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    Addressing the Police Clearance Certificate

    I included the following address Australian High Commission 21 Gregory’s Road Colombo 7
  2. IceMan1000

    Addressing the Police Clearance Certificate

    Anybody? I am in the process of filling the form now
  3. IceMan1000

    Addressing the Police Clearance Certificate

    Thanks for the response Somudra, But I need to know what address I should mention for Question 16 in order to get the PCC. The form can be accesses from the following link. http://www.police.lk/images/formsdownload/clearance_certificate_new_31-12-2012.pdf I know someone who applied for Adelaide and he addressed it to "Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Adelaide. Australia.". I need to know the address I need to put in since I applied for Melbourne. Sorry for the confusion..
  4. I have applied for the EOI state sponsorship in Melbourne, Victoria and waiting for their feedback. If I do get through for the Visa application we need a Character certificate from the Police for the Visa application right. In the Police Clearance Certificate we need to get, I see the following Question. Anybody know the address we should include? Indicate address of the High Commission/Embassy/Consulate to which the certificate should be addressed to: In the sub links of the Contact Us page I cant seem to find the specific address. http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/ Also, Is there a common email address in immi.gov where I can contact to clarify these kind of questions? Thanks in Advance
  5. In the Victoria state sponsorship application I see the following Question. So, Since I have 65 points including the 5 points I see in the EOI application for "State/Territory Nomination", should I say 60 or 65 for this question in the state sponsorship application? The text I have highlighted in red is a little confusing. Thanks
  6. No I have not. Planning to do it this week
  7. Hi All, This week I submitted my EOI for subclass 190. After it was submitted I had a look at EOI Points Breakdown PDF and it had awarded 5 points for me for "State/Territory Nomination" even though I have not submitted an application for State Sponsorship. My worry is if they would refuse my EOI for claiming more points. The only thing I can think of is, in the EOI form "Preferred Location within Australia Screen" I selected Victoria. Is this normal for points to be awarded even before applying for state sponsorship? Thanks
  8. IceMan1000

    Cousin in oz

    Thanks blossom79. I will drop a line to my cousin
  9. IceMan1000

    Documents for State Sponsorship

    Hi Guys, When applying the for Victoria State Sponsorship for subclass 190, we are required to submit a few documents. Some of these questions may sound obvious, but I would really appreciate if someone could clarify my doubts with regards to the following, I don't want to mess this up.. 1. The declaration form is a word document which we need to sign. We should print, sign and upload the scanned copy right? 2. Do we need to upload the Covering Letter as well with the detailed resume? 3. Skill Assessment/IELTS, Just the original soft copies should do it right? I hope we DON'T need certified copies.. 5. There is a section for "Please attach additional attachments, if necessary" What kind of additional document are they looking for? Degree Certificates, Employment References? Or should I just leave these fields blank? 4. Should all documents be in PDF format? Here is what they say in step 12 - Attachments Thanks in advance..
  10. IceMan1000

    Cousin in oz

    Hi Guys, In the Victoria State Sponsorship application they ask the following question. For a Subclass 190 visa, will providing the details of cousin be be an added advantage in getting the state sponsorship or will it work against me? I really dont want to involve this cousin unless absolutely necessary. Please advice.. Thanks in Advance..