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  1. gwheng

    Countries you have been travelled to

    thanks for the tips, it reminded me that all my accommodation was book thorough Agoda apps that has the date that i'm living at that cities (berlin, paris, london) in Europe.
  2. Hi Guys, One of the question in the form asked you to lists down all the countries that you have been to, i wonder how people keep track places that they have been to. I'm getting these details from my previous passports, and note down the timestamp of my arrival and departure date. In July, i travelled to Europe under schengen visa which they don't stamped my passport when i entered most of the western Europe countries. How can I provide these information accurately to the dept since i didn't record them, please advise.
  3. gwheng

    online form skipped question pages

    yeah i'm single too, i wonder if it's because of that.
  4. gwheng

    online form skipped question pages

    so have you got your citizenship yet?
  5. gwheng

    online form skipped question pages

    anyone that could help with my query above?
  6. I'm applying for my citizenship using online portal, I'm bit concern if i haven't completed all the questions as when I going through the forms and filling the detail up till page 24, and when i go to next page it fast forward straight to page 32 which is "Consent declarations" page before i submit my application. It looks like it just skip 8 pages of form, is there any reason why the online system is doing this? Please advise, thanks.
  7. gwheng

    Questions about families members

    ok thanks will just not mentioned anything about them.
  8. Hi Guys, If someone has similar situation or could shed some light, one of the question in the citizenship form in part D stated below. "Part D - Associated Family Do you have any other immediate family members whose details have not been provided in this application? Immediate family members include full, half, adopted and step brothers and sisters, a spouse or de facto partner including if deceased" Could someone assist with this part of question, so my parent they been separated more than 10 years now and we have no contact with my dad anymore, the last time I heard news about him was he's married to another woman and this would have been 7-8 years ago. My dilemmas is, he probably has children with his wife, and if he does I have no information about his children which technically my half siblings, that they should be included or mentioned in the application form. So what should I do? Should I not mention about them as he probably doesn't have any children too, or my ignorance of assuming he doesn't have any kids. PS. My dad resides in home country not Australia.
  9. shouldn't the gov increase the quota since it is one of their source income.
  10. sorry it was a typo, her tourist visa expired in May 2018. I've already engaged with a migration lawyer last week, yeah she advised 39 mth of waiting period, which is bit disappointing when you're paying so much for the application fees and still such a long waiting period. do you think this will actually change? quicker processing time.
  11. hi Alan, thanks for your response, see above comments
  12. How long have you been waiting? Congratulation i know the feeling when i got my PR.
  13. hi Guys, 1st time poster here, thought to get some advice. I'm planning to bring my mum here under the 143 visa option, 2/3 of her get children are here myself and brother. Currently she's in Australia under tourist visa and its expired in Jan 2017, my question can she submit 143 onshore? And if we're allow to submit onshore can we apply for bridging visa while waiting 143 visa to be granted? and normally how long will it take for it to be processed.
  14. gwheng

    Effect to 143

    hi Brian, did you parent manage to get bridging visa to remain in the country while waiting for it to processed.
  15. hi Guys, Recently I've got my PR granted after 5 long years of waiting but finally it pay off when I received the good news. Next is to migrate my mum over here, she has 3 children and both I and my brother (aust citizen) are Australia resident now, so that makes my mum eligible to apply for the parent contributory program. my question: - is it better to go through with an agent? will it speed things up? - if we apply now is the waiting list still up to 2 years of waiting? - while waiting for her PR can she remain in Australia till visa granted? - for the the lump sum payment, do you pay the dept when the visa is granted or when submitting the application during initial stage? Looking forward hearing from you guys, thanks.