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  1. HI, I am the sponsor for the spouse visa we applied for my wife in Dec 2015 when both of us were Indian citizens with me being an Australian PR holder. In June this year I became a naturalised Australian citizen. Since we had uploaded most of the documents by then in our online application, which then mentioned me as an Australian PR and an Indian Citizen, does that mean me becoming an Australian Citizen now warrants me uploading a change in circumstance form, mentioning this specific change with the citizenship ceremony dates and all? I have already uploaded the Australian Passport and citizenship certificate. Another small question I had was around PCC. We submitted the Indian one fairly recently, but my wife had lived in Switzerland for 2 years and got her PCC just before leaving the country around June 2015 which we uploaded with the application in Dec 2015. Are all PCCs valid only for a year and does that mean now that we are in July, we should get another one issued from Swiss. The actual PCC for Swiss doesn't mention any expiration date.
  2. thegeek

    189 Invitation on 15th Oct Gang

    Hang in there Coastie, shouldn't be too long. My friend has been waiting for a CO to be assigned for more than a month and a half now.its probably because of the Holidays. DO one thing, give a call to DIAC enquiry at 131881 and quote your TRN and they'll confirm whether your medicals have been finalized or not or if there is any other issue (god forbid). Hope that helps.
  3. Hi Alexd, Alex, Ali, Mattdevs, CazC Been here in Sydney for a months now, would really love to go out for a few rounds and make some new Buddies in the process. My office is located on the George Street, so any bar in the CBD would do! Hope to hear from you guys!
  4. Hi, I recently received my PR and I am currently here in Sydney on a work deputation(originally on 457) from my company which is based out of India. Now, I am looking for a change and a more cushy long term job here in Sydney but it seems the IT hirings(Java/J2EE) are a bit slow because of the Holiday season. Any ideas on when the hirings would pick up, Jan or Feb? Also, any pointers to job hunting websites (apart from seek.com) and consultants would be a great help. I have 5 years of total experience in Java/J2EE of which 2 months is in Europe and 8 months in Australia and rest is in India on Banking domain with a SCJP Java 1.5 certificate.
  5. thegeek

    Visa label at DIAC office?

    Got my 189 visa label today from Sydney DIAC office. Took 10 minutes and AUD 70. Totally worth it I think for the peace of mind.
  6. thegeek

    189 Invitation on 15th Oct Gang

    Good news guys...I got my visa grant today....thanks a lot to everyone for all the help....will probably share more details when I am more sober.... Best of luck to everyone else.
  7. thegeek

    189 Invitation on 15th Oct Gang

    Any Updates guys? I got my CO allocated today. I had applied on the 30th Oct. I have this small doubt regarding the Form 80 requested by the CO...Does anyone have any ideas if I need to provide the attachments(like address proof etc.) as mentioned in the form 80. Doesn't really make sense...Also I have been here in Australia total of 8 months...DO I need to provide the PCC? I had already provided the PCC for my Stay in India but the CO had asked for 'Overseas Police Clearance - National' again.. I am confused here as well
  8. I have just been allocated a CO for the 189 visa I was invited for on 15th Oct and I had applied on 30th Oct and he has requested for the form 80. In the form I noticed that there is a mention of "Attach documents" for say present proof of address and at many more places. Do I need to scan those too and share with the CO as well or are those not required and only details need to be filled in the form 80. Anyone who has gone through the ordeal, Any help would be great??
  9. thegeek

    189 Invitation on 15th Oct Gang

    Congrats!!!! Thats great news!! Can you please share your timelines and further documents asked by CO? It would be great help to others!
  10. thegeek

    189 Invitation on 15th Oct Gang

    Do we need to add some additional proof and attachments as well along with the form 80? I had applied on the 31st Oct and also awaiting a CO and I think it would be a good idea to be ready with the form 80 in case it is asked for. I just want to be sure that if I need to arrange/scan anymore documents with the form 80.
  11. thegeek

    Help! Application and attachments gone and message!

    Don't Panic and carry a towel :biggrin: I am also facing the same issue but atleast I have already uploaded all the required docs.. It must be just another stupid technical glitch....stay calm and everything would be sorted out in a day or so I am sure. At least take confidence in the fact that you are not alone!
  12. thegeek

    189 Visa in 2 weeks!!!

    hey ecg78 where in Sydney did you get your Health checks done? I got mine done from the Medibank in Surry Hills near central station and used my TRN as reference on the Eform...I hope thats also eHealth enabled, since they were unsure on how the details would be shared and said I'll received the courier in 10 days.
  13. thegeek

    Tax Return Proof for 189 visa

    *BUMP* Anyone?
  14. I had my medicals today at Medibank at Surry Hills near Central Station at 8:30 AM for my 189 eVisa I had applied a few days back. I just brought along the form 160EH and the form 26EH that was generated by online in the visa application which already had my TRN and a few more details printed. Now, at the centre they asked me: 1) Where would you like to send the details?? -- Isn't these centres ehealth enabled and the details are send online by them?Also since I had brought E forms i.e. 26EH and 160EH along, doesn't that mean they'll be updated online? -- I gave my home address just to be sure. 2)Which office did you apply at?:(Required in both the forms) I wrote Online (Internet) to which they asked me to give a specific office i.e. Brisbane or Adelaide -- Since the email I received upon lodging the visa was from Adelaide office, I wrote the same-- What is the correct way to find this out, since I have not been allocated a CO yet? The doctor told me that it would take 10 working days for the results to be delivered at my address and he wasn't sure how it would be shared with DIAC or whether I need to physically send these or they'll do this online. I am really confused. Someone please advice.
  15. thegeek

    Tax Return Proof for 189 visa

    Can somebody correct me here if my understanding is incorrect for the below: The proof for Tax return filled for India is : The ITRV form for the assessment year and NOT the E-Filling Acknowledgement received from the tax department. Or is it form 60? I am a little confused here. Which document should I exactly share as proof with my 189 visa? The proof for Tax return filled for Australia is : The Physical assessment notice received from the ATO I will really appreciate the help as I am in the final stages of uploading all the documents.