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  1. gwheng

    Citizenship Mock Test

    Hi Guys I got my test booked in for tomorrow, those who has sit and passed the test, could you shed some light. I've went through the study material and have been taking the practice tests from following 2 sites https://citizenshiptests.org/australian-citizenship-test/ & http://www.aussiecitizenshiptest.com/new-practice-tests/, on average i will get a passed score 17/20 - 18/20. My question, is aforementioned practice test sites enough to get you through with the actual test? will it be more difficult? Is the answer nuances that make some questions vague particularly? i try not to screw up my test after been waiting since early this year. appreciate your response.
  2. gwheng


    any news for citizenship test to re-open in Canberra?
  3. gwheng

    The right visa to apply for?

    ive booked for consultation.
  4. gwheng

    The right visa to apply for?

    do you know that subclass number? it did mentioned the visa condition no further stay.
  5. gwheng

    The right visa to apply for?

    Hi Folks Has anyone here who has friends or relatives came for a visit to Australia prior to the lock down early this year but couldn't travel back now to their origin country, due to no flight operating and the border is close, what visa can they apply before their current visa is due to remained in the country legally. looking forward to your responses, thanks.
  6. gwheng

    Staying longer on tourist visa due to virus

    so we need to submit application to waive her 8503 condition? normally they are quite inflexible in waiving the condition are they more easy now in the situation? and once that approved then only we can submit another one?
  7. Hi Hoping if someone in similar situation or have advice that could assist with my question. So my queries is related with my mum further staying in Australia, she entered the country last year September and she is due to return back to he Malaysia (home for her) in August, she had the 36 months tourist visa type that allowed her to entered & stay in the country up to 12mth and needs to be away for 6 mth before she can visit Australia again. Although her visa is not due till next year March, but the rules was she only can stay a maximum of 12 mth in Australia before able to enter the country again. With the current volatile situation i wish her not to travel back to Malaysia since she's in the high risk bracket to contract the virus, is there anything that i can do to extend her stay in Australia. Will the dept make an exception of letting her to extend her stay in Australia. looking forward to your input, opinion & advice, thanks.
  8. gwheng


    after being on the phone with the immi officer, the person said anything that involve with citizenship it will be postpone due to the current virus situation, and citizenship has less priority currently for the government to concern about.
  9. gwheng


    bad news guys, I've just called canberra immi office and is being advised that all citizenship test is being scheduled to August the earliest. what a timing after been waiting for long time, and i'm so close to take my test in 2 weeks time, they moved everything so annoyed right now argh....
  10. gwheng


    hi Guys My test and appointment is booked on 22th April, but i have not heard from the dept that they going to postpone or anything due to the virus. should i call and check? or just prepare for the test and turns up on that day to sit for the test?
  11. gwheng


    so both happened on the same day? and i should preparing for the test?
  12. gwheng


    hey Guys, thought to share with you, i've just received an email from the dept to advise my interview date has been booked on 22th April. I applied in 31th December 2019. but i'm bit confuse, is interview basically the test of citizenship?
  13. gwheng


    that's crazy 90% it will take up to 21month to be processed. has anyone application being processed lot more quicker than what showed on the site?
  14. gwheng


    hi Guys, I submitted my application in December 2019, is there a site that we can keep track of the processing timeline up till when the dept have been processed?
  15. gwheng


    thanks for clarifying, i start panicking if I've missed signing any documents that related with my citizenship application.