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    [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=class: alt2, bgcolor: #FEFFD7]Hello there I am assigned to CO - ES from team 33. CO assigned on 24-sep-13, Requested docs (uK,india pcc and tax docs ) submitted on 18-Oct-13 I couldnt get US PCC on time (havent got it yet actually) so I submitted proofs of PCC request along with the above docs. I read in the documents provided, that after time given to produce all the documents ( mine was like a month) CO will make a decision based on the documents submitted. But havent heard yet from the CO. Is this really so ? Or is CO waiting for my US PCC ? Any telephone numbers where I can call up and equire ? Thanks Nikhil [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  2. Thanks for the response ronhku and wrussel @ronkhu - have you got your visa and further on job as a manager in Australia ? @wrussel - please let me know why you say in this case that the information provided by agent is wrong . This would help me in taking a decision on whether or not to proceed with them.
  3. Hello Folks, I am an IT project manager with 9+ years of experience. Recently I contacted an immigration agent for initiating visa processing . After initial assessment they have come back saying that the role that fits is 'System Analyst' under general skilled migration . They did inform me that there is an 'ICT Project Manager' role under State Sponsored category but then I would have limited options like I have to work in that particular state for a few years initially etc. They are trying to make me believe that even though I apply under 'System Analyst' I can apply for manager post once I get my visa. But I find that there is a big gap in the payscale for these two roles. And dont really believe them at this point. My query is as follows - If I apply under 'Systems Analyst' under general skilled migration , once I get my Visa will I be able to apply for IT Project Manager jobs in Australia ? Are these roles that we select for applying visa not tied up with what jobroles we are eligible to apply for once we get the visa ? Will my payscale get restricted because of applying under 'Systems Analyst' ? Please help with answers. Thanks and Regards Nik