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  1. Hey all! Been a member here for a long time I started back in 2012 with usual milestone updates here: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/search.php?searchid=5418172 I've always had Australia in mind and have played the long game for six years. Went to university to study Mechanical Engineering, did an internship, upgraded from Bachelor's to Master's, and now secured a graduate job in the UK. And now I'm into my 18th month of experience as a Mechanical Engineer! I've heard the golden number is about three years of experience before I should strongly consider moving to Australia, so I still have a bit of time to go. Of course a visa takes approximately 9 months from start to finish too. So for now I am in the mindset that I should carry on doing what I'm doing, building up the mileage here in the UK - but should keep an watchful eye on the engineering employment market in Australia. The difficulty I'm having is knowing how well that market is going. Although I have fully read articles from Engineers Australia among other companies such as Hays, I still don't have a voice of singularity defining what the current market is like, and what it is predicted to be like in one or two years time. Can anyone in Engineering tell me what it's like over there? Are jobs easy to come by? Becoming easier or harder? Do I have much chance of snagging a successful career there, both now and in two years time? Where can I find more information? I'd say that for someone my age I do very well when it comes to my career and have never really struggled to win an interview, so would argue I can look at the market with a more optimistic view rather than pessimistic. I'm looking to settle in Melbourne above anywhere else. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering I have more specific experience in Chief Engineering (with project management) and Process Control Engineering. Working in the Building Construction Vehicles industry (Think CAT, JCB, Komatsu etc.) I appreciate this question may be vague but honestly any feedback is appreciated and thought of! Best regards, Adrian.
  2. Adrian Stewart

    What -kind- of engineering is best for Australia?

    Thanks for your thoughts, good points raised that i didn't really think about! It seems to be a forever longer path to follow before being able to finally migrate. I may speak to a migration agent some time soon about it, are there any suggestions who I should go to or what the best approach would be? Of course I'm looking to get relevant valuable experience which would help me secure a job when moving over. It seems going across with little experience could be a risk.
  3. Hey all! As proclaimed before Australia has been a long-term dream for me and I've wanted to migrate for around six years now. At the age of 17 I flew over to Australia and have been visiting annually ever since. It's finally getting to the stage where now I have just a few more months until I graduate as a Master of Mechanical Engineering with a year of industrial experience too (five years in the making...) A while back I asked for options available for me to migrate, in which I was told it is recommended I gather some more experience first before migrating over (Another year or two!) I've been looking at graduate schemes and so far have been very fortunate to have been given invites to Buro Happold, Caterpillar, and Airbus! All in the UK. They are all positions enveloped in Mechanical Engineering but offer different types; Architectural Vs Construction Vs aeronautical. My question today is, if I am looking at migrating over to Australia soon, which route would better suit Australia's engineering market? They all offer different sets of skills which I can transfer over, but I wonder if that would matter much in terms of acquiring a job once I decide to migrate with the qualifications AND experience. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same sort of experience before or if there are any engineers in Australia who have some wisdom to share
  4. Adrian Stewart

    Searching abroad?

    Thanks for your clear (and to the point) reply! You're probably right and that's certainly the safest approach. It's hard however as I have been waiting five years to migrate now... Is it really that hard in Australia for engineers currently? Or are we talking an increase in unemployment by a mere couple percent? The chief Engineering title by the way - I was extremely fortunate to have the internship I've had. That was my title and although I was monitored, my work did include top level project management on multiple disciplines across Airbus' single aisle program and I was doing the same work as my full-time colleagues. It's one of the things I'm most proud as of yet in my life and I doubt I would be laughed at by any means.
  5. Adrian Stewart

    Searching abroad?

    Thanks for the reply Bungo I do already have 18 months of experience as a Chief Engineer for Airbus - I had an internship year there between university years and was good enough to get an extension on my internship. Also had plenty of experience in other jobs which have proven a strong set of skills (Worked for Virgin Atlantic and also Sky Broadcasting, albeit not relative to engineering). I'd also argue in my CV that being a foreign student with a Master's degree and experience in European companies, I would be able to offer a different approach than most (home) graduates. I thought I would have a competitive edge surely. Do you or anyone else think I may have difficulty landing a job after I've moved over?
  6. Adrian Stewart

    Anyone in Melbourne Able to Help - Happy to Pay!

    I know someone in Melbourne who may be able to help on small commission! Have you already booked the flights? And won't that mean you have to lose the flight prices if you don't go?
  7. Adrian Stewart

    Searching abroad?

