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  1. jim bugg

    North Brisbane meet-ups

    Hi All, the group is still going strong, so feel free to post up when you get over, I'm sure Pat will be glad to pass on the next meet details. If your feeling lost before then, most of us like coffee and a chat!!
  2. jim bugg

    Cheap car wanted

    Look for a Getz, i have been running to work in one for 2 years now, and it runs on fumes, 650K's on a $35-40 fill. i would sell you mine but im in Brisbane
  3. jim bugg

    What to take in luggage.

    We bought over our allowance, and put in a few warm items just in case, and lots of hot weather items and stuff. A good point to note is, check the small print on the airlines website you are flying with, as for example, we flew with singapore, and in addition to the 40 kg per person plus 8kg handluggage, we could ALL also take on and umbrella, a laptop, coat (if you have a goretex, put the fleece liner in), and a few other items which could lighten you case a little.
  4. jim bugg

    Car Seats when arriving??

    Hi all, the comment on isofix is not strictly true, it was the case, but now there are seats sold in oz with isofix and no top tether, so those sold by the likes of britax may in fact be coded for use in oz and eurozone, so check first. i found out about this with the kombi i have just imported expecting to have to swap the serviceable seat belts for oz standard ones, but it turns out these codes are often on the label of many new products.
  5. Hi ya, there are a fair few of us in the same boat just up the road in north lakes, there is a meet up every few months in NL at the aurora park, byo food and drink etc, see the link below http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/socialising-get-togethers/224689-looking-friends-brisbane-area-2.html
  6. jim bugg

    Bribie island or Mooloolaba ?

    I will agree on the commuting issue, i travel in to the airport each morning and things are backing up and slowing right down from 5.15, so i leave from north lakes at 5 and its not so bad. so from bribie it would be an early start or a long sit in traffic. back up form about 3 in the afternoon too. 1 hour may be a little optimistic too , unless you have a really good run. The Bribie road is single carriage way most of the way to caboulture, bribe is lovely though, really quiet and awesome views, and lovely beaches, we found a great coffee shop along the coast road in bongeree. there are plenty of furnished holiday lets so you could try iy for a few weeks before you commit and see how you get on we used first national.com.au and stayed in bongeree
  7. jim bugg

    Anyone moving to Brisbane in 2014???

    Hi all, We are now only a few days from leaving, PR189 was stamped back in feb, i just had to finish my work contract, then we were free to move. Im a licensed maintenance engineer on aircraft and the wife is an accountant, so im sure we'll be along shortly for some pointers to find work. Look forward to geting out to the sun next week, see you all soon at a meet up
  8. jim bugg

    Shipping a tent in container??

    i take it they are unlikely to erect the tent, just pop the bag open to see if it looks clean
  9. jim bugg

    vehicle import approval

    For anyone in the future, it would appear, if you try to select (it says select all that apply) 2 catagories on the import approval online page, when you have filled everything in the page freezes after for hit the submit button, and does nought from then on, i waited an hour. Towards the end of the hour, i tried again on a fresh page to submit selecting just the manufactured pre 89 option, filled in, accepted and paid in 10 minutes. So, it would appear, only select one option to save frustration!! Now to wait and se if i get hammered on tax as the pre 89 option doesnt ask for all the 12 months ownership etc!!
  10. jim bugg

    vehicle import approval

    well, this is great, i have now completed the online application twice today, lond winded as it is, and it would appear the system is down, as after, so far, 34 minutes the second time, i am still waiting for the payment page to connect!! not good, surely the system cant be this slow?
  11. Hi all, Just in the process of submitting my vehicle import approval and have a question. If i am using a shipping company to transport the vehicle to oz and clear it through customs, then their oz based partner to get it registered and adr compliant, who do i put down as the agent on the VIA form? Also, i understand from the notes if its a vehicle pre 89, i put in the addendum for both pre 89, and personel import. Does this sound right?
  12. jim bugg

    Moving to Brisbane in September

    we are also aiming to be in brisbane late september, me, wife and 2 girls (5 & 1) look forward to seeing some other newcomers!
  13. jim bugg

    Cheap flights back to UK

    We flew with Royal Brunei, and if you can cope with no alcohol, which wasnt an issue with small children, as the last thing we wanted was to feel hungover at any point, then they are worth considering. They are now flying 787's i believe, so comfy and spacious too!
  14. jim bugg

    moneysaving expert

    Just had a look round, this is a good find, may not be as easy to navigate, but everything seems to be covered!!
  15. jim bugg

    Best family car to buy? Wagon style.

    We have been looking online for 7/8 seater 4x4's, then we can have the space to move stuff and visitors, but also get to some of the harder to reach beaches. seems like a good compromise with the pajero or patrol as they seem to last. Any thoughts?