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  1. Hi all, Can I arrive to and work in NZ on Australian PR 190 Visa? Or do I first need to land in Australia and then go to NZ? If yes, then do I need to follow any process or take any approvals? My current employer in India is planning to send me to NZ for short term and then to Australia from there. Hopefully I will follow below path: India -> NZ (short term assignment) -> Adelaide (South Australia, so that I will complete my Moral Obligation of searching and staying in SA for 2 years) Please respond.
  2. Dream Runner

    Anyone landed in a city other than sponsored state??

    please reply
  3. Dream Runner

    Anyone landed in a city other than sponsored state??

    Please reply to my above query...appriciate your reply...thanks
  4. Dream Runner

    Anyone landed in a city other than sponsored state??

    Hi all, Thanks for your replies so far. Please help me in handling below situation: I have got my 190 PR Visa for SA, actually I was planning to go in Adelaide-SA on my own and was about to search a job there. But my current employer is one of the Indian service based company is not willing to let me resign and go. They are giving me an option of going to Sydney for a 6 months project, I requested them a project in Adelaide...but right now they have only opening in Sydney. I do not want to miss this chance as it is the safest way to go to Australia, as my risk of going jobless there will be reduced to 100 %. My questions are: 1) What should I do in such a case? My consultant is saying that I should send a mail to my SA case officer and rather SA and tell them that I am going to Sydney on an Internal company transfer project, so please allow me. 2) If SA allows me or did not create any major problems, then I am planning to go to Sydney instead of Adelaide, but when my project will end after 6 months, at that time if I am not getting a job in Adelaide and getting a job in Sydney/Melbourne, then can I go there after resigning my Indian company? or will SA will create some problems? 3) I will make my best efforts to search a job in SA after my project in Sydney, but if I am not getting any internal project in Adelaide and if I never get a chance to go to SA (because of not getting job in SA and getting job elsewhere) then will I get any problems in getting a citizenship? 4) I heard that if you are going in Australia with a job in hand or internal transfer in my case…then even if you have SA state sponsorship you will not get any problem…because you are sincerely letting that know to SA Please reply...I am in a dilemma
  5. Dream Runner

    Unemployment Benefits for 190 PR holder with famil in SA

    Guys, You are getting me wrong... First of all they did not ask me about my currect assets while giving me visa. Secondly I am concrened that If I am coming with family....and if it takes time to get a job...then how should I survive? I am not at all "ONLY" dependent on social benefits..rather that is not my intention....I am just thinking about worst case scenario...
  6. Any idea about "Unemployment Benefits for 190 PR holder with famil in SA"? my code is 261314 (Software Tester) and I am plannig to come by early 2013. How much $ does SA government gives if you have your family with you (Wife + 1 kid) and you are jobless? What is criteria for it?Is there any police...Please share.. Also what is the timeline to get benefits? If I am coming alone, and fami;y is not with me and I am jobless then can I get that benefits? Please throw some light..
  7. Dream Runner

    Skillselect / EOI : Monthly invitations tracker for 2012

    Thanks Bonza...you are great..!!!
  8. Dream Runner

    Skillselect / EOI : Monthly invitations tracker for 2012

    I am not able t see anything for 261314 code...which is software tester...also I have received SA SS and Invitation on 27th th August...is itupdated list?
  9. I have got State Sponsorship for SA as well as Invitation...I am planning to apply in first week of Oct 12.