    Hey all! I'm a current undergrad student finishing up my degree next year with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, work experience already made in summer and an internship totaling ~ 2 years. I'm looking at taking the big move this time next year, I've already found a way in for a permanent visa through the Visa subclass 189. I am wondering though what is the best way to land a job or graduate job? Is it worth me looking online or taking the plunge and moving over first? And what is the best way to check online? Obviously small things like searching through Google's .com.au rather than .co.uk; etc. But what else would help me broaden my search? Looking online here the market seems so... small? Many thanks in advance! Adrian
  8. Hey Jeremy, If you're looking for the sunniest and warmest weather, I would say Brighton is the place for you. It's a fantastic city, close to London, and warm (For England). The weather doesn't vary here all that much, maybe a few degrees. If you can give the sea a miss, Bristol is a beautiful place. Lived there for a year myself. Avoid Portsmouth like the plague, and don't bother with Southampton either. Your best bet is London/Brighton given your circumstances.
  9. Adrian Stewart

    Graduate/Visa 189 migration

    I'm very surprised, with an economy growing compared to the stagnant one here in the UK, I would expect my chances to be better over there. Seems like I have a lot of researching to do! It doesn't really phase me though, considering employment rate is still substantially high and I would consider myself a great candidate.
  10. Adrian Stewart

    Graduate/Visa 189 migration

    Thankyou very much for the answer! A little disheartened to hear about it being hard to find work as a new graduate, why would it be difficult? I would have imagined it would be easier than the UK, at least - given the country's economic status. And for my OH, would it be easy to find an OK full time job? With her degree, she won't be looking for a job in her profession for a while.
  11. Adrian Stewart

    Graduate/Visa 189 migration

    Hey all, a few questions here: I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering Student in my fourth of fifth year (Master's with a year of experience). I worked as a Chief Engineer for the aircraft company Airbus for a year too. (Very lucky on securing that internship...) Before I even began university, I was fixated to Australia. I've visited the place twice and spent a good half year over there so far in my life. When I enrolled into University, I knew I wanted to end up in Australia to live. Fast forward three years, and I only have around 16 months left till I graduate, still with a very hungry appetite for Australia. I've been doing some saving and will have around £15,000 saved up once I am ready to move at the back end of 2016. I have friends in Melbourne who would put me up at their place for a while. I've also done some research and contact with migration agencies, and much to my happiness I've found that once I graduate, I am able to apply for the Permanent Skilled Independent Visa, subclass 189. (I just have to pass the IELTS test with a maximum score). I was surprised it would be so easy for me to get in, but it seems like it will not be a problem! - Just wanted to know if anyone else has heard of this route into the country. Apparently no experience is required, just a degree from the SOL. I've also found myself a partner since I started university, and we have been together for a year and a half now. If we are still together in a year and a half, I think she will want to follow me to Australia. In that case, a de facto (partnership) visa can be obtained. But does anyone know what the limitations to that are? She's also at university, getting a degree in Illustration which is not on the Skilled Occupations List. She does want to get into either concept design/art, or tattooing; but knows that to begin with she will probably be in a standard job for a while. If she moves to Australia with me, would she be able to work wherever she likes? Or are there limits? I also want to ask, back to regarding myself, would it be easy for me to find a job in Melbourne with my degree? I worry about travelling out there and not being able to find an employer. And considering I have a place to stay, not much to bring over to Melbourne, and the opportunity to start work as soon as I receive an offer, how much should I save up before I move? I still have abit of a way to go before I move, but I'm very excited with my progress made, and hope you guys can help me get a little further!
  12. Adrian Stewart

    Student in need of help please!

    Thanks for the link But it doesnt help with any VISAs, only companies looking for students, and the kind of VISA. It seems all of their positions are for home students only. Bumping~
  13. Adrian Stewart

    Student in need of help please!

    I had a look at the 476 but it says its a graduate recognition visa. I'm still an undergraduate and won't be completing my course till 2015. I'm not sure if this visa would help me? Bumping. Please help!
  14. Adrian Stewart

    Student in need of help please!

    Hello everyone! I've been around these forums for a while, but I couldn't remember my username so I decided to re-register with my facebook. I have a quick question for you all, putting a very long story short - I am an english university student studying mechanical engineering in my second year, at the age of 19 (almost 20). I've been to Australia the past two (english) summers during my summer breaks, and Ive really fallen in love with Australia. I would love to do my internship (Sandwich/industrial placement) year over there - Looking mainly at Melbourne but with the open idea of anywhere. My university has confirmed this is no problem, I just need to find a company to employ me over there. So I was looking into VISA's I could obtain in order to be eligible to work over there for a year and I'm curious if anyone has any ideas on what I could apply for? I've looked at the immigration website for a couple hours and the more I look into it the more complicated it gets. The only VISA I've found that would work for me so far is the visa subclass 442, the occupational trainee visa. Are there any other ones? My degree is on Australia's SOL (Mechanical Engineering), if that helps. Some basic information to help any questions: Age: 19 Degree: Mechanical Engineering Type: Bachelors B.Eng. Grade: 72% Distinction in first year. Currently in second. No criminal convictions. I'd really appreciate help as I need it. :huh:Thanks in advance! x