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  1. cherries002

    Travel Insurance for Dad

    Struggling to find travel insurance for my 78Y dad travelling in 2 weeks time. Anyone recommend anyone please History of ANGINA only
  2. cherries002

    Where to move?

    Hi... We too arrived on a regional visa. We chose Coffs Harbour and so glad we did. Hospital is ALWAYS looking for staff so you wont struggle. Housing is affordable, lifestyle is just amazing, beaches are lush. We cant believe we live in this little pocket of paradise. If you want to add me on facebook 'Debbie Cherry' I can message and pass on any more advice
  3. cherries002

    Dad is visiting us next year (yay)

    After saying he would never fly to Australia my (78y) dad is ready to book flights for next March to come and stay with us on a 12 month holiday visa :cute: Couple of questions hopefully some of you can help me with. How does booking flights work? do airlines charge a lot should dates have to be amended etc. Can anyone offer any other advice that I need to consider before he gets here. TIA
  4. Hi.. We are in NSW, daughters boyfriend is coming over on a WHV. Does he need to apply for that first before booking a flight or doesnt it matter ? Does he have to book a return ticket? or just a 1 way ticket for now? TIA
  5. cherries002

    New tv wont work??

    Thanks, will pop down to Bunnings in the morning and try the booster... fingers crossed
  6. cherries002

    New tv wont work??

    We moved here 3 weeks ago and awaiting our OPTUS FETCH TV BOX. In the meantime we brought our LG TV with us, tried the converting to Germany/Belgium and pretty much each country in order to try and tune into the basic channels... Nothing. Hubby decided yesterday to get a smaller TV which we could use in bedroom, so obviously would be compatible, got it home, tried to tune in and nothing..... Went and bought an indoor digital aerial, nothing. The aerial outside looks to be in good order etc and we checked with neighbours whether they have problems with reception but they say they never have. So, does anyone know what we are doing wrong ?? At a dilemma on what it may be ???? Thanks .....
  7. Very dumb question.... We have 30kg each to fly with Emirates for baggage and 7.5 with cabin bags. For the baggage can it be more than 1 bag just as long as the combines isn't over 30.,,. Thanks...
  8. cherries002

    Keeping UK home, do we have to pay Astra tax??

    Hi.. Hopefully I will gain employment there, I've a few jobs to apply for now. I am well aware of the wacky weather but can't wait to experience it. x
  9. I've tried locating appropriate answers but figured I would ask away as I cannot find the answer. We are keeping our mortgage free home in the UK and the mother in law will stay in rent free. We move in 3 weeks to Coffs Harbour on a 489 visa. The house is potentially to keep her housed and we would sell in the future. Do we have to pay extra tax on this ? We are looking to rent initially on arrival to Oz until we find somewhere we like and then look to take out a further mortgage as and when. Any help ŵould be very much appreciated.
  10. cherries002

    IELTS academic - frustrating!

    I feel your pain, I am a nurse too and failed 3 times on the reading, 7, 7.5, 7.5 and then on my fourth attempt i got 8.5. I used the practice materials you can log into when you apply, IELTS-simon was good too, I also had the cambridge book. I just found the amount to read in the sort amount of time and then having the stupid misleading questions was just so frustrating. I firmly believe that the last test I did was passed by pure fluke. Youll get there in the end xx
  11. cherries002

    489 visa

    I rang 0061 731 367000 which is the direct number, you will hear the automated message first, once thats finished theyll either say they are busy or it will ring through and someone will answer. I gave them my reference number, name, DOB when asked. Within 20 minutes I had the visa 'FINALISED ' :rolleyes:
  12. cherries002

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    When your immigration account states it has been 'Finalised' if you go into the 'VIEW CORRESPONDENCE' you will see the visa grant confirmation which they will send to your agent. I have an agent, I contacted them this morning via email to let them know I had my visa hahahaha! She later confirmed this in writing and attached the letters of which I had already seen. I phoned the Adelaide office this morning at 6.00 and got through straight away, the chap was lovely and told me he wuld finalise it straight away for me, and he kept to his word and after logging in again 15 minutes later it had been completed. Good luck to everyone else x
  13. cherries002

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    We are West Yorkshire currently, heading to COFFS HARBOUR, NSW. house is going through so we are looking at approx October time Good luck in the morning xx
  14. cherries002

    489 visa

    Just given up trying, tried about 50 times and just kept getting an automated response :daydreaming:
  15. Cant contain this pressure..... i really hope they dont drag this last hurdle out too much!