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    Becoming a sparkie in Melbourne

    Hey all Looking into coming over early next year. Im a sparkie by trade in UK and using a migration agent to make sure paper work is right first time. Ive been sent down the VET route as we are going over on my general skilled. Ive herd the VET route is a pain (resrticted licence) and some sparks start the VET route and then dont tell TRA and go that route. We are going to Melbourne as we have friends we can stay with for a while. Just want to know what I will need for going the TRA route, what I will need to do at each stage. I am at the stage of getting references for my VET application. Any info will be much appreciated. Nick
  2. angelofmercy186

    Electricians way to do it....... hopefully

    Hi all I have recently taken the plunge and decided to move down under. I am an electrician and will be coming over with the misses and a baby hopefully in 2014. If i can fiuire out how to do it, I am going to try and keep a blog on here on how i am doing it, what i am doing and who doing it with (not in that way) First of all a little about me. I am a fully qualified UK electrician, qualified in 2009. i have 2391, 17th, JIB approved, domestic, commercial and light industrial experience. In June 2013 I will also have gained a foundation degree in electrical and electronic engineering. I have been subcontracting since I began the course on day release in 2010. What I Plan To Do: I have decided to go with immigration2oz. After meeting them at an expo and reading some reviews, i feel i wont be wastimg my money with them. I have already started this part.I will also be going down the VETASSES route because we plan to be there for some time, hopefully permanently and were advised this is what I would have to do. To help with qualifications and other little bits, i am going to give downundertradies a go. I have read mixed reviews so hopefuy putting my exeriences on here will answer questions for others. They do MACG training which is apprently needed to get fully qualified in the eyes of the Oz assessing body. Doing it in this country means you dont need time off work to do the course when over there and can "hit the ground running" I know i still need to do the log book for UPTO 12 month. they have been known to put electricians that pass the training in touch with possible future employers. My partner and I would like to go to Melbourne as we have a friend there, but if I can get a job to get me qualified, will consider pritty much anywhere. Surely with this attitude, DUT will be able to put me in contact with possible employers. Its not the cheapest way this way, but at the moment, for me it seems the safest. My plan is to keep the blog up to date of where I am and experiences with immigration2oz and downumdertradies and what the stages are like, including the english tests, skills tests and what ever else. If you feel this may be of benifit, add me as a friend and let me know, and I will try keep the blog up to date with where I am.
  3. Hi all, will hopefully be making the move early 2014, got a migration agent helping us. Coming over as an electrician The thing that concerns me the most is trying to get a job as a restricted sparkie. I know it will be hard but what would be the chances of maybe getting a 3rd pr 4th year apprenticeship roll? Would this possibly be a route to go down? I will be coming over with the misses n more than likely a little one. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. angelofmercy186

    Restricted electrician employment

    I dont mind the homework side,its just gettin ther n not bein able to get a position. Lookin at possibly the ARTC route on a holiday visa then tryin that way but not sure yet.
  5. angelofmercy186

    Restricted electrician employment

    Theres got to be some success stories on here, willing to pritty much go anywher in oz till i get licensed n a couple o years under my belt.
  6. How do the majority of restricted sparks get employment in oz? Do they just apply fo apprentice positions and hope for the besr? Lookin to move in bout a year n just about to start the whole process. Do recruitment agencies help with the search?
  7. angelofmercy186

    TRA Electrician route

    I keep hearing different things. Could you go over on a whv then try for the ARTV? Have heard of some people doing the ARTC after the vet route and just not telling them
  8. angelofmercy186

    TRA Electrician route

    Hey all i have been told that you csn no longer go to the tra in South Australia and go the ARTC route to get an A licence.is this true? Do all sparkies now need to do the vet and 12 month gap training?
  9. angelofmercy186

    general electrician or electrical mechanic??

    Theres 176 pages on there. Any idea roughly what page?
  10. Hi all, I'm a qualified sparky in the uk looking into making the move. I'm going to be startin to convert my quals before the end of the year. Just wondering what is the difference between a general spark n a electrical mechanic? On all the lists I've seen for staye sponsirship it mentions general electrician but not electrical mechanic. Do they not want electrical mechanics? It sounds to me there the same thing Any help much appreciated Thanks Nick
  11. angelofmercy186

    Buy new or ship old?

    Think will sell power tools and just take some hand tools in suitcase. Thanks for site voltage, werent realy sure on that one.
  12. angelofmercy186

    Buy new or ship old?

    Hi all I'm a sparkie hoping to move within 18months and was wondering whats best? Selling all tools in uk and buying fresh when i get over OR keep old tools and pay the shipping? Been told tools arent that cheap bit neither is shipping any help will do cheers Nick
  13. angelofmercy186

    Recognised Qualifications

    Hi I am a fully qualified apprentice trained electrician with 17th, 2391 and soon to become JIB approved. I am also doing a Foundation Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I was wondering wether or not it will be recognised? My apprenticeship taught me to level 3 and this course is level 4 and 5, I thinks its half a degree. Any help would be appriciated