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    Changes to Point system?

    Did some analysis on skillselect reports According to the reports on Skillselect, from the 1st July DIAC has only issued 13011 invitations (9100+ 3911) up to now for 1st 6 months. Anyone who has 60 points will likely to get an invitation without any delay. DIAC has to stuck with the 3000 invitations per month, since they don't find enough EOI's exceeding 60 points. I feel changes to point system is more likely. Like to hear what migration experts think about changes to point system? Will DIAC reduce the limit for 55 points Or will they offer more points for qualifications(eg. IELTS 7-15 points, IELTS 8-25 points)? Like to hear what experts think Thanks
  2. kkasunperera

    Skillselect / EOI : Monthly invitations tracker for 2012

    Hi bonza You have indicated grand total of Occupation ceiling as 40560, It's COMPLETELY wrong. Thanks