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  1. essexdave

    opinion of an experienced FIFO worker

    also, monadelphus tend to offer a 22 and 9 swing...too long for my money. most construction sites in remote areas (new mine projects) do work a 21/7 though (you get higher pay for longer swings generally, but something to consider is that you'd be apart for 3 weeks every month. and he'll be knackered for at least 2 days of the week off.... 12 hours a day soon adds up, as they do 13 day fortnights.
  2. essexdave

    opinion of an experienced FIFO worker

    sorry mate, can't really help there...except to say that plumbers are in demand here in WA right now. pop growing fast too so it should hold for a while... failing that, maybe check out seek.com and see what jobs are in demand then see if you can re train for one of them. all the best.
  3. essexdave

    opinion of an experienced FIFO worker

    true enough. there's a lot to consider, ESPECIALLY for new migrants as they typically have little/no support even when back at their new 'home'. fifo is bloody hard for young parents left at home base in a new country. keep swings short helps. try and get both of you doing it. have kids later.. is also a plan (for some).
  4. essexdave

    opinion of an experienced FIFO worker

  5. essexdave

    Temporary (non-professional) jobs

    the full 'C' class licence is the one for cars only in WA. i expect that you know... but just in case; buses need an "F" class licence (unless they have changed the letter..again). something to ask the agent re: the bus jobs, is this: are drivers expected/asked to work split shifts, ie: work 5am till 10 AM and then 5pm till 8 pm on the same day? i only mention it because a friend of mine was told he had to do this while driving for the state run bus company Transperth. but it was years ago now... re: the $1000 licence... where are you thinking of doing the training? who is asking for this money? what exactly does it give you? is it transferable to a WA licence? i only ask as there are plenty of thieving scammers around.
  6. essexdave

    opinion of an experienced FIFO worker

    \ i'd be surprised if they turn a coded welder down.
  7. essexdave

    opinion of an experienced FIFO worker

    So what do you exactly do on a day to day basis? (I dont mean on your time off, unless its really interesting !!!!!!) Cheers i use ultrasound waves to look inside metal for defects. not 007, but it's interesting enough...if you like that kinda thing. currently work a 9 and 5 but we are changing to an 8 and 6 "pretty soon". that reminds me; a benefit that i didn't mention earlier was that with 9 and 5 you get 3 x 19 day holidays a year.. as long as you take 2 days unpaid (25 days annual leave is the norm and you need 27 to have 3x9 days off). this works because you start your leave on the first day of the 5 off (at the end of the previous (normal) 9 day swing), then you have the 9 days annual leave, then you have the 5 off that you would have had if you had worked that 9 days. so, 5+5+9=19... confused? don't be, it's much easier to understand with a calender in your hand. just count the days in between when you arrive back home from your last swing until you're expected to go back after the leave is over. what about yourself scrumpy?
  8. hiya, just joined this site and saw that a few people seem to have questions/misconceptions about FIFO work, so thought i might put my two penneth in ;-) FIFO is great, for me it's all about the swing/roster not being a long one. i've been here since '89 and have done them all. 6 and 3 (weeks), 3 and 1 (too long), 2 and 1 (quite good) etc. the best one is of course any 'even time' swing (normally 2 weeks on 2 weeks off) but these are mainly offshore and/or offered to those with rarer skill sets (because they demand it), but failing that, 9 days on 5 off is not bad at all. More and more mining co's are offering this, and, increasingly, 8 and 6 (days). simply because they want to avoid the very high costs of a 'high churn' workforce. with 9 and 5, by the time you've had enough you're flying home! to answer an earlier question about money: if you don't get over 80K something is wrong. as others have said, however, if you're working outdoors up in NW of WA you'll earn every penny, it's so hot from nov to march. having said that, precautions are taken, no one wants anyone to die. re: what tickets to get? i can only offer this tip: start reading the ads on Seek.com, what skills/tickets are they asking for? how many companies are asking for the same skill/ticket? how many ads per day/week? collect these ads as they have valuable contact names/numbers on them. also, i've found it useful to call any agency that you keep seeing (as you look through the seek.com ads) and chat to them. ASK for advice/help, you might be surprised how helpful these people can be. they love to tell you what they know about an industry. and, by calling around a few you will build up a picture of what's what and which of your current skills you can build on to get yourself in with a chance. also, the old 'right time right place 'factor is not one to be sniffed at. who knows what might have just come across their desk? one small tip along those lines: when the person answers the phone they will ALWAYS say their name, listen closely for it and ALWAYS use it. "oh hi Melissa, i was just wondering if you..." it works. the best thing to remember is this: if you have to do a long swing on your first job up there, don't fret, you will very soon find out which other companies are looking for your skills and you move. 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and all that.. ;-) one more thing: look into the tax allowances you get when you stay away from home for work. they can be significant when calculating whether this (fifo) life is for you. all the best to you all. ps: if you have any questions, feel free. though i don't know anything at all about visas or immigration matters. cheers