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  1. Hi Emma, Clint and all fellow drinkers, just landed in Sydney and looking to meet peeps for a drink over on Friday, (or sat) n any top tips for a noob in Sydney :-)
  2. Hiya, I'll be landing in Sydney in exactly 21hrs if any one fancies sharing a pint wid a Sydney :biggrin:newbie, Lien
  3. Planning a move to Oz in Jan, can any one give advice on motorbike racing out in Oz? Just sold up my track bike and keen to get into racing when down under. Oops, Oz is a big place, moving to Sydney. How do the tracks compare with Brands and Cadwell park?
  4. Drinking, always a good past time, few weekends yet for me, fly out end of Jan. How you finding Sydney?
  5. Hi one and all. My visa has finally arrived, after a long wait of 4 years. whoop whoop, I have planned to move end of Jan and played my move card to my company. Excellent, you say, well they have come back with a good offer plus development and career growth. In the UK I am relatively comfortable, house, car good job etc. 4 years ago when I lodged the visa I would have gone in an shot, now, I am having second thoughts. Having worked very hard to achieve relative comfort in the UK, do I really want to give this up and start again in Oz? Any advise from those that have made the move would be welcomed. (I am mid 30s, no kids so the move would be easyish).