the whole amount and take into account what I get charged by the UK government? Or do they take into account that the UK government allows the first £10k to be untaxed? Also, I did my UK tax return online and it said they owed me £2. I am not sure this is correct. I have heard I should be filling in a paper copy for UK rather than online. Any tips for a good advisor on this would be great too as I'd like to get it all clarified.
  6. LonToBris

    Using Australian iphone in England

    Thanks, sounds good. I will make sure it's unlocked today.
  7. LonToBris

    Using Australian iphone in England

    I am off for my first trip back home tomorrow night and wondering what is the cheapest way of still being able to use the iphone while in England. I am presuming I should just get a pay-as-you-go SIM card and until I get that I should make sure the data roaming is turned off. Are there any other options or would you suggest going for the PAYG option? I am staying for just over 3 weeks.
  8. Trying to work out a good area for getting to the match but also with easy access to the city centre too. Can anyone recommend any good areas to stay? Looking for something not too expensive although might be difficult that weekend. I don't Sydney at all so any help would be much appreciated.
  9. I won't be taking the risk again with the over 35s - was just doing them a favour and now it's obviously stopped me playing for the first team and anyone else for a good while. Hadn't realised the cost of treatment and I thought I'd be ok then got the injury going up for an innocuous header when someone landed on my leg as my foot hit the ground. I'll give the health care companies a ring but doesn't look too likely they'd be able to help.
  10. I play in Capital League 1 but was helping out the over 35s side that night so had signed off my insurance to play for the over 35s in that game. Makes the story even worse. Should never have played in the game.
  11. Thanks all. Being new to the system, it's good to find out more about how it works.
  12. Thanks all for the feedback. With it all being new to me it is useful to understand the way it works here.
  13. Thanks for the responses. I have a bulk billing GP. However, I have had to pay $85 a session for a physio, $120+ for consultations with specialists. Yesterday they said that if I do need surgery then I would have to pay $5000+ and might be eligble for $600 back for medicare. It is all new to me so not sure what is included in Medicare. The GP didn't give me referrals for the physio but I need physio and am forking out for it. The physio said I wouldn't get any of it back.
  14. I have been in Australia (Brisbane) now for about 2 months and I dislocated my kneecap playing football just under 3 weeks ago. I don't have a job and also no health insurance so am paying full whack for everything - consultations, physiotherapy, possibly also for a surgery if they eventually decide I need it (maybe $5000). I was just wondering if anyone knows the best way for me to continue with this. If I were to buy private medical insurance now would that cover further treatment/physio/surgery? Wasn't sure as it would probably count as an existing injury. I do have a Medicare card so can get something back from the first meeting with the GP. Not sure what else.
  15. Great, thanks for all the tips. Will get in contact with some of those places.