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    Who's changed jobs?

    Thank you very much for all the info, will look into it!
  2. scobies1980

    Who's changed jobs?

    Wow what a difference! May I ask do you need a qualification for doing home help and would any jobs be on seek? My situation is I start my new job next Monday (same as what I done in the UK) Min 50 hours a week! Long day and its not something I find totally enjoyable, I am jst worried I am sink back into the same rut. I have been looking at alot of Care jobs through seek but all seem to require a certificate of some kind, I would definitely look into doing a part time course if it helped me find a care job that I had a passion for! Again thank you for your help, jst feeling a bit lost already and its only been 3 weeks
  3. scobies1980

    Who's changed jobs?

    Can I ask how long that takes and is it expensive? Very new to Brisbane and want to change career, and teaching is something I would love to do! Does this course allow you to teach in primary/secondary? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all I am moving to Brisbane towards the end of August 2013 and will be looking for a service advisor role within a successful dealership. I have been working in the UK motor trade for almost 10 years now and have many great qualities and skills to bring to the right employer. Please if anyone knows of any automotive recruitment consultants or indeed employers send me their details. It would be much appreciated! I already have my permanent 189 visa and will be living in Australia permanently. Many thanks in advance Paula
  5. scobies1980

    Less than 6 weeks!! EEEEEEEK!

    Hi all, myself and my partner arrive in Brisbane in less that 6 weeks! We are so excited. I was just wondering if anyone had any information on the best suburbs to rent. We want to live within commuting distance to the CBD but also near the coast if that's possible! My partners employers are setting us up in accommodation for the 1st month which is a BIG help! Also does anyone know what the car dealerships are like over there for vacancies? I will be looking for an aftersales service advisor position, I have over 10 years experience and would be interested to know what the availability is like in Brisbane! Many thanks i advance Paula xx
  6. scobies1980

    Proving Work Experience?? HELP!! (189)

    Hey, I am in the same situation. Has anyone been granted without having to provide payslips/P60s for work experience? I can provide about 3 years worth and many more years with bank statements and references but now worried it wont be enough! Plz any advice would be very helpful! Last hurdle.....