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    Ok, so the points are for age , educational experience, English language test results, and a few more things. I had the WHV. In my my case it would be 60-70 points. Telesales isn't on the list but: sales and marketing manager is on the CSOL, however you need to delegate work to others etc. and be in a superior position, so wouldn't qualify, I don't think Marketing specislist (CSOL) is on the list but I don't know if that would be a relevant /valid skills assessment for telesales. So would marketing specialist be a skills assessment for outbound telesales ? I could find out the hard way!! Cheers for looking Skani..
  2. Chris Howitt


    Hello, If I have 3+ years of outbound telesales experience, is it possible to apply for a visa to Aus? I also will have around 70 points.
  3. Chris Howitt

    Immigration with surveying

    Nice one bra
  4. Chris Howitt

    Immigration with surveying

    you need 2 years experience, then you get the skills assessment.
  5. Chris Howitt

    Immigration with surveying

    No, I don't have a skills assessment, I have just asked enquired through the relevant body to see if It's possible. Maybe I can get back to you as soon as they let me know.
  6. Chris Howitt

    Likelihood of a UK Surveying Graduate getting a job?

    Basically if u have a whv you will get a job. It's not for 6 ,on the but they might take u on. Just imagine it's the UK. There is not much difference so u will get a job say telesales or bar work or admin but whether they need someone for 6 months in qs is the same in the UK
  7. Chris Howitt

    Immigration with surveying

    Hello I believe I have 50 / 60 points for aus immigration. I have almost finished an msc in quantity surveying. Does anyone know what's the likely hood that I would be offered to come to aus once applied for the EOI. How risky is applying for the sake of it? i would like to come back so 2 years work ex UK seems a long time is there any other way round it? in reality whats the best way to do it?
  8. Chris Howitt

    GAS and HEATING Engineer

    So whats the process then say from start to finish? Lets say, I start a gas engineer course, on monday, what would be the process to get onto AUS? I was told 3 years experience (starting from monday?)..but does that mean, 40hrs per week for 3 years or? do you need references or what if your self employed and only working 20prs etc? (Could start my own own, but I thought it be better as it was more relevant here..) Cheers
  9. Chris Howitt

    Electricians courses in North West

    all i want to know is can I sit a vetass exam after 1 year, or do they have rules, like you have to do a certain number of jobs and have evdience?
  10. If you did your NVQ Level 2 & Level 3 and the 2375 & AM2 - (electricians status) - in 1 year. At what point could you apply to vetassess and then get work in OZ?
  11. Chris Howitt

    Any Gas engineers applying through a plumbers visa?

    Hey, I am interested to know the outcome of this one as well. I want to train as a gas engineer, and then go out to Oz...maybe go to melbourne. ​
  12. Chris Howitt

    TAFE courses - chances of getting a job afterwards?

    Yes she is and it is alot easier this route so I have heard as well. We are looking at it, but Ill still need something to make me a good income which I enjoy. What course did you do then? Did you hope to stay in Oz after it (But then they changed the rules and you had to go home?)
  13. Chris Howitt

    TAFE courses - chances of getting a job afterwards?

    Sorry to hear that its been such complicated task to sort your business out. It makes you ask yourself why is it all so hard?! I can imagine you feel that your wasting your time, a little bit. But dont let that put you off! Youd be better off in Oz anyway no matter what. I was asking about which trades are a good idea to get into Oz quickly. Mainly I have a girlfriend, and we could go down the marriage route. But with Oz, if you do a trade, it seems that you have to go through all these tests to say you can do the job trade. So really. TAFE courses, for international students, arent worth it as you have to go home and there is not point.
  14. Chris Howitt

    What Trades To Do for Australia

    So whats a good way of making an income in a trade then without having to go to TAFE, which does not guarantee work.
  15. Chris Howitt

    TAFE courses - chances of getting a job afterwards?

    Yes, but why do 1000's of people do their certificate 3, if that's the case, it doesn't make sense? A certificate 3 is for Oz only. So wht bother getting a certificate 3 then?