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  1. BeckyLangford

    Applied for 820 omshore partner visa in Brisbane

    Hi everyone. Just thought i would update you on my visa.. It got granted today!! Very happy!! So in total it took almost 4 months!!! Yay!
  2. Hi all.. Im on a working holiday visa (just applied for my temporary partner visa with my bridging visa kicking i get next week) and i have a reciprocal Medicare card. I just wanted to know if eye exams would be free using it? Places like specsavers bulk bill and i know Medicare card holders get free eye tests once every 2 years, but im not sure if it would be the same for rreciprocal card holders do too? Thanks
  3. BeckyLangford

    Applied for 820 omshore partner visa in Brisbane

    No i only applied last week lol! Ive just been here since november last year, I came on a working holiday visa.. ive only just got a job a couple of weeks ago too, was so tough finding a job! Where in aus are you?
  4. BeckyLangford

    Applied for 820 omshore partner visa in Brisbane

    Its not really fair on us though! At the end of the day its their jobs to be update with everything thats happening so as not to confuse us, the people who are paying all of this money to stay here! Im dreading having to wait upto 13 months aye! All ive been thinking about the past 3 years is visa visa visa, and since i got here november last year ive been preparing to make sure i get every little detail right with my application.. Im gonna be constantly checking my emails now every single day, i just cant wait for all this to be over so i can enjoy the rest of my life here in australia with my partner!! Keep me updated on your application, seeing as you applied at the same office and around the same time.. Good luck!!! :biggrin:
  5. BeckyLangford

    Applied for 820 omshore partner visa in Brisbane

    Really?? Maybe I got someone who doesnt really know much? But yeh when I got there, there were heaps of signs saying for the partner visa you have to make appointment.. Maybe theyve just recent enforced this because they get too busy? I was only there about 10 mins too, got seen straight away.. All she did was ask if ive got everything, took my payment amd stamped the 40sp and 47sp forms.. She asked me what all the evidence was, because my application was so big cause i out heaps of photos and cards to and from each other and from family for the both of us.. She said they dont usually like the application to be so big, but i wasnt gonna take anything out cause after all, shes just a receptionist amd i didnt wanna take her advice for them to say they dont have enough evidence then i gotta mess around sending more stuff to them.. I also got told that if i waited till the next day (which wouldve been 1st november) that my application wouldnt be any good cause the forms were changing on the 1st and the fees were goin up, but after researching on the immigration website all that stuffisnt happening until january!! So i guess the people at the brisbane office arent too knowledgeable, even though its their jobs!!!!!!
  6. BeckyLangford

    Applied for 820 omshore partner visa in Brisbane

    Wow $4000?! Thats just ridiculous considering all the other costs involved! No all I got was my receipt, she said they would send all that other stuff when theyve ackowledged my application.. But that was today! I got an email saying my application is currently being reviewed and all the info ofmy bridging visa, they said it takes upto 14 working days to get that, but mine only took 2 working days! So hopefully theyre not slack in granting my visa.. Ill keep you all posted though!
  7. BeckyLangford

    Applied for 820 omshore partner visa in Brisbane

    Ugh all these extra costs!! Makes me wonder wat the hell the 3000 dollrs is for when we have to pay for police checks medicals etc seperatly!!!! How long did it take for you to receive your ackowledgement letter?
  8. so i applied for my 820 partner visa on the 31st October in Brisbane in person and I was wondering if anyone else had lodged their application there in person recently too? If so how was your experience? I front loaded my application so hopefully it gets dealt with quicker? Also wanted to know how long it took for your application to get acknowledged? Since my working holiday visa expires the 25th of this month, Im hoping my bridging visa will be done by then and I know it wont until the application has been ackowledged? Also, for people wanting to apply in Brisbane in person in the future, make an appointment! I didnt realise you could because it didnt say anything about it on the immigration website and when i got there i was told i was supposed to have made an appointment, but fortunatly it was pretty much empty so they could just see me straight away...