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    Auctions ???

    No they won't sell prior. Bereavement sale.

    Auctions ???

    So, viewed a house today that's up for auction in 1 week. Was not our plan to buy at auction, but like the house. We have a home loan offer in writing for past few weeks, but they advised to avoid auctions ! . We will be funding with a 50 % deposit. So, what to watch out for and how does the process work ? Agent has not stated settlement terms as yet. We are in VIC

    The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    Will Clinton getting elected help sterling in an way? Boost overall worldwide confidence perhaps.

    Views on frankston

    Really great beach, but car park charges near the info center. Stopped by on way back from Lake Mountain on Sat night to feed kids and friend. Parked by maccas, fight on street (but that could happen anywhere). Had meal at La Porchetta, AVOID. Bloody awefull food and the state of the toilets said it all. Should have just stuck with Joes in Rosebud, but wanted to save time.
  5. Yeah TV license, thought it was a bit strong having to 'prove' you have sold house to get refund. There was me thinking a TV was an optional household item ! Still the refund was in my bank in a week.
  6. Starting a new life and needing to put your mind 100% into making it work. Would you want the worry over £137 a month we got. No way. Sent them a letter and got one back, payments stopped week after we landed here. Just thinking about claiming the equivalent here part 'A'. Have to estimate salary to make sure I don't get a bill at end of year (as far as I read it ?). Registered for medicare, but seem to have to go back to get a CRN now to apply on line for benefit, then go back with proof kids do excist ?

    Essentials to bring :)

    School shoes. Get them fitted for a fresh pair, just before you depart. Also check how strict school is about them. All the bumpf they gave us said black shoes. Went to shop in Frankston that sold Clarkes etc. For daughter came out $137 plus tax (only shop I have noticed so far to price tag items, less tax !!(Peter Ormam shoes)) lighter. 2 days at school and she is wearing runners 'like all the other kids' Boys runner style black shoes at same shop cost $80, plus tax. All that after spending $680 at uniform shop. Needed some red wine after that day, $2.50 at Aldi, all I could afford by then !

    Household items in Malvern Vic for sale

    Thanks. Other type of stuff we are looking for to fill new rental.

    Household items in Malvern Vic for sale

    Did you clear all your items ?
  10. CNC FABS

    SUPER (just about to start first job)

    I kept my life insurance from the UK (L&G) as they confirmed in writing is was still valid. £ 200 k cover life only, don't think I need more.
  11. CNC FABS

    Rental agreement VIC

    Info may already be one these boards, but I'm using to much data as is for searching. Just trying to sort permanent rental property. Realize we will never get anything 'perfect' (locations, condition, price) Leaning towards the locations option. Went to the open already, only ones to turn up. Agent very keen, keeps texting. We just say still thinking about it, it has issues (1970 decor, apliances and lots of those little ant hills in back garden.) Anyway, they are asked to much for it, but agent says it's negotiable. Which is fine. Question is, with a standard 12 month lease, can they negotiate a price we will pay: $450 a week, then during this time, raise it back to the asking price £ 525 a week. or is it normally fixed for the first 12 months ? and if they did raise it during this period, could we leave or have to stay / pay the 12 months. We already know agent talk is the same across the world (worth sh*t unless it's in writing) So when we view and the front wooden step almost falls off and she says's 'I was going to get that fixed' We know it's something to just get on and do yourself. :cool:
  12. CNC FABS

    SUPER (just about to start first job)

    Thanks for info. I'm looking more at ANZ, even though I bank with NAB. Fees look a lot better and fund performance is 'average'. Want to get it sorted before my contract starts 2nd May. Most things done now, 2 cars bought, kids in school, cards and drive license, job for me. Just permanent rental. Been to 2 opens, we were only ones to turn up, god Australians loved the 1970's (cork floor tiles in kitchen, dark brown pattern tiles all over, dishwasher with HUGE buttons. Don't even want to start on the 'freshly painted' interiors. My children could paint better).:twitcy:
  13. CNC FABS

    SUPER (just about to start first job)

    Looking at funds now !! How the hell do you choose. Looked at the MLC one as bank with nab, but terrible customer service reviews and fees a bit high it looks ?
  14. CNC FABS

    SUPER (just about to start first job)

    Thanks all. It's a fairly large company with branches across the country. So not worried about being done over. Yes I have seen some quote an all in rate to make it look good.
  15. So I know what super is and the various companies that offer different schemes, just not how it actually works. Just about to sign contract with first job in Australia (within 1 week of arrival, Melbourne) So how does super then work. Will the new employer need details of the scheme I will join, or do I have a certain time to arrange one. Do they nominate one to start with. If none of the above, what happens to the super money until I sort it. Don't want to look dumb when they ask me ! and I start filling in forms etc. :smile: