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  1. Hi I’m wondering if anyone has been invited recently for 190/491 for 262113 Systems administrator offshore? And what points did you have? We have 70 for 190 and 80 for 491, and worried this isn’t enough thanks!
  2. louisesteph23

    262113 Systems Administrator 190/491

    Thanks for replying, hopefully we will be in with a chance
  3. louisesteph23

    Whv to student visa

    Just wondering if anyone on here has been on a whv and decided to apply for a student visa while over in Australia. What was the process?
  4. louisesteph23

    Gold Coast - meeting other people

    Hey Kerryann, just added you on Facebook we are living in Robina atm! Would love to meet up sometime ill speak to you on Facebook once you have accepted me x
  5. Hey, me and my bf are in the Gold Coast area and are looking to make some new friends for socialising, drinks etc we are both 20 and love a good laugh. Anyone else in the area?
  6. louisesteph23

    working holiday visa

    hello I am currently on a whv here in Australia and I had an awful time with my wisdom tooth before I came out so needed to make sure I was covered for dental. I used outbacker insurance cos they were the only ones I could find doing dental and at a reasonable price! Good luck with everything
  7. louisesteph23

    New year in the Gold Coast

    Hello just wondering if your both still in surfers paradise? Me an my bf are in Robina at the min both in our 20s and I also work in banking my bf works in IT. If you are still round the Gold Coast give us a shout would like to meet up!
  8. louisesteph23

    WHV granted, advice on check list

    Yes I booked that package with an extra bit of cover for natural catastrophe
  9. louisesteph23

    WHV granted, advice on check list

    Me and my bf are over in Australia on a whv and we used outbacker insurance cheapest I found
  10. louisesteph23

    travel transportation for sale

    hello we are looking to buy a car to travel around in and will be around Sydney at that time, can you please send me some pics of the car? and how much you would be looking to sell it for? Thanks
  11. louisesteph23

    Girlie friends on the Gold Coast :)

    Hello my names Louise and I'm 20 my boyfriend and I just come over to Robina on a WHV to be with my family and to experience Oz! If anyone wants to meet up for a coffee etc let me know
  12. louisesteph23

    Gold coast here we come!

    hey Lauren just send you a PM but don't know if I've done it right haha. My boyfriend and I are here til November! I Would love to meet up it would be nice to meet someone in the area
  13. louisesteph23

    Gold coast here we come!

    Just 10 days to go before my boyfriend and I arrive in the Gold Coast! I still feel VERY unorganised although my suitcase is half packed which is a bonus!! I just need to know of any good job agencies? and public transport are there bus passes you can purchase before you get there? and any other advice you can offer me I would love to know if anyones been to this area!! thank you
  14. louisesteph23

    The IT field Thread

    Hello I am new to Australia, my boyfriend and I are over here on a WHV and he is qualified in IT Support, just wondered if anyone could give us any info of any jobs or agencies available in the Gold Coast area?
  15. louisesteph23

    Gold coast here we come!

    Hello I'm living on the Gold Coast now I arrived last Thursday, we are currently in Robina looking for work and some attractions to go and experience!
  16. louisesteph23

    Gold coast here we come!

    thanks guys I'll have a look just getting all the info I can, can't believe i'll be there on Wednesday!!!
  17. louisesteph23

    WHV Insurance advice! Please help.

    down under insurance are good
  18. louisesteph23

    Good old travel insurance!

    It come to £300 for me and my boyfriend with LV, I have seen a few cheaper so I'll keep looking round. Hope you have a nice trip
  19. louisesteph23

    Good old travel insurance!

    ahh that is great thanks for that info! ive been searching for insurance and can't seem to find a decent price. I'll have a look now
  20. louisesteph23

    change of plan

    19 days to go!!!
  21. louisesteph23

    change of plan

    So I posted on here a few weeks ago that I was moving over to Sydney, but we have now changed our flights and plan to stay in the Gold Coast!!! 3 weeks to go! Just wondered if anyone has been there, and whats it like to get jobs there etc?
  22. louisesteph23

    Working Holiday Visa Travel Insurance.

    I spent hours looking last night for myself and boyfriend. I've found outbacker insurance to be the cheapest have a look at them
  23. louisesteph23


    Totally random but does anyone know how much the charges are over in Australia for a visit to the dentist?
  24. louisesteph23


    Just rang up they said I have to go at 8am to be seen, then they will assess the tooth and see if I can get it out! So ill go tomorrow and see what they say
  25. louisesteph23


    Oh dear really! I hope and pray I don't either, I'm bringing over antibiotics and other stuff the dentist recommends so fingers crossed i'll be fine! just my luck to get something like this just before I go haha